Solved Including externel services in plugin?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Cirno, Apr 4, 2014.

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    I want to use this service:

    so I can download videos to GIF images. However, I'm unsure on the whole 3rd party site thing. Do I have to have a default-false config option to allow users to use this?
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    This really depends on two things:

    1) Is this the main function behind your entire plugin? (AKA if it is disabled then your plugin is pointless/useless)


    2) Is it disable-able / have some configurable toggle that will disable the service completely and make no external connections?

    In light of both situations, it needs to be clearly documented that it makes this connection.
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    Oh my god
    You found one
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    So it's completely fine if I explicitly state that it is disabled by default and that it's a 3rd party service?
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    i can't see any reason for such function to exists in minecraft server.
    if you want some user to see some video - give link in chat.
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    I don't see a reason why BungeeCord should exist if you can just tell them to move to that new server.
    I don't see a reason why there should be hundreds of Anti-XYZ plugins if they're mostly the same.
    I don't see a reason why economy plugins should exist if you could just trade items in-game.
    I don't see a reason why sign editors should exist if you can just break the sign and retype what it said on it, following the corrections or new information.
    I don't see a reason why anti-pl/help/version/etc should exist if you can just deny the privilege in a permissions plugin.

    Programming isn't fun if you're confined to making things that don't already exist or things that can be easily be solved by using other methods.

    Sure it's a bit ridiculous to see hundreds of anti-TNT plugins, but we all start somewhere; we don't start making full-blown operating systems as our first project.

    Anyways, I'm going to mark this solved now. kthxbye.
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    You just compared bicycle and car, ignoring simple thing - they have different use.

    You wont use your bicycle to move furniture from one house to other and wont use car for forest ride.
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    I don't know about you, but I've used a bike to move furniture from one house to another and I've used a car for a ride in the forest before.

    Even if something can be done with a simple task, people like the challenge to create a new way of doing something. Challenges is what helps us push our limits/goals to be able to reach/aim farther.
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    I would
    Sounds fun

    Course I'd use a rope with a bike and a different set of tires (maybe some wings) for a forest 'ride'

    who knows. Maybe it might lead to some new innovative invention in the future.
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    Yes, that's fine :)
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