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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by DemmyDemon, Jul 12, 2011.

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    Nobody is forcing you, mate.
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    Afaik, PermissionsBukkit still lacks a lot of features that Permissions and GroupManager had, so why are you supporting its use?

    On a separate note: Groupmanager was awesome, and I will mourn its death. :(
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    What features are you talking about?
    I support it's use because it's the official bukkit permissions system. Besides, you'll get all these mysterious and un-named "missing features" back when Permissions gets up to speed and becomes a "proper" permissions provider under the new API.
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    I didn't look at it extensively, I admit, but after a quick scan, I noticed that there is no global '*' node, no built-in prefixes/suffixes, and (as I understand it), no easy way to rank up people who are in multiple groups.

    I'm all for progress, but in this case, it seems to me like we're actually heading backwards. Having to downgrade to Permissions was annoying enough, and now it looks like another downgrade is going to be necessary.

    Oh well, getting upset isn't going to solve anything. For now though, can you please put up a download for v0.1? I'd rather wait for PermissionsBukkit to mature a bit before I switch. :)
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    No global '*'?

    No built-in prefix/suffix? How is that even a permissions plugin's job? mChat, my friend.

    The ranking up thing I sort of agree with, but there should be plugins for that coming along shortly.
    Like I said, nobody is forcing you.

    I think the GitHub .jar is still 0.1, if not, dig in the commits.
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    So if I give my "admins" group the 'superpermsbridge.*' permission, then admins will be able to do everything? Doesn't that kind of conflict with this?
    Also, if that does work, wouldn't it only work for Permissions 3.x plugins that have to go through SuperpermsBridge?

    Oh, and I read up on it a bit more. Am I correct that I can use v0.2 of your plugin by just installing SuperpermsBridge?

    And on a sidenote, Permissions had built-in prefixes and suffixes, afaik, and GroupManager kinda had them.
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    It would only work for Permissions-expecting plugins working through SuperpermsBridge, yes.
    This is because Superperms does NOT provide *, and 'superpermsbridge.*' is provided by SuperpermsBridge.
    Don't worry. As more plugins adapt to the new permissions system, this will not be a problem.

    SuperpermsBridge only provides BACKWARD compatibility, as far as I know, and not FORWARD compatibility.

    Also, if at all possible, will you take your problems with PermissionsBukkit to the PermissionsBukkit thread? It's offtopic here.
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    Sorry. :p
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    Really nice ! works fine :) Thank you <3
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    Good to hear you got it going, even with the new permissions stuff :-D
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    Oh now I get it - 0.2 *removed* support for Permissions 3.1.6 - and I thought it *added* the BukkitPerms as a further method. No wonder I got all my players suddenly complaing that it doesnt work anymore, while I tell them all the time: You have the permission! It must work!

    :D / :(

    But as long as I can do it via console, at least I am happy ;) Works like a charm!
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    Yeah, it checks if you're a player, and if you're not, you're automagically authorized, exactly for that reason.

    Besides, if you use the bridge, it's pretty much a drop-in replacement, so I don't see what the big deal is.
    Took ~5 minutes to move my server over.
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    I know - I just didnt understand correctly that it's now *only* b1k-permissions ;) All is good! Love the plugin, am still wondering how BukkitContrib influences it though, or other plugins that set tick rates and whatnot.
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    As do I, but I haven't the time to do extensive testing on it at the moment. I'll get to it eventually, I hope :-/
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    so if we don't have the bukkit permissions, does it work for everyone or just ops? or not at all?
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    If you have no b1k-permissions plugins at all, then all three commands are operators only, yes.
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    Oh no....... I hate the new bukkit permissions... they are to new.. I can't change, because some Plugins, like herochat etc.

    What a bummer!
    Could you upload an older version please?
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    @Jobsti , what about the bridge plugin? It's awesome, and has eliminated any migration pains I might have had.
    I have at least 10 plugins on my server that knows nothing of the new permissions system.

    Also, as previously said, I haven't updated GitHub yet, so the version there is still the old one.

    Aaaand, *sigh*, I'll probably be reverting the god damned change. I'm sick of the PMs about it.
    Why do people INSIST on sticking with old plugins? It took me five minutes to migrate to Superperms, people!

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    Antigrief is extrem important for me (prevent guest for trageting from creepers etc etc. replacement for Antibuild) and Herochat too.
    I will switch to the new permissions, if all my Plugins (45+) will run well.

    But now I will have to look for each pluginupdate, if it will run with the old permissions, I have to make everytime a Pluginbackup ;)
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    This is not the support thread for Superperms!
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    I know, but I only would explain, why I can't change to Superperms at this time ;) (and you asked about the bridge)
    And I'm thinking, I'm not the only one, which can't chance now.
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    Because you are too lazy to look into the bridge plugin?
    Seriously, it's not brain surgery. If I can do it, you can do it.
    It works -flawlessly- for me with WorldGuard and WorldEdit and a whole pile of other plugins that have never heard of Superperms.

    Also, as I've said several times already, I'll be reverting this change.
    I just don't have the time to deal with it right now, so just chill out and wait.

    Thank you.
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    I'm waiting, no hassle. (Info: Herochat uses the pre- & suffixes, Superperms doesn't support it. Antigrief use the build: true/false options, it need's an update too. Similar to some other plugins like MCdocs. I looked into superperms, and it's easy, no problem to change, If all my plugins are ready ;) )
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    If you want all plugin developers to coordinate their efforts and all change over at exactly the same time, then I'm sorry, but your wait will be interrupted by the sun burning out.

    I hope other devs trying to adopt Superperms hasn't gotten as much crap over it as I have. :(
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    OMG Really really welll plugin thank YOU
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    Hehehe, thanks kid :)
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    I like this plugin so much, I would like to request a feature, when it gets to a certain tps it will give a server message saying it will restart in a predefined amount of time, and automatically reset the server to bring the tps back up
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    Thank you for the great plugin.
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    You may have gotten all those private messages due to the fact that commonly used plugins such as Essentials either do not work or have issues overall with PermissionsBukkit right now. I completely agree with you on using Bukkits' Permissions but the system in itself and the plugin is not ready yet. It needs more time to be widely adopted before everyone can hop aboard the BukkitPermissions boat.

    Essentially what you were doing was hoping onto a beta version of an Operating System, calling it stable, making your software only work for it and telling everyone to use it. :(

    I've tried to switch to the new permissions but sadly a small handful of the plugins I use do not work properly so I cannot jump onto it just yet. You just about lost me as a user of your plugin by making this drastic change all of a sudden.
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    Reset the server?
    If you mean reloading the server, that will bring the TPS down...
    If you mean restarting the server, that is very complicated stuff. Java won't let me just respawn the application.
    What I can do, however, is making it configurable what command should be run when it hits a certain average TPS, and then you can get a hold of whatever fancy plugin you want and get it to automagically run from LagMeter.

    You're very welcome, hope it serves you well.

    I don't know how many times I have to say this: I WILL BE REVERTING THE CHANGE.
    How about you guys learn to read?

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