[INFO] 1.7.x Protocol changes (Find the new packet names here!)

Discussion in 'Resources' started by CaptainBern, Dec 3, 2013.

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  1. thepaperboy99 No problem :). ccrama It's okay tho, because of your mistake I went looking at the code and found a stupid mistake at my side :p
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    CaptainBern haha, also that is how your readme on Github does it (copied it from there). You might want to change it ;)
  3. Hey all,
    I just wanted to let you know that I've just updated the protocol list. I've added a link of each protocol to it's coresponding article on http://www.wiki.vg/
    (Fancy picture:

    When craftbukkit reaches a stable enough state (when the developers decide it's time to push to the public repo) then I will also add links to each packet class. So this list can be of more use, and will in the fute be a bridge between the wiki.vg articles and the craftnukkit/nms packet code.

    - Cap. Bern.
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    hi! i have a problem with the respawn packet...

    there is a retard of 1-2 ticks when i use the packet? :/
  5. elraro If you're sending the packet when the player dies then make sure you're waiting at least 1 tick before you send it. (Also, there will always be some delay :/ )
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    Where can i learn how to use them?

    PacketPlayOutSpawnEntity skull_packet = new PacketPlayOutSpawnEntity(skull);

    Error: The constructor PacketPlayOutSpawnEntity(EntityWitherSkull) is undefined

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    That constructor has to be used the following:
    1. public PacketPlayOutSpawnEntity(Entity paramEntity, int paramInt)

    The second integer is the type of your mob, which can be found here.

    -BigTeddy98, Sander.
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    private static Packet17EntityLocationAction getBedPacket(Death death)
    int x = death.getLocation().getBlockX();
    int y = death.getLocation().getBlockY() + 1;
    int z = death.getLocation().getBlockZ();
    Packet17EntityLocationAction bed = new Packet17EntityLocationAction(((CraftEntity) death.getNPC().getBukkitEntity()).getHandle(), 0, x, y, z);
    return bed;
    any help to update it?
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