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    Same here!
    There is no other fly plugin that works so realistic!
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    ok so all in any of these flight plugin's im looking for is a hover so i can stop in mid air i dont like exactly that it cost's feather's and you should rename the plugin to something else and take the plugin's out but other than that i love it but there is a querie i need to ask which is HOW do i god damn HOVER!!!!!!
    - your monkey, Monkey
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    Can you make so i can change the key from shift to some thing eles??
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    DuDe Me and my server LOVE this plugin but im having a few problems 1. when i first loaded it up it id not make a config... so tried to make one for it copying the config you have on the post... then it crashed all my plugins lol so i cant config what i need :( 2. considering it looks like you have not do anything to it in a wile do you mind if some one takes over the production of the awesome plugin?
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    This plugin works great, but do you think you can add a config option to set how fast you fly? The flying is kinda slow right now, and I'd like to be able to change it...

    EDIT: Never mind, I need to learn how to thoroughly read configs. I had what I needed all along; Maximum horizontal speed and horizon fly speed.
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    This plugin still works for Minecraft 1.0, who woulda' thought?

    Anyways, any chance for an update to use REAL permission nodes? ie for PEX, bPermissions etc?

    Anyone here, able to do this, since the author might be AWOL?
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    Where can you still download the plugin even know you arent working on it

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