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    turn any image into a world!

    Version 3.1
    Download Here

    Configuration options:
    • image to use
    This plugin allows you to turn any image into a world - this means it can be generated with, for example, BananaMapRender, and do stuff like this!

    That's right, heightmaps translated to maps in-game, for zero effort, just configure the worldname and the image and you're away!

    You need to configure your bukkit.yml correctly and start with a fresh world before using this or it will not work.
                 generator: BananaImageToMap
    • CavePopulator
    • DesertPopulator
    • DungeonPopulator
    • FlowerPopulator
    • LakePopulator
    • Mushroom Populator
    • QuarryPopulator
    • Ruins Populator - thanks @Nightgunner5
    • Snow Populator
    • SpookyRoomPopulator
    • TorchPopulator - thanks @Nightgunner5
    • Tree Populator - thanks @heldplayer and @SpaceManiac
    • Ores! - thanks @Notch
    Fun extras:
    • Will generate a heightmap image if you don't specify any!


    • v1 - released awesome plugins
    • v2 - added block populator for ores, thanks @Pandarr also added awesome cavegen, thanks me!
    • v3 - added fixed populators and cleaned up code, thanks @SpaceManiac (no extra configuration options this time - sorry) :p
    • v3.1 - re-added caves (minus the memory leak) - added proper ore population :D
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    You never cease to amaze me. +1 internetz
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  4. Holy mother hubbin' son of a gum chewing funk beast.

    codename_B, you are one of the best plugin coders in the history of Minecraft server modification.

    Bless you.
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    Aww thanks, do let me know what you decide to do with it.
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    so any picture? so could i use an aerial map of STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl's PDA Map To Make a Mine craft map?
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    That's correct.
    Black and white heightmaps work best though - I was experimenting with some Quake3 heightmaps and they looked damn good in-game!
  8. D:

    Just got done getting my map ready, then I get 403 forbidden! Naooo!
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    Using this

    Here's a bit of that Quake3 heightmap.
    I've added tree generation to my dev version - working on resources etc to make it a viable map alternative :D

    But yeah, atm you can have maps from any file you want - yes... ANY, but I wouldn't recommend having an online map if your map is formed from something... unsavoury.

    Remember, with great power, comes great responsibility.
    Try a different webhost? Or upload to tinypic or something? How are you rendering it?
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    same i wanna try this :D
  11. No, I can't dowload your plugin. D:
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    Oops - I had some experimental .htaccess stuff leftover :p my bad.

    You should be able to download it now ^^

    Can you download it now? :)

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    ok it works fine now thanks
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    Keep me posted on the image you use, and how it turns out etc :)
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    You wouldn't happen to have forgotten to place earth.jpg into your plugins folder would you?
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    nope i put it in. still errors. then i tried my own picture and still error
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    so plugins/earth.jpg exists?
    What operating system?
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    windows 7 ultimate edition. x86 back compatible.
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    Hi, I've just uploaded a new version with more error logging.

    Redownload and try now? I'm going to get this working for you tonight.

    I'm on the same OS and am having no problems. Try the new version and make sure that plugins/earth.jpg exists.

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    well im getting this now. Some times it will work and sometimes i get this null pointer error.

    but a config file did show up and a *noisy* map file showed up....

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    Perhaps change the directory to use the windows \
    so change your config file to have 'plugins\earth.jpg' instead of 'plugins/earth.jpg'

    Try that for me.
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    Wow I just finished writing a quick windows application to do the same thing. I'm not sure if you're considering this but one thing I did was to give the options of specifying a second image that is colored and would determine the block types above sea level. This way you don't have to write code to randomly generate different areas and users can specify how everything looks and if they want lakes in certain areas, etc. Although judging from this I assume you set transparency to water?

    One question in terms of speed and efficiency, did you go pixel by pixel and place blocks up to the height for that xyz coordinate? Or did you do something more clever and if so are you willing to share?
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    Hi, I finally managed to replicate your error.

    If you could please re-download for me, that would be great :)

    It's all hooked into the terrain generation api, what I'm doing is creating an array of integers. I can certainly look into the blocktypes above sea level, at the minute I'm working on getting rid of this wierd bug that has just been uncovered. We have "biomes" to handle "randomly" generated areas though!

    As far as sharing goes, source is in the .jar, as always.

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    Ok nice the issue is fixed :D!!! lol ok now once i use my own photo it errors out all over again
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    YAAAY :D

    I'm very happy to hear that, if you post some screenshots of the heightmap you used and how it turned out I would be very appreciative! :D

    Remember, the smoother the heightmap, the smoother the map. An ideal size for a heightmap is 1000x1000px - which is a decent sized minecraft server map too, so if you have a smaller heightmap and resize it to that size, the terrain will be a lot smoother :)
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    Im using the Earth.jpg since my photo wont work.


    Uploaded with
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    On your server how long does it take to generate a 1000x1000 map? Doesn't have to be very accurate.
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    Just fyi - if you change images you have to stop the server and delete the world folder or give the world a different name before you start seeing any difference.

    It's quicker than generating a notchmap.
    It is accurate though, just by it's nature lol.

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    I always found minecraft hard to masteerbate to... but now.. i can change porn to maps ;D

    What about another plugin like this that generates a flat map? I can't be the first server owner that wanted a flat map at a configurable height... can I?

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