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    I changed the values in the config.yml, t0 10 diamons/hour, but it's still at the default values.

    Should I add "all: true" to the Permissions module?
  2. You can always try that. Then add the configuration options in the default group in Permissions:

        fuel: ...
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    Can You Make Normal Version With Permission Or OP And Next Non Op
    That All Players Can Fly
  4. 1. Multiverse Support
    It doesn't seem to have it. I love this mod and how it works, but. I need it to make you incapable of flying on worlds where flying isn't enabled. For my application, for instance, I only want my players to be able to fly on my Skylands world.
  5. Use the PermissionsAttributeProvider and assign the can-rise, can-glide permissions only on the desired world.
  6. I have *ALL* the flight permissions turned off on the desired world, but if you buy a permit in one, you can still fly in the other. (or such is my experience).
  7. *hrms* Must be doing something wrong then... Not even sure where to start.
  8. If you're the admin and have * permissions you can't stop yourself from flying everywhere for free. Remove your own permissions or test with another account/victim if that's the case.
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    Question: Is there a way to make it less dangerous for people with poor internet connections to fly? A few days ago I had a plugin developer connect to my server from a village with 100 people and a 386kbps internet connection and it was dangerous for him to fly. Any suggestions are welcome.

    PS: Love the plugin. Easy to spot flyhackers, requires feathers, and takes some challenge.

    To try to describe how vital it is to my server, I have a skylands world (made with the skylands plugin, explored to 8km from zero zero with a plugin, then took out the skylands plugin to allow weather/mobs)... and I enabled factions in this skylands... People use flying to get between islands and feathers are a valuable commodity! I hope this plugin survives because it will help my server to survive.

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  10. Yes, sometimes if you're lagging you drop like a brick. I'm not sure if there's anything I can do about that.

    You should be able to use nocheat to block fly hacks and still fly with this plugin. I think. At least that's what I have in my server.
  11. im dont get it working help how to fly!
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    Hey :) nice plugin but i have a little proplem!! when i press shift 5 times it that there pop a window up where i can make a new keyoard. i don't know on other keyboards but it is so on danish ones...... it really annoying.. hope you fix it :)!! btw i have another idea to you that i really need on my server and i guess other needs too. a flying plugin like in classic where you fly with glass under your feets... that was it :) btw nice work man
  13. Hehehe. You can turn off that windows feature in the accessibility options or you can map your sneak key in minecraft to another key in your keyboard ;)

    I think there's a plugin that does that but it's terrible if you have the least bit of lag (there's also a runecraft rune that does it with water).
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    MC 1.7.2 Bukkit 953 Permissions 3.1.6
            default: true
                prefix: '&a'
                suffix: ''
                build: true
                     fuel: 288
                     refuel-ticks: 120
                     perch: 91
                     permit-material: 264
                     permit-cost: 1
                     permit-duration: 56700
                     stop-fuel: 331
                     stop-refuel-ticks: 120
                     glide-threshold: -0.3
                     reference-altitude: 150.0
                     altitude-weight: 0.011
                     low-hover-vel-threshold: 0.1
                     high-hover-vel-threshold: 0.6
                     directional-weight: 0.15
                     max-horizontal-vel: 0.3
                     counter-gravity: 0.1
                     stop-distance: 2.0
    after /flypermit I get a message "This will cost 1 null and last 4h" and after /flypermit get I get this:
    what is wrong?
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    ugh im sorry but can you make a version so its like flying in smp commands? or the classic on the browser cuz that up and down and up and down and paying diamonds and permits...that just takes too long...
  16. iPhoenix: There are other flight plugins/mods; This one works like this. I'm not going to rewrite the entire plugin just for you.

    xtyro: Where it reads 'permit-material' change to 'permit'. Hey, it's wrong in the top post! *ninja edit*

    Looks like I found what was wrong thanks to xtyro's bug report, please read a few posts up.

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    now it works. thanks :)
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    I love this plugin! So much fun. Only problem is when i dc while in the arena the sign still has my name on it. May want to look at that. Because idk if you even need to list the names on the sign. Sort of like Mob Arena
  19. I don't know wtf you're talking about :)
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    vid plz
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    Thanks to that guy for making the awesome bug report. I appreciate that you kept an eye on the issue even though I didn't have time to go further with helping solve it. This is definitely the best flight plugin I've used, which matters, because I refuse to give my users uncontrolled flight access due to lag concerns, but this lets me set horizontal speed.
  22. Is there any chance we can just get Permissions tie in for this? That Attribute Provider BS is developmentally challenged.
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    You cant stop in air btw
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    did you use perch or stop?
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    I get kicked off my own server for not being allowed to fly.

    I wonder what I need to change for that. :/

    EDIT: Found it, server.properties and allow-flight=true
  26. I taught myself how to configure these files today. I have no idea why everyone else seems to be having so many problems. The only issue, which you're already aware of, is the perch error.

    I've been using this mod in conjunction with VoxelSniper to get a good vantage point for terraforming. Works like a charm. (I love not having to screw around with my default .jar file btw.)

    I don't think there was a real point to this post now that I think about it. Thanks for making a useful plugin. =D
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    Please update for build #1060 !!!
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    Please update to CB 1060! We need this!
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    If protected could update this it would be much appreciated. The players on my server prefer this flight mod over any others.

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