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  1. CommandAlert :- Log to file/ Display ingame command usage . GroupManager / Permissions

    Moved to bukkit dev - Version 2 is there!


    In Game Alert:

    Breakdown of an alert:
    The number at the start is the id of the CommandAlert. You can use this id in conjunction with the command cmdcheck to teleport to the location that command was used. The amount of history is configured in config.yml. NOTE: This is in memory history and is lost on server reset.

    Config (open)

    locationHistory: 30 - The ingame location history limit
    logToFile: true - Shall we also log to file. This will create a folder /logs in the plugin directory, it should make one log per day.
    logToConsole:false -Shall we log to console too?
    showInGameAlert:true - Shall we show the alerts ingame?
    commands: warp, home, spawn - The comma separated list of commands, accepts * for all commands (blacklist only)
    blacklist - Only commands in the commands: section will be logged.
    whitelist - Commands in the commands: section will not be logged, all others will.

    Commands (open)

    • cmdcheck : Teleports you to a location history
      • Usage: Accepts an optional id as an argument, otherwise sends you to the last logged location.
      • Permissions: commandalert.cmdcheck
    • cmdalertr : Reloads the CommandAlert config.
      • Usage: No arguments
      • Permissions: commandalert.cmdalertr

    Other Permissions (open)

    • commandalert.alerts: Give this permission to who you want to see the ingame alerts
    • commandalert.notrigger: Give this permission to who you do not want to trigger the alert

    • Log commands to file
    • Show command usage ingame
    • Teleport to where the command was used

    Version 1.2
    • Removed GM support. Will use Permissions if installed otherwise default to OP
    Version 1.1
    • Extra logging options
    Version 1.0

    • Initial Release
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    This is awesome. Been looking for something like this since I got rid of Essentials. Still testing, but cannot confirm the above yet.
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    The PC Tech Guy

    Unless unknown or direct commands (such as /list) are logged/appear in chat. Apparently there is something wrong with this plugin's priority.
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    Plan to support bukkit's built in permissions?
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    + sign not allowed in CB build.
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    Ok, I have a little complaint. I am a mod a server in the mcserverlist top 25. I wish you could put a command in that would let you turn off the plugin. It can be quite frustrating when the guys who are new are typing random commands just because they can. It is very useful when people log on and type "SCREW YEW B10ch35" And type /nuke or /levelmap. WorldGuard prevents that from happening. But if you could include a command to turn it off like /CA off, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Cupcake
  7. I have been taking a break from plugin stuff so not really looked into anything, however I shall be picking up my stuff again and looking at bugs and features.

    I will first off move my stuff to bukkitdev
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    Locked, please see BukkitDev for support.
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