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  2. Try using a midi with a smaller note density or if you really like that one split the bank by channels and tracks, if the midi supports it... If it doesn't, edit it so it does :p To synchronize multiple single-track banks so they all start at the same time use redstone.
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    i get a bunch of clicks :(
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    Alex K

    Whenever I try to start this thing, it just refuses to work with me, the launch script wont work, I've tried changing the path and such, it just refuses. Disappointing too, this plugin looked sick.
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    omg i fucking love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    sry for cursing. but jeeze this is epic win all the way!
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    Very amazing plugin, been fooling around with it for the past 4 hours straight. Trying to configure it correctly the the vana'diel march from Final Fantasy 11 is tricky.
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    How can i make the music go slower?
  8. That is explained in the settings section of the top post.
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    Each midi track needs to be monophonic - right?
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  11. Each midibank is made of up to 16 note blocks and each plays 1 channel; Each channel only has one note at a time but each track can use all 16 channels, which is how polyphonic music is recorded on midi. By default midibanks superimposes all tracks on the same bank, so for example if you have 3 tracks all of them use the same noteblock for channel 1, the same for channel 2, etc. You can modify this behavior with:

    T - Option to put a single track in a bank, allowing you to split the midi into a 2d array of noteblocks (1 bank per track)
    C - Compress all channels into the first noteblock
    = - Selectively remove/reorder channels in a midibank
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    Well I just spent ages editing a midi file for nothing lol - awesome plugin!
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    could i somehow link this with pandora :)
  14. What's pandora?
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    it's an internet radio sight just google it
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    this is wild i love it. the more u could get this working better the best qualtiy is alright, u get this working well this could be a big hit its simple and enjoyable
  17. DUDE OMG. This is the best fucking plugin out there!!!. But i want to know how to slow songs down :p and sorry if it says how to in the text :) im a little of a tester and dont read everything xD TY FOR SUCH GOOD PLUGIN!
  18. <n to divide by n and {n to subtract n/10 to the tempo (where the default is 1)
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    Sometimes, when I put a loop on the song, the song just restart at the middle of the track so we can't listen to all of it unless we remove the loop.
    Is there any way to fix this?
    I'm running cb #714
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    I watched some videos from a channel called "BatCountryEnt" and they have a piano roll note thing, I was wondering if your the same person and if so how do you get the Roll noteblock? Also where can I get more MIDI files?
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    I just want to say a massive THANK YOU for making this! :)
    Simple to follow, no trouble at all.
    I've tried other musical plugins but always had trouble/problems :(
    Most people who use my server are also musicians, so it's awesome how we can now write our own songs onto MIDI to listen to on the server now. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!
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    It seems like your looping function listens to track 1 for the end of the song. I have a few midis that cut track 1 for a bit, but keep going elsewhere. I can edit these to compensate, but could you change this for future implementation?
  23. They really shouldn't. Are you splitting one track per bank?
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    could ya update it to 733

    please :)
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    Works fine with 733 for me
  26. Now tagged to build 740 because it's a highly recommended build. Should still work with the past couple hundreds of builds.
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    wow, thanks a lot for this. Now I can finally blast my doom music directly into my server.
  28. try SOS by abba:)
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    This is fun, i have added lots of songs.


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