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    Yep. Had no problem with the mod until the update. Don't use PPVP, I use the Permissions by Phoenix, but I dont have any set for flight. Even with none set, Admins all get * as permissions and should be able to fly regardless, and not a single user, admin or otherwise can fly. We can buy permits, just not get airborne.

    The console sole Flight 2, so its the correct jar.
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    Same problem as them.. Using permission and not using PPVP..
  3. I'll look into this soon

    Ok I made some tests with d4m's config file and without permissions provider and I got no YAML error so it must be a local file issue. You can always try to delete the config file and type a new one in manually just to make sure you aren't copying any weird characters.

    The only error I found, in the very latest jar, was that the behavior of the no-fuel-spent and no-perch-spent options was accidentally reversed (true was false and false was true), which explains Cowmaster's issue. I uploaded a new jar which fixes this issue. Everything else works in my server. Provided your config file isn't borked and can-rise is true you should be able to get airborne by pressing shift when your fuel material is selected.

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    I got it working by redoing the config file like you suggested, not sure what happened but it works now..
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    is there a way only moderator and admins can buy permits? Can I:

        #Enable buying of new permits
        can-buy-permit: false
    then add the permissions in per group?
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    Did it for me as well. Must have been some strange char somewhere lurking, though it makes no sense. I did the same thing I did before and no error in the console, Flight is loaded. I just copied and pasted the config again to a new file, very strange. Maybe a function in the plugin where if it fails a config load it would spit out a default config.yml and use that may be beneficial.
  8. Good to know that. Please let me know if anything is wrong in 2.1.

    Exidous: Install the PermissionsPlayerVarProvider plugin and all boolean variables will default to false and must be added as permissions:

    - flight.can-buy-permit

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    ok that worked, permissions work but do i add the same info into that config for PermissionsPlayerVarProvider? like fuel? right now i cant fly even though i have a permit.

    more specifically
    what does that mean? I can usually figure things out on my own but this plugin is difficult to configure.
  10. In order to fly you need feathers. Select a feather and hold down shift or just jump off a cliff.
    You may also need to add the can-rise and can-glide permissions.

    If you want to CHANGE the material from feathers to something else you can still do that in config.yml.
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    forget it, im just taking it off. are you going to simplify this in the future? i will watch it in case you do. like hook into permissions automatically?

    I am op with admin permissions, i shouldn't have to add the permissions again. I have a stack of feathers WILL NOT FLY.

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  12. Pastebin your config.yml for PermissionsPlayerVarProvider and for Flight here, please.
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    thats what i was asking you five posts up. Do i put the settings for fuel and such into the config file in the PermissionsPlayerVarProvider folder? if so how? Your directions are very hard to read.

    this is all thats in my config.yml in the PermissionsPlayerVarProvider folder:

    plugins: ['Flight']
    full: true
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    Markus Schiller

    I love this Plugin ;)
    The only question I had is if you could make this plugin compatible with Iconomy?
    So I had to pay money for a flypermit instead of a item?.
    But that isnt very important^^.
  15. Only if iConomy implements an AttributeProvider client.
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    Very nice plugin! It works.

    I can't get the config.yml file to work though. No matter what I edit in the file, the changes wont work. I am stopping the server everytime I make a change, then save the changes, and starting the server up again. None of my settings has changed. For example permit-material, permit-cost. Any suggestions?

    Btw: The config.yml was NOT generated after i started the server. I copy/pasted the text to a new file i called config.yml. I also tried downloading d4m's attacked file. Nothing works.
    I run permissions. any changes there?
  17. Make sure you copied the entire file from the top post and if you're running linux make sure the Flight subdirectory is correctly capitalized (flight is not the same as Flight). Are you using an attribute provider?
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    The entire file is copied, I'm not running linux, the subdirectory is Flight with a capital F. What do you mean by using an attribute provider? I don't think I am.
  19. Write here the exact paths for the server jar, the plugin jar and the config.yml, and pastebin the contents of the config.yml .
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    craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar located in:
    Flight.jar located in:
    config.yml and permits.dat located in:
    content of config.yml
        #===== FEATURES/PERMISSIONS =====
        #Enable buying of new permits
        can-buy-permit: true
        #Enable flying upwards (SHIFT)
        can-rise: true
        #Enable gliding/soft falls
        can-glide: true
        #Enable perches
        can-perch: true
        #===== FUEL =====
        fuel: 288
        #The fuel material is what brings you the power of flight. By default, of course, it's feathers.
        #Set to true to allow free flight
        no-fuel-spent: true
        #The tick is the minimum time unit of Wings and it lasts 0.25s. By default Wings consumes a feather every 20 ticks (5 seconds).
        #Note: Wings always consumes one feather just to take off; A single feather isn't enough for flying.
        refuel-ticks: 20
        #===== PERCHES =====
        #Perching material, used for creating temporary perches
        perch: 91
        #Set to true to allow free perching
        no-perch-spent: false
        #===== PERMITS =====
        #This is the block ID of the currency used to buy a permit. By default it's diamonds.
        permit-material: 1
        #This is how much of the above a permit costs. By default, 1. Set it to 0 for free permits!
        permit-cost: 1
        #This is how many ticks of flight the permit lasts. When it expires the player stops flying. Immediately.
        #Yup, ticks still last 0.25s. Default, 86400 ticks or 6 hours of flight.
        permit-duration: 57600
        #===== ADVANCED PARAMETERS =====
        #WARNING: Don't change this if you're a coward. Are you feeling lucky?
        #When a player's vertical speed is below this value the plugin considers him to be plunging like a rock to his doom, so if he's
        #holding feathers in his hand he will start GLIDING. This value should be negative, otherwise players will fly up like
        #helium-filled baloons. If you remove gliding players WILL get hurt when they land.
        glide-threshold: -0.3
        #This is the theoretical maximum altitude players can fly to; depending on the other parameters they'll probably never reach this
        #high, but it's important for the formula. Basically, the closer players are to this altitude, the slower they'll fly upwards.
        reference-altitude: 150.0
        #This is how the distance to the reference altitude impacts vertical flying speed (wing flapping). Increase this to make the
        #player rise faster, but be careful here.
        altitude-weight: 0.011
        #If the rising speed falls below this value (too close to reference altitude) the plugin will stabilize the player at that level.
        #Only horizontal flying is possible unless he glides down a little.
        low-hover-vel-threshold: 0.1
        #This is the highest vertical flying speed cap. In other words, players near bedrock will not shoot up like rockets thanks to this.
        high-hover-vel-threshold: 0.6
        #This controls how much weight the horizontal components of the vector resulting from the direction you're looking at impact on your
        #horizontal velocity. Increase to fly faster when you're looking towards the horizon. Set to 0 to disable horizontal flying entirely.
        directional-weight: 0.3
        #This is the horizontal flight speed cap.
        max-horizontal-vel: 0.6
  21. I don't know what could be causing your issue. Did you try disabling all other plugins and running your server with just Flight? If this solves it, try enabling the other plugins one by one until you find the one causing the issue.
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    Okay I will try that. Thanks anyways :) and great plugin btw.
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    I am opped and white listed and the flying works but I get kicked after a few seconds of flight with a message of "flight is not enabled on this server" i am using stock configuration. Help pls? I am very new.
  24. Minecraft 1.5 has a new protection against flight which can be enabled or disabled in server.properties; This is unrelated to Flight. To enable flying change allow-flight to true:

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    Wow that was my bad. Everything is perfect now. Thanks much!
  26. You know what would really be great. A Mode where the User would have to flap themselves, meaning
    you cant just hold Shift, as it will only lift you once, so if you want to get higher you'd have to press
    Shift repeatedly.
  27. That might require some changes in the design but I'll think of it.
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    Hey, I installed your plugin and it is working fine, but I wanted to change the configuration, so I put the config.yml file in the flight folder in my plugins folder, and changed the config to my likings, but when I started up the server again, it continued to run off the old configurations. Did I do something wrong?
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  29. Do you mean the Flight folder?

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