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    DonationMeter - In-game visual meters:
    Version: v0.5.1
    DonationMeter allows you to easily track donations in a highly visible manner by creating custom shaped wool meters and text based sign meters to display donation values. Show your players exactly what your server needs!

    Please not that this plugin will NOT be updated unless you ask! As far as I know it is almost completely unused. If you want it updated, I will gladly do so.

    • Tracks donations and a list of VIP players
    • Customize names of VIPs and currency
    • Allows Creation of visual "Meters" that display the server donation status using colored wool
    • Permissions support
    • Notification system for players who have donated
    • Displays time remaining till the server bill (end of the month) (toggleable)
    Commands/Permission Nodes:

    • /DonationMeter - no permission required -- Displays donation information
    • /Donations - no permission required -- Alias for /DonationMeter
    • /donationMeter help - displays only available commands -- Displays command list
    • /DonationMeter VIPs - no permission required -- Lists VIPs
    • /DonationMeter addVIP <player> - DonationMeter.admin -- Adds a VIP
    • /DonationMeter removeVIP <player> - DonationMeter.admin -- Removes a VIP
    • /DonationMeter addDonation <amount> - DonationMeter.admin -- Adds donation to the current donation total
    • /DonationMeter setGoal <amount> - DonationMeter.admin -- Sets the monthly donation goal
    • /DonationMeter setCurrency <name> - DonationMeter.admin -- Sets the name of the currency to be used
    • /DonationMeter woolMeterHelp - DonationMeter.admin -- Displays information on creating wool meters
    • /DonationMeter signMeterHelp - DonationMeter.admin -- Displays information on creating sign meters
    • /DonationMeter pay - DonationMeter.admin -- Subtracts the monthly goal from the current donation total
    • /DonationMeter save - DonationMeter.admin -- Saves donationMeter data
    • /DonationMeter time [on/off] - DonationMeter.admin -- Toggles display of time remaining to server bill
    • /DonationMeter notify - DonationMeter.notify -- Notifies admins of a donation
    • /DonationMeter notifications - DonationMeter.admin -- View outstanding notifications
    • /DonationMeter accept <player> - DonationMeter.admin -- Adds notified amount to total and player to VIP list
    • /DonationMeter update - DonationMeter.admin -- Updates all meters (useful for new SignMeters)
    Creating Wool Meters

    Placing a sign with "Donations" or "DMeter" on the first line onto a block of wool creates a meter. The meter will automaticaly include all contiguous wool blocks (no diagonals) and the sign can then be removed. Note: blocks placed on the meter after activation will not be included. The meter operates by "filling" along its longest axis. The meter begins colored the "need" color (white by default) then fills with the "has" color (green by default). Finaly, once the meter fills, it fills again with the "extra" color (blue by default). Meters update whenever the goal or current donation value changes. Meters are destroyed (deactivated and reverted to white) when any of their component wool blocks are broken.

    Advanced Meter Options
    • Adding "-r" on the first line reverses the end from which the meter fills
    • Adding "-x", "-y", or "-z" forces the meter to fill along a specific axis
    • Placing "need [color]" on an empty line changes the need color to the specified color
    • Placing "has [color]" on an empty line changes the has color to the specified color
    • Placing "extra [color]" on an empty line changes the extra color to the specified color
    Colors (open)

    Light Gray
    Light Blue

    Creating Sign Meters

    Placing [have], [need], [extr], [goal] or [perc] on a sign will put that value onto the sign. The sign will NOT display the values until the meter is updated (Either by a change in one of the values, or with "/donations update")

    Pictures (open)






    Direct .jar link
    Source Code
    Source Code on GitHub

    • Add a settable payment date
    • Possibly add a display system for vips
    • Tie VIP list to a permission group
    • Make Sign Meters display the value when placed
    • Fix bugs :)

    Version 1.0.1
    • Fixed save system conking out when no meters were saved -_-
    Version 1.0
    • Added OpPermission option to config
    • Added the ability for meters to use any block (still build with wool, but on the sign specify itemNumber:data instead of colors)
    • Fixed save system. If the new system weren't coming soon, I'd guarantee no more loss of meters but alas it is not to be.
    Changelog (open)

    Version 0.6
    • Updated to use SuperPerms
    Version 0.5.1
    • Added null check to file loading
    Version 0.5
    • Fixed Event priority
    • Fixed Help message on update command
    • Fixed a different class cast exception bug (Hopefully)
    Version 0.4
    • Fixed ClassCastException bug (sorry for the wait)
    • Revised save system
    • Added Update Command
    Version 0.3
    • Added Sign Meters
    • Added op support
    • Added notification of notifications
    • Fixed problem with Permissions (hopefully)
    • Fixed priorities to meet bukkit standards
    • Fixed commands to work with console
    • Fixed version number
    Version 0.2
    • Added explosion support (by default deactivated in config; may cause lag)
    • Added time till bill toggle command
    • Added meter creation and destruction messages
    • Added notification system
    • General code cleanup
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release

    Archives (open)

    Version 1.0
    Version 0.5.1
    Version 0.5
    Version 0.4
    Version 0.3
    Version 0.2
    Version 0.1

    If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know!
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    Haha, yea the version number was just a miss on my part :)
    As for the first one, I only upload it as a zip because its much nicer for people trying to download it (just click on the zip to open it, as opposed to "view in folder" (I use chrome btw, might be better on other browsers) and you don't have to rename the jar because its the zip that gets numbers appended to it)
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    Sounds like a mime type issue, which I think is an os setting not browser (or maybe not I don't know).

    Well wool meters are not even being created at this point. Meter.dat only has this
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    Ok, so I'm guessing that problems were popping up from my terribly coded save system (not exaggerating, it was a mess). Therefore, I have recoded the system to use Bukkit's built in config setup (it saves everything in one file though, I will fix that when they roll out the new system, yay, more save/load coding...) This update will mean that your meters are lost, but its worth it! I promise.

    +Added OpPermission option to config
    +Added the ability for meters to use any block (still build with wool, but on the sign specify itemNumber:data instead of colors)
    *Fixed save system. If the new system weren't coming soon, I'd guarantee no more loss of meters but alas it is not to be.


    Note - I can't get on the forums from my computer right now and am posting from my phone. Will update main post tomorrow, source is at same location as plugin but named DonationMeterSource as usual.
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    Something is fubaring now. Fresh install of DonationMeter that you just linked with no preexisting folder in plugins
    CB 1538
    5:08:55 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling DonationMeter v1.0 (Is it up to date?): null
            at fghjconner.DonationMeter.DonationMeter.loadMeters(
            at fghjconner.DonationMeter.DonationMeter.onEnable(
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.t(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(
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    *Grumbles about stupid loading system* Damn thing didn't like trying to load with no meters saved...

    *Fixed save system better

  7. This is looking nice, ill give it a go later :D
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    Looks pretty Epic!
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    Thanks guys!
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    W00t! Quick test showed it didn't make the donationmeter folder on its own, but after I manually did the config.yml created just fine
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    Update it for 1.0.0 PLEASE this plugin is sick i would love it
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    @Shurfire Sorry, I'm far too lazy to update for a non-recommended build. On the other hand, it will most likely work just fine, but I just won't make it official.

    @croxis That's odd, it created the folder fine for me.
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    no i mean when the 1.0.0 build is reced than update it please
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    Oh, in that case, I most certainly plan to.
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    can you add Please a Video Toturial
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    Hey i think it would be a lot better if it was just this. /donate displays a few lines explaining how to donate, then if you do /donate 10 or whatever it explains what you get, and you can change the color. But since you provided a source (thank you) ill take a crack at it myself :D

    Hey man i think it'd be awesome if you could do private requests. Because honestly this plugin would be 100 times bigger then what i'd ask for.... :)?

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    Hey, If I ever get a chance to work on this plugin again, Ill probably look into custom messages, but atm I am quite busy with both irl stuff and coding for my server and therefore have absolutely no time to work on anything else ): Hope you can find someone with time to code what you want, but unfortunately, thats not me.
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    UPDATE!!!!!UPDATE!!!!!UPDATE!!!! just found out about this plugin! IT SOUNDS AWESOME PLZ UPDATE IT!!!
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    Please update, this is so cool.
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    Can you please update for me i would really appreciate it :)
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    Will i temporarily continue this for you?
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    PLease carry it on i would like this
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    I put this plugin in my plugins folder, i am running CB 1.3.1 the latest recommended build, and it isn't working... please fix/update/help! I think this plugin is worth continuing and would help me get to my donations goal every month :)
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    PLEASE CONTINUE IT I WANT THIS SO BAD PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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