Inactive [INFO/CHAT] AutoAnnouncer v1.7-03.23 - Send ads/announcements/messages [1.2.5]

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    Dev Bukkit:

    Info below is outdated. Go to Bukkit DEV

    AutoAnnouncer - Global announcements every few minutes

    Latest Version: v1.6-03.03
    Tested with CB: 1.1-R4

    • /announcer help|? - Show help
    • /announcer on|off - Start/stop AutoAnnouncer
    • /announcer restart - Restart the AutoAnnouncer scheduler
    • /announcer interval <minutes> - Set interval time between announcements
    • /announcer random <on|off> - Set random or use consecutive announcements
    Default Settings.yml

    Supports Colors:

    Multiline feature:

    Permissions Node:
    If permission not found or not used only OP can use the commands.
    For all command:

    • Interval time adjustable.
    • Random/Consecutive setting.
    • Colors support.
    • On/Off AutoAnnouncer.
    • Commands in-game
    • Permissions support (Optional)
    • Permissions groups support.
    • Editable Tag.
    • YAML settings.
    Version: 1.3-06.25
    Goto bukkit dev for latest version

    Source Code:



    Version 1.3-06.25
    • Add editable Tag.
    • Add Permissions groups support.
    Version 1.2-05.01
    • Minor tweaks for MC 1.5.
    • Add multiline feature with &NEW_LINE;.
    Version 1.1-04.10
    • Finish reload, interval and random/consecutive commands.
    • Delete debug message.
    • Show message for commands in-game.
    • Minor bug fixes.
    Version 1.0-04.08
    • First release
    • Implement reload, interval and random command.
    • Ability to add, remove announcement ingame.
    • Ability to send announcement to specific grups.
    • Multiline in announcement.
    Do you have problems?:
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    uhm no its not the wrong config; im not an idiot. i even deleted the config so it can auto-generate on its own and it still doesnt work. and if the config was right, why werent there any errors? that's pretty terribly made if it cant tell you its the wrong config.
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    @Ailenpangwin plugin work. and plugin don't have "auto-generate" config.
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    damn, now i feel like a douche. sorry, ill try it out.
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    Make it per-world please. I have an 8 world server, and different game types per world, thus different announcements are in order.
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    The plugin works fine for at least an hour but then errors / crashes the server... Players joining get the message 'Refused Connection' This only happens when AutoAnnouncer is installed can anyone shed some light on this?
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    add multiworld?
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    @Lychees pfff what has to do with my plugin? is a simple schedule. my server run 24/7 with a lot of plugin without problem. If your server crash is related to another plugin or a problem in your server.
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    "This only happens when AutoAnnouncer is installed" Is there a possibility that this plugin could conflict with another on our server?
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    @Lychees well is a simple schedule, if a plugin is not compatible or something (really weird) is not my fault. the plugin es really simple, short and use some functions only.
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    Thanks for your help, the plugin is excellent and i don't think anyone could ask for more :)
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    I can't do /announcer on. It says I have an internal error. Anyway to fix it?
    My notepad of the settings is:
    &AQUA; Our Website:! Join us to see stuff like our Server Events!
    &GREEN; Remember that you have a separate inventory for each world!
    &LIGHT_PURPLE; Vote for us on MineStatus!
    &RED; Donate for more benefits at!
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    er.. could you rewrite some of my lines so I know what it looks like? I don't understand the yaml paper thingy
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    @zecheesy post you settings file. you post anything.
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    Yet another wget-unfriendly download link. Could you please fix that?
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    &AQUA;Our Website:! Join us to see stuff like our Server Events!
    &GREEN;Remember that you have a separate inventory for each world!
    &LIGHT_PURPLE;Vote for us on MineStatus!
    &RED;Donate for more benefits at!
    thats my settings file. Could you make it so that it works?
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    @zecheesy this isnt the settings file guy!!! :mad: post you complete settings file.
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    OK. I put this in and it says it works. But when I type /annoucer on (with the interval) i don't see it.
    Heres the complete file:
        Interval: 1
        Random: true
        Permission: true
            - "&DARK_RED;Visit our website:
            - "&DARK_GREEN;Remember, you
    &NEW_LINE;have a different inventory for each world."
            - "&GOLD;Type /home set to set
    &NEW_LINE;your home.&GOLD;Also type /spawn to spawn!"
            - "&DARK_BLUE;Check our server events here:
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    each time i want to start the announcer i get an internal error (null)

        Interval: 5
        Random: false
        Permission: true
        Tag: '&GOLD;[AutoAnnouncer]'
        ToGroups: false
            - 'Default'
        # Strings to announce
        # If you have problems check your syntax here:
     - "&DARK_RED;Vote and get 500 Colorones! ."
     - "&GOLD;Bitte benutzt /modreq wenn bei Euch gegrieft wurde, ihr Fragen oder Probleme habt"
     - "&DARK_GREEN;Visit our forums at"
     - "&DARK_GREEN;PVP ist nur auf den Planeten moeglich"
     - "&GOLD;Bitte benutzt /modreq wenn bei Euch gegrieft wurde, ihr Fragen oder Probleme habt"
     - "&DARK_RED;Vote for us on"
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    @Nosveratos bad indentation. check the default config -.-
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    if you could add permissions for groups so that new members on my server would get a message telling them to register on the website to get promoted. that would be great thanks!
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    This plugin is very useful, thanks!

    Also, I have to admit,
    your "settings" file is one of the easiest to edit and understand of all plugins I've used so far!
    it's genius, thanks a bunch!
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    Great plugin, would it be possible to set timers for each rank, so I can show a message every 30 seconds to players just browsing my server and then after I promote them have the next set of massages for the new rank only show every 20 min?
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    Excellent plugin. Very simple and yet very essential. :)
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    When will you be adding this to BukkitDev? :)
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    dos the &4 work also ? so i dont need to write color names
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    So, in the YML file, can I have multiple types of announcement? Like to different groups and with a different tag?
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    I am confirming that this plugin works flawlessly on latest Bukkit Dev Build #1129.
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