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    Thomas Bucher

    SphereWorld - Creates a World of Spheres:
    Version: v0.5

    You need another Challenge on your Server..
    SphereWorld makes it. You will start planting Trees, just to get the Material needed to reach the next Spheres ;-)

    NOTE: Ice spread around on the Floor still makes the Map nearly unplayable in 1.6..

    • Creates a unique World of Spheres
    • Can be run as default or any world of a Multiworldserver
    • Pot Worlds
    • Seeds for World and for Spheres
    • Random Type (Pot / Sphere)
    • GlowStoneRings
    • OtherWorld
    • Protection for the Glass. PotProtection < 65 / SphereProtection = all (Op can still destroy the Glass)
    • Added Protection to Floor
    • Change Initial Generation
    • Water / No-Water on Floor (icebug)
    • No Spawn on Floor
    • Added some Grass / Longgrass to Otherworld
    • ....
    pictures (open)






    NOTE!!! Make a Backup of your Stuff.. I am not Responsible if you "*** ** ****" it up.


    Download The Plugin 0.5 MC 1.7.2
    Thanks to oliverw92

    Download The Plugin v0.4f MC 1.6

    Download The Plugin v0.2 MC 1.5
    Source Code is in the jar file.
    or at GitHub

    Download the Jar into your plugins Directory,
    Adjust config if you want or just restart the Server

    Config (open)

    The Config-File:
    usefloor: true
    worldsize: 2000
    mindist: 80
    useglass: false
    maxradius: 40
    spherechance: 100
    minradius: 8
    killonfloor: true
    maxheight: 80
    world: sphere
    minheight: 40
    usehalfglass: false
    userandomglass: true
    worldseed: 123456
    sphereseed: 123456
    otherworld: false
    useglow: false
    glassblock: 20
    potprotect: true
    sphereprotect: true
    floorprotect: true
    nofloorspawn: true
    nowater: true
    autosavechunklist: true
    autosaveinterval: 30
    Explain of the Config:
    usefloor -> Creates a Floor of a Bedrock and a Watertile if set to true
    NOTE: usefloor: false will give you some Error: Floor is missing, with most Teleport plugins etc.
    NOTE: only set it to false, if you use this as the only World on your Server!!
    worldsize -> set the Size, the Spheres will Spawn on each Side of the 0,0 Point.
    NOTE: A worldsize of 2000 Gives you around 1500 Spheres.
    mindist -> Minimum distance between to Sphere-Centerpoints.
    NOTE: Make sure, they to not intercept each other mindist should by > maxradius * 2
    useglass -> Will the Spheres be surrounded by Glass?
    NOTE: True is a good joice here, else there will be lot of water and lava floating..
    maxradius -> Maximum Radius of a Sphere.
    NOTE: should be < minheight + 2 and < 128-maxheight
    minradius -> Minimum Radius of a Sphere.
    minheight -> Minimum Height of a Spherecenter
    NOTE: should be >= maxradius + 2
    maxheight -> Maximum height of Spherecenter
    NOTE: should be < 128-maxheight
    world -> The Name the Spherewold will have. (The plugin creates a World with that name)
    NOTE: Initial the World should not exist. It should not be entered.
    killonfloor -> Kill players that are on the waterlevel (out of Universe)
    usehalfglass -> Only use Glass up to see level. No Glass on Uppersides
    NOTE: set useglass to false, for this to work, if you want half glass Spheres.
    userandomglass ->Random use Full Spheres or Pots
    NOTE: set useglass and usehalfglass to false, for this to work, if you want random glass Spheres.
    worldseed -> seed of the world (only numbers)
    sphereseed -> seed of the spheres (only numbers)
    otherworld -> Generates another World.. Very Strange (Nothing todo with Spheres)
    NOTE: all the Glass and Distance Things have no influence on otherworld
    useglow -> If set to true, the Spheres get some GlowBlock Rings.
    glassblock -> set the Type of Glass you wanna use.
    NOTE: Makes only sence, if you use it with usehalfglass.
    potprotect -> Protects all Glass from Sphere below Block 65 (Seelevel)
    sphereprotect -> Protects all Glass from the Spheres. (Op can Destroy only)
    floorprotect -> Protect the Floor from being Build on..
    nowater -> Genereate no Water on the Bedrock (reduce Ice problem)
    nofloorspawn -> Dont Spawn monsters at Bedrock Level
    autosavechunklist -> Enable this to Autosave the chunklist
    NOTE: if the Server does not shut down correctly, unsaved chunks will be regenerated
    autosaveinterval -> Minutes between autosaves

    Try the Defaults first, as they should work out of the Box.

    To Start over:
    1.) Stop the Server
    2.) Delete the Worldfolder "sphere"
    3.) Delete Files plugin/SphereWorld/*.data
    4.) Start the Server again.
    5.) After Startup is Finished, you can port to the World. example: /world sphere

    • /cr
      Regenerates the Chunk you are staying on (OP only)
    • /sphere
      Gives you information about the Sphere you are in (Everyone)

    • Add Bridges between Spheres.
    • Add / Remove Floor on the fly (force reload of all loaded Chunks)
    • Configurable Blocks for level 1 and 2
    • Add Underwater Version of the Spheres.. (We may need some more Light with this ;-P
    • Prevent Creeper from destroy protected Glass
    Version 0.5
    • 1.7.2 Compatible (thanks to Oliverw92 for his Effort)
    Version 0.4f
    • Prevent Glassbreaks from Explosions.
    changelog (open)

    Version 0.4e
    • Added Longgrass/Grass to Otherworld.
    Version 0.4d
    • Added AutoSave To chunklists.
    Version 0.4c
    • Fixed an Otherworld reload Bug
    • Added No Water on Floor (reduce Ice Bug)
    • Added no Spawn option for Floor (No Monsters on Bedrock)
    Version 0.4a
    • Added Long Grass
    • Added Dead Bushes
    • Fixed Interaction with other Worlds Floor.
    Version 0.3d
    • Bugfixes
    • Better Floorprotection (reset on Chunkloads of Floor)
    Version 0.3c
    • Added new Inital generation Process (less smud)
    • Added Floorprotection against Builds
    • Added noice Option for the Floor (made a lot of Lag)
    Version 0.3b
    • Fixed a Bug with Spherechance was nearly 0 again.. ;-)
    Version 0.3a
    • Added Protection to the Spherehull
    Version 0.3
    • Added 1.6 Support
    • Added Another World (OtherWorld)
    • Added Glasstype to Config
    • Added Glowing Rings
    • Added Some Fixies
    Version 0.2a

    • Fixed a Bug where the Spherechance was nearly 0.
    Version 0.2

    • Added World / Sphere seed
    • Added Random Sphere / Pot option
    • Fixed some Glitches
    Version 0.1c

    • Added usehalfglass. Now you can have "open" Spheres. See last Screenshot above.
    Version 0.1b

    • Fixed noglass parameter
    Version 0.1a

    • Added Commands
    Version 0.1

    • Releasing my awesome plugin

    You can try it at: ( Magiccarpet is installed .. /mc ) <- SphereWorld <- OtherWorld

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    Thomas Bucher

    Seems your loosing the connection to your sql server.
    This is not a issue of sphereworld i would say.

    Does it work, if you remove sphereworld ?
    Does it work without iConomy ?

    Greetings Thomas
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    if i start my server there is no config file?!
    must be in the
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    Thomas Bucher

    The config is under
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    i've been using the plugin for a while now, and really like it! But, with this newest version, it generated a map without spheres. There weren't any errors when I started the server, but the world is just regular and flat. These are my config settings.

    sphereprotect: false
    maxradius: 128
    glassblock: 20
    bridgetype: 1
    usefloor: true
    worldsize: 1000
    dobridges: true
    nowater: false
    autosavechunklist: true
    spherechance: 80
    autosaveinterval: 30
    minradius: 96
    killonfloor: false
    worldseed: 36999
    maxheight: 128
    usehalfglass: false
    mindist: 100
    useglass: false
    nofloorspawn: false
    sphereseed: 36999
    otherworld: false
    userandomglass: false
    potprotect: false
    useglow: true
    floorprotect: false
    world: thule
    minheight: 96

    I'm currently running the following plugins: Advancement, FishPeople, Giant Trees, MagicSpells, Multiverse, NaturalGIants, Permissions, Pigasus, Tombstone, WorldEdit, Labyrinth, and SphereWorld. Thanks for your help!
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    Thomas Bucher

    How many Spheres get Loaded at Startup ?
    Whats your position in the World ?
    Is there a Sphere at Location 0,0 ?

    Sincerely Thomas
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    try deleting the data files in the sphereworld/plugin folder ( and, as well as the sphere map folder. when you restart your server it should rebuild the map properly (a new one, so back up your old one if you want to keep it).
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    Does this just pre-generate a world of spheres, or does it make it so that new chunks generated are sphereworld ones? I ask because I'm wondering whether the spheres will continue in every direction for as long as you explore, or whether they'll eventually stop.
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    There's options for bridges in the config, what's up with that?
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    I deleted my previous config and started fresh with the default one (I just changed the name of the world to Thule, but left all other config settings at default) and it did create the spheres (1487 spheres). I think that I had set the mindistance incorrectly, or perhaps the min/maxheight, or the min/maxradius. Maybe you can put all of those settings together in the description so it's easier to see how they have to be set? I've gotten it right in the past, so I just have to keep doing trial and error. If I run into any more problems when I try to set the configs the way I like, I'll let you know. Thanks for the speedy response! :)
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    Thomas Bucher

    Its not implemented yet, but i done some internal testing allready..

    It generates on the fly. If you walk.
    It will do this until you reach worldsize (from the config) on all sides. so worldsize 1000 makes a world from -1000,-1000 to 1000,1000
    Thats because the Spheres itself (not the chunks) are pregenerated.

    Sincerely Thomas
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    Ah, okay. Anyway to get more spheres if you do reach the current worldsize and want to go further?
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    is that normal ?

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    Thomas Bucher

    Not really, it can be done, but will be a lot of work..
    I recommend, make the size large enought from beginning.
    Most Servers tend to limit world sizes anyway.

    If you set a large size like 5000, it will take a few more seconds on the first run of the plugin (after remove / contains the pregenerated Spheres contains a list of processed Chunks.
    If you change the worldsize, the Seed for the Spheres doesnt match anymore, so you cannot "add" more spheres in size, to match the old ones..

    Sincerely Thomas

    Nope is isnt.
    something is eating up your memory.. or you have not enought memory allocated to the Server.

    Sincerely Thomas

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    Is it posssible to make it name the world 'world' ?
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    Is it possible to generate a sphere world AND an OtherWorld on the same server?
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    How? i have trouble to set this up.
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    Are you thinking of updating SphereWorld to use the new ChunkGenerator APIs provided by Bukkit? It would make integration with MultiVerse (2.0+ anyway)/etc a lot cleaner allowing SphereWorld to just provide chunks for a workd type and not having to worry about any multiworld stuff.
  19. Offline

    Thomas Bucher

    I am, but it is a lot of Work.
    And i am "short" on time atm.
    Keep your eyes open, i will do it, once i find the time ;-P
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    I love this mod so much! However, is there an option to not have bridges? it ruin's the fun of it :(
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    can u add a
    nonlava= true

    becaus we want lava abouth the bedrock :p
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    I'm not sure what is causing this, but when my server happens to random freeze and restart (rtoolkit), sphereworld is regenerated. Though it looks the same thanks to the seed code, all player modifications are undone.

    Suggestions? I'm just about to download an auto backup system just because of this. The server tends to freeze about once a couple of days due to people screwing around. Just sphere world tends to reset and takes a little while to regenerate.
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    Thomas Bucher

    If the gets corrupted, it will recreated the world.
    You should save the world and the from time to time.

    Sincerely Thomas

    I will add an option to set the type of block on the level 0 and 1.

    Sincerely Thomas

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    Are you talking about doing file backups or a save-all command?
    I have a plugin that does the save-all every 15 minutes.
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    Thomas Bucher

    Whenever you make a "Full Backup" of your worlds, you should also backup the
    The File contains the Information about whitch Chunks are allready generated.
    This will be removed in a Future Version. I gonna use the new API from bukkit. then there will be no such problem anymore.
    But for now, just make a backup of this file from time to time, and if something goes wrong, restore the sphereworld and the from a backup.

    Sincerely Thomas
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    Hey, nice work! Can you make a "Underwater"-version? So the Sphere's are some kind of Air-Bubbles in a 128Block deep ocean? This would be amazing! I want to build a world for my Submarine projekt (the was a series called "SeaQuest").
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    Thomas Bucher

    Sounds like a great idea.. i will check this.

    Sincerely Thomas
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    Um, I cant get there. It makes the world sphere.
    I use /world sphere, nothing
    How do I do it?

    I fixed it. Could you make a nether sphere?

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    I generated a BioSphere world in Singleplayer and copied that into my server for a world made of domes,
    but becouse the mod doesn't work in my server, you get normal land when walking in the same direction long enough.

    Can i use this plugin to generate these spheres out of the already explored region in my existing world?
    Does it overwrite the old world, or does it generate the new spheres outside of the explored area?

    seemed like a good idea to expand my world with additional spheres, even if they look different.
    It would be BioSpheres (generated in singleplayer)
    Normal Land ring (when i left the generated spheres, the normal world generator took over)
    Spheres from this plugin
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    Got a request: we are implementing a nether world for our sphere world, would it be possible to make it work on multiple worlds? A sphere-nether world would be AWESOME

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