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  1. AutoMessage (Version 1.5a)

    Attention: There is currently an issue with AutoMessage v1.5a on CB Build #1185 which causes duplicate console output, in-game messages are unaffected however, this will be fixed in v1.6.

    A Simple Automatic Message plugin developed upon request from:

    This Plugin allows multiple messages to be broadcast serverwide at a set interval. The default time between messages is around 20 Seconds. This can be changed in the configuration file "".

    1. Copy "plugins\AutoMessage.jar" to your CraftBukkit Server Plugins Directory.
    2. Copy "plugins\" to your CraftBukkit Server Plugins Directory.

    • /reloadmsg - Reload the Message Configuration File (OPs Only)
    Adding Messages

    New Messages can be added by creating a new line in the properties file in the form of "msg=[message]".
    msg=This is a Sample Message !
    Colours can now be used in messages with the $ prefix
    msg=$cHello $eAll!
    Multiple Lines can now also be used in messages with $n

    msg=Hello All!$nA New Line
    Colour Codes:
    Show (open)

    Black = $0
    Dark Blue = $1
    Dark Green = $2
    Dark Aqua = $3
    Dark Red= $4
    Dark Purple = $5
    Gold = $6
    Gray = $7
    Dark Grey = $8
    Blue = $9
    Green = $a
    Aqua = $b
    Red = $c
    Light Purple = $d
    Yellow = $e
    White = $f

    • Add Colour Code Support for Messages (v1.1+)
    • Add Per User Message Control (1.6)
    • Add YAML Configuration File Support (1.6)
    • Move Config File to Plugins/AutoMessage Directory (1.6)
    • Add In-Game Message Editing/Viewing Functionaility (1.6)
    • Add Group Permissions Support (1.7?)
    Change Log

    • Versino 1.5a
      • Moved Properties File to Plugins Directory
    • Version 1.5
      • Removed Prior Change (Disable Colour Option)
      • Removed Truncation of Messages (Requires CraftBukkit #406)
    • Version 1.4
      • Added option to disable Colour Codes in messages (allows for untruncated messages)
    • Version 1.3
      • Added Multi-Line Support with $n Delimiter
      • Implemented Fix to Prevent Client and Server Crashes
      • Fixed problem when reading the plugin tag after /reloadmsg
    • Version 1.2
      • Added Colour Code Support for Message Prefix
      • Allowed removal of Message Prefix
      • Added support for message shuffling
      • Added /reloadmsg command to reload config for Server OPs
    • Version 1.1
      • Added Colour Code Support with $ prefix
    • Version 1.0
      • Released AutoMessage 1.0

    Current CraftBukkit Builds:
    [MC] (Latest Version for CB RB and Current Builds)

    If you like the plugin please consider donating to help withthe production of new features and updates for this and other plugins I develop.

    Donate via PayPal
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    i think u did a config mistake
    this kind of plugin does not like some "special letters"
    maybe u used someone of this ? ä ü ö § % & ; : etc

    works fine for me on 1618
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    My doesen't send at all! Why?
  4. I love this plugin I use it on my server! :)
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    thanks for this awesome plugin :p
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    Heres an odd one... I am using CB 1597 (RB), and v. 1.5a. Am getting no errors, and everything working fine in console. Messages are coming out in console just fine. I have a dedicated server (separate from my desktop). I am Admin and Op on my server.

    Here's the deal. In my game window, I do NOT get any of the automessages when the server puts them out. Another Admin, who is Op'ed as well, same as me, (exact same permissions and rank) told me tonite that he was getting the messages just fine on his computer. Other players report they see messages just fine.

    Here is the kicker... I just got done watching it on my computer... two MC client windows open... One with my user online, the other with one of my kids user online. Same computer, two windows... his showed the automessages, mine still DID NOT! Now his user is just a Member, not Admin, not Op. But can't see this makes a difference as stated above, those didn't weem to matter either.

    Any ideas???

    We have used AutoMessage in the past with no issues, and we love the program. We just took it down after MC 1.8, and didn't get around to putting it back in until now.
  7. That's a pretty strange problem you're getting there, from what you say all I can assume is that it's some sort of client issue since other users who are also OP's and/or Admins can receive the messages just fine. The only thing which would prevent such a thing is that if your account is somehow set to appear offline while connected to the server e.g. hiding your presence, as the plugin uses the available online player list to send messages this could prevent you and you alone from getting the messages. Other than than I don't see any other possible cause. If you find out more about the issue just send me a message and I'll investigate further.

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    invisible mode ?
    or maybe a user group that is not listen to the messages ?
    sry dont know, works fine for me
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    Well its not a big deal, i can see they work in the console... But yeah, its odd! As far as client issue, no. Because I logged out and restarted using my kids account. Worked fine then. Same client. And as far as permissions, a couple others have Admin permissions in PEX all the same as I do, and it works for them. The only thing I can think of that is different, and never seemed to affected it before when I used it in Beta, is that I am only one actually listed in the admin.txt folder of the main directory. It (the plugin) wasn't turned off for some reason for those in that admin.txt folder in order to avoid the extra messages in game window, was it?

    Odd.... oh well...

    Have fun out there!!
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    I Love this plugin! i Donated £1.00!
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    Доброго времени суток.
    У меня такая проблема:

    стоят вот такие настройки:


    но сообщения все равно выдается случайно

    Good time of day.
    I have a problem:

    Here are the settings:


    but the messages are still issued by chance
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    When this geting updated to 1.1?
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    Does this work on CB 1.1? Anyone tested?

    Inactive :-(

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    Inactive since January 1st :(
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    Works just fine on 1.1 for our server. :)
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    RedFalKon I think /reloadmsg has stop working with the new bukkit releaseed today
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    Добрый день,
    Я думаю, ваша проблема может быть что-то с ASCII, но я точно не знаю. Я надеюсь,что это имеет смысл, я использую
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    thank you, very useful!
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    Hello, please, help

    When I type the command I get "an error occurred while attemping internal to Perform this command.
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    Would you please update this plugin ?
    Or set the sourcecode online, please this is the most easiest Broadcast / tip plugin!
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    Hey i love these plugin, but i got the poroblem... I have the promissionex and essensials but
    auto message can only se an admin group, (vip,member,default) cant se the message..
    Pleas help me what to do...Thanx
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    I think the plugin broke with 1.1-R1
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    I am new to craftbukkit forums, so if there is anything wrong in this message please let me know.. jsut like asking something while not producing anything ^^

    I would like to know if you could implement a function that would stop the broadcast of messages while there are no players connected, not because indeed it would be "useless" during this time, as there is no one to read them, but because it fullfils quick my server.log file and the simple command box/pail log box, thus making it harding to filter and look for what I need. Otherwise, for the log, maybe is there some way to filter what's written in it and what is not, or simply I could delete all the lines with "[Auto]". But that would not help for the command box/pail log.

    Before posting this, I tried to search this thread with keywords like "connected" or "online", but everytime there has been a error message. So I am sorry in advance his this subjet has already pointed out, I did not feel like reading all the 14 pages of message and though a simple "look there everything explained" would not be to harassing to answer : /

    Also, sry for possible bad english, foreign language..!


    Edit: also, thanks for the plugin..! very appreciated
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    Is there anny way to add an /nomsg or something. Cause my users get sick of hearing the same messages all over and over again. So it would be really nice, if a player could dissable the message for him/her self so they don't hear them. If there is another plugin for this, please tell me :)
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    i love this plugin but if i might make 2 suggestions. Please please recode the file saving such that it saves in an automessage folder, i hate that its in the main folder with my jars. Secondly can you plase redo the command to reload it, i really dislike it that a simply mistaken space in it will cause a server reload, would much rather have "msg reload"
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    The next recommended build is for Minecraft 1.2, R5, and I and everyone who uses this plugin will greatly appreciate it if you can get a head start on the plugin so it's update to support the new revision when Minecraft 1.2 is officially released along with Bukkit R5.
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    Hey, could you please update to R5? :)
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    It looks like there is no error with CB R5 Update
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    Is there a way that I can set it to automatically transmit a console command? For example if I wanted it to have the console "save-all" every few hours. Thank you for the help.

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