[INACTIVE][TP] TpPortal v0.3 - Teleport to your portals location [1060]

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    TpPortal - Teleport to your portals location:
    Version: v0.3
    This is my first plugin which I am releasing it for everyone. Forgotten your portals location?
    Simply download this plugin!

    Download Link:
    Mirror 1
    Mirror 2
    • /setportal - Save the portal location at your current position.
    • /portal - Wrap you to the portal location
    • Permission not supported at the moment
    • Only OP can set portal location
    • Any player are allowed to use /portal
    ToDo lists:

    • Add permission file
    • Multiple portals location
    • More Lists Coming Soon!
    Version 0.3
    • Updated to Bukkit Latest Recommended Build 1060
    Version 0.2
    • Bug fixed!
    • Multiple World Supported
    Version 0.1

    • Initially release!
    If you found any bug please send me message as soon as possible!

    Credit: @CaiusTSM - For helping me a lot of stuff ! :D

    The source code is a mess, I will try to fix it later. :D

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    Like it!:)
    Simple and useful.
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    Your hosting account has been suspended, can't download.
    You should look into using DropBox.
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    Download link already fixed.
    I will try DropBox whenever I have spare time.
    //Version 0.3 is ready should be uploaded this week.
    Thank you :D
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    can you please regularly update this for new builds? :)
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    Why doesn't work?
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    it worked perfectly on build 1000. But when i updated to build 1060 today it says "an internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command" when i type /portal.

    i can type /setportal though
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    Sorry for inconvenience causes.
    I could not perform any fixed at the moment due my computer broke out.
    Please be patience while I'm fixing it.
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    alright thanks, it's an awesome plugin by the way, couldn't find anything like it :D
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    What do you mean by good?
    I did this plugin for fun. ><
    There're full of bugs in this plugin which the source code is very messy atm.
    You could tryout MultiWarp aswell
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    haha coz my portal station thing is far away and its real useful :p

    oh i couldnt find multiwarp btw

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    Is your server private or public?
    Thanks for the feedback!
    Sorry, I couldn't search the MultiWarp atm due I'm using a noob computer.
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    it's private :p
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    Good plugin !
    can we change the order?
    for example: '/ arena'

    Rejoignez-moi sur O Game :
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    Sure pay me?
    Just joking..
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    Looks like it works for dev 1.2.3....
    Nice plugin,anyways

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