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  1. AutoMessage (Version 1.5a)

    Attention: There is currently an issue with AutoMessage v1.5a on CB Build #1185 which causes duplicate console output, in-game messages are unaffected however, this will be fixed in v1.6.

    A Simple Automatic Message plugin developed upon request from:

    This Plugin allows multiple messages to be broadcast serverwide at a set interval. The default time between messages is around 20 Seconds. This can be changed in the configuration file "".

    1. Copy "plugins\AutoMessage.jar" to your CraftBukkit Server Plugins Directory.
    2. Copy "plugins\" to your CraftBukkit Server Plugins Directory.

    • /reloadmsg - Reload the Message Configuration File (OPs Only)
    Adding Messages

    New Messages can be added by creating a new line in the properties file in the form of "msg=[message]".
    msg=This is a Sample Message !
    Colours can now be used in messages with the $ prefix
    msg=$cHello $eAll!
    Multiple Lines can now also be used in messages with $n

    msg=Hello All!$nA New Line
    Colour Codes:
    Show (open)

    Black = $0
    Dark Blue = $1
    Dark Green = $2
    Dark Aqua = $3
    Dark Red= $4
    Dark Purple = $5
    Gold = $6
    Gray = $7
    Dark Grey = $8
    Blue = $9
    Green = $a
    Aqua = $b
    Red = $c
    Light Purple = $d
    Yellow = $e
    White = $f

    • Add Colour Code Support for Messages (v1.1+)
    • Add Per User Message Control (1.6)
    • Add YAML Configuration File Support (1.6)
    • Move Config File to Plugins/AutoMessage Directory (1.6)
    • Add In-Game Message Editing/Viewing Functionaility (1.6)
    • Add Group Permissions Support (1.7?)
    Change Log

    • Versino 1.5a
      • Moved Properties File to Plugins Directory
    • Version 1.5
      • Removed Prior Change (Disable Colour Option)
      • Removed Truncation of Messages (Requires CraftBukkit #406)
    • Version 1.4
      • Added option to disable Colour Codes in messages (allows for untruncated messages)
    • Version 1.3
      • Added Multi-Line Support with $n Delimiter
      • Implemented Fix to Prevent Client and Server Crashes
      • Fixed problem when reading the plugin tag after /reloadmsg
    • Version 1.2
      • Added Colour Code Support for Message Prefix
      • Allowed removal of Message Prefix
      • Added support for message shuffling
      • Added /reloadmsg command to reload config for Server OPs
    • Version 1.1
      • Added Colour Code Support with $ prefix
    • Version 1.0
      • Released AutoMessage 1.0

    Current CraftBukkit Builds:
    [MC] (Latest Version for CB RB and Current Builds)

    If you like the plugin please consider donating to help withthe production of new features and updates for this and other plugins I develop.

    Donate via PayPal
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    Does this support Colors, and Also i was wondering if you could add support for changing/making your own prefix to the message for instance..

    msg=This is a test notice!

    In game it would look like "[Notice]: This is a test notice!" I used to use Tips v12 with Hey0 and ive been waiting for a replacement. Does this also support line breaks or multiple line messages?
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    If you look in the config file there is a prefix= line that you can change. I tested this and there is Multi line support, however i haven't tested colors yet.

    Doesn't seem to support colors (As of yet)
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    Alright thanks Jamie i haven't actually loaded it on to my server yet haven't had time i didn't see it mentioned thats why i asked, i apologize.
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    Don't apologize. I'm sure they don't upload their work and expect it to be perfect without testing for bugs or requests for new features. (That's where we come in) And Btw RedFalkon Thank you for your plugin, Keep up the good work.
  6. @majorcyto As Jamie said, the plugin does support changing the prefix of the chat messages with the prefix key in the configuration file.

    @Jamie I'll add support for colours in the next release, it's very simple to do.
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    Thanks for the color support i look forward to it. :D
  8. Indeed, without active users such as yourselves it would be impossible to cover every possible situation, you are infact the best possible debuggers. I can only wait for your feedback and ideas in order to implement great new features into my work to improve it for everyone or fix errors which I had not found. Also thank you for your compliment, I'm glad you appreciate my work.
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    If u want a challenging request to implement into your addon, you could always add items to it. So players can define an item or a few items that player get at random with a message. Example: msg=thank you for playing on <servername>, here is a gift for your support:itemid/name
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    Keep it simple I'd say.

    Thank you for this Red.
  11. That's not particularly challenging as I already have an idea on how to achieve this, I may indeed add a item drop feature to the plugin. Thanks for your feedback !
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    Would be pretty sweet yet still in the confines of the name of the plugin.
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    Would it be easy to add letting users turn the automessages on or of? like I have it set up to spit out tips every 300 seconds, and some users say it gets annoying (though I never even notice) and want to turn them off. is this possible?
  14. As the plugin does not target players but the server itself, messages are broadcast as the server, thus the only way to turn of said messages is to disable the plugin.
    --- merged: Feb 2, 2011 12:27 AM ---
    Update: Colour Codes are now implemented
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    Can you please also add the ability to color the prefix to.
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    I have a question About the plugin how dose it work.

    Say i put 5 lines in will it do a or b Them being:

    Put all 5 lines in every x seconds

    B: the first time x comes it prints line 1 the second time line 2 and so on so it works its way down the list then when at the bottom it jumps to the top again.

    Thats My simple question. If its A then i would need a separate delay for each message.
  17. This plugin works sequentially, therefore B would apply, the list is cycled through and repeated as long as the plugin is enabled.
    --- merged: Feb 2, 2011 5:25 PM ---
    Yes, I'll add this soon
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    Also can you add a command in game to reload the messages etc? :eek:
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    Tested this out - works amazingly well
  20. I'll see about adding this but if you're using a plugin which allows managing other plugins simply unload and reload this plugin and the data will be refreshed.

    Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad you're happy with it !
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    one thing I would change - randomized event messages - meaning when you /reload - it could give a different message. (right now its going in order with no randomizing.)
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    I was wondering if you could also add word wrapping please for the color so it continues.. HeroChat maker recently added it to his if you need an example on how he did it.
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    dark navi

    Color prefixes would be awesome. Great plug-in!
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    HeroChat represents :D - and actually my team was going to code one of these - but since you already did - this saves us some time - again thanks!
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    Does this require the server to be restarted to start broadcasting newly added messages?
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    Works very nice :)
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    Please add the ability to remove the prefix completely :)
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    Are you still working on the next update for this? :eek:
  29. Not yet, I've had a lot of work recently, I'm starting to work on it now.
    --- merged: Feb 5, 2011 8:48 PM ---
    These features have been added to Version 1.2
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    When is Version 1.2 being released? :eek:

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