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    NetherGate - A plugin that uses multi-world to create a completely automatic Nether experience.

    If you're using Essnetials, go no further.

    Essentials breaks NetherGate in strange and frustrating ways, I'm not going to support it anymore. I'll try and get this resolved by NG beta, at which point I'll remove this message.


    To use NetherGate, drop the required jars in your plugins folder.

    Then you can create and light a portal to travel to the nether!

    Grab elBukkit.zip to get all of my plugins- take out the ones you don't want.

    For more details on NetherGate, or for individual jar downloads, see the NetherGate entry on bukkit's wiki.

    Tip Jar
    If you really love my stuff, and you're feeling generous, I'd more than appreciate a donation.

    Go here if you're interested!

    View changelog on github
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    Thanks. I tried that command, and it did reduce the lag problem a bit. But sadly, Chunks still seem to load kinda slowly when teleporting into the Nether. Much more bearable, thankfully.

    Edit: New odd bug, not sure whats causing it, but I used a portal to go to the nether, and that worked fine enough, but then when I tried to use the near-by portal (made earlier) to get back, I step in, the game gives me a second of jittery lag, then nothing happens. I can't get back to the main world without using chat commands or other alternatives to portals.
    I also seem to get this error in the console when I try to portal back: (Possibly from any portal usage.)
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    Probably not, it's just that I don't like the console :) I have console spell use off on my server, you've gotta use the wand.

    You should, it's really fun! :D If you want, check out the Spells API- I've got some sample plugin code that makes it really easy to get going, and Spells itself is a pretty powerful framework.

    I think I've decided that I agree!

    I looked around, and there are a lot of people asking for this (and other more advanced spawn-control plugins), but there doesn't seem to be anyone working on it.

    I'm going to start tonight- we'll see what I can get put together given a couple of course. I should probably start by hacking something together to make sure it's even possible to block entity spawning yet.
    --- merged: Feb 11, 2011 8:22 PM ---
    This sounds like a lot of auto-binding problems that will hopefully be fixed in the next version. Meantime, try this:

    /nether target world nether world
    That last "world" needs to be whatever the name of your default world is. That should get you back home :)

    This is, by the way, what would happen if you were to intentionally make a one-way world. The portals all technically "work", they just tp you to the same spot in the same world :) So, that's what that little jitter is about.
    --- merged: Feb 11, 2011 8:24 PM ---
    No problem, thanks for coming in to say you appreciate it!

    I do try to be here for you guys, though it is hard to divide my limited time up between forums and actual coding (and actual playing!)

    Now that I took a couple of hours to get the Spells peeps their Permissions support, hopefully they'll be contented for a bit :)
    --- merged: Feb 11, 2011 8:28 PM ---
    Oh, also- I've said this before, and it's really just a hunch, but- just looking around the place, i get the impression that generating hellworld chunks is probably much more computationally intensive than the normal world. It may also involve more bandwidth, due to the additional world complexity- and, for now, the durn ghasts.

    If you're not on a dedicated server, having an active (loaded) nether world may make things a bit laggier, for sure.
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    Ah, I see. BTW, I just tried a previous version from your site, oddly enough the first one I picked worked just fine for now. lol And it doesn't seem to be TOO outdated or anything.
    I tried that one, it doesn't seem to lag much at all during the teleport transition (other than a second's worth), and portals work both ways automatically. Seems to be relatively stable at the moment.
    So I think until you release the next version, I'll stick with this, I guess. heh
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    Got position -304.0, 80.0, 2712.0
    Expected -38.69999998807907, 35.200000047683716, 339.69999998807907
    Why does it keep on teleporting me into nowhere?! D: ... lol. 2712 is ... far far far away from where I want to be placed :p
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    Good to know! Until i get a chance to release stable version, I'm going to take your word for it and swap that one out for the current one- the scaling is just too screwy. You can still get the old one at elBukkit-test.zip. (Will get to this in a bit, when I'm off the VPN)
    --- merged: Feb 11, 2011 8:57 PM ---
    heh.... ehhh... whoopsie! Yeah, maybe i'll go get on another computer and do that swap real quick...
    --- merged: Feb 11, 2011 9:04 PM ---
    oh... hrmm... well... crap. Now I realize a critical flaw in my plans :) I need to stop using the same zip for Spells and Nethergate, I guess- I can't roll the zip back, or my Spells people will kill me for taking away their Permissions support :D That would be so mean, they've waited a long time...

    So, I guess, if you want a stabler version, please use the link to 021 that OkinKun kindly posted above.

    Note that when I say "stabler", I really just mean in terms of where it's going to put you and stuff- the new version isn't crashy or anything- it just seems to lag like crazy.

    I promise not to release so hastily in the future, sorry about that! :) (esp. to the one person who complained specifically about me doing that...)
    --- merged: Feb 11, 2011 9:43 PM ---
    Some quick investigation seems to point toward the creature_spawn event not being implemented yet.

    I'm going to do some CraftBukkit digging, but things are not looking so good on the ghast front :(

    Better start learning to use magic! ;)
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    :) ... Try making nightly builds. Pre-builds!

    Would make people test your plugins before official release. And if you like to update your plugins fast. Use nightly builds to test them~

    Meh, there's no problem at the current moment. It's just the nether portals that goes back to the original world, seem to work well with /nether go ... it doesn't place me in random locations C:
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    Looks like it's been implemented by at least one or two folks, and they have pull requests in... so it's only a matter of time.

    I'm still going to do some digging in the meantime, looking at their pull requests for reference, and see if there's some way I can get this hacked together before there's official support for it yet :)

    Spells and Wand both do quite a bit that's not really "supported".... though there's getting to be less and less of it as the API matures- NetherGate is so far a Bukkit plugin, not just a CraftBukkit plugin- but I have no particular feeling about keeping it that way. It can always "go back" once the API is there, which should be soon.
    --- merged: Feb 11, 2011 9:47 PM ---
    Yeah- one of the two of those was screwed up in the previous version, can't remember which but you seem to have it sorted :)
    --- merged: Feb 11, 2011 9:50 PM ---
    Hm... maybe in the meantime I can catch the player targeting event, and kill them off when they notice you ... wouldn't help the lag as much, but it would help my sanity out tremendously :)

    We'll see...
    --- merged: Feb 11, 2011 9:58 PM ---
    So far, no dice on that- they don't seem to be firing that event. Hrm.

    I mean, really, though - this is pretty fricking rediculous!!

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    Can't you just use the GodMode plugin for the time being?
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    Should've thought of this:

         * Get a list of all living entities.
         * @return
        public List<LivingEntity> getLivingEntities();
    Ok, switching gears a little bit, I think. I've got a nice framework for CrowdControl ready, so I may move forward with that when there's time- being able to custom-configure mob type spawning per-world seems pretty cool.

    However, in the meatime- I'm just going to try to put together a "/nether kill <world>" or something that nukes all the ghasts in the world :) That's the best I can do for now, other than making that auto-scheduled, but I don't really want to do that if there'll be a nice event-driven way to handle this soon.
    --- merged: Feb 11, 2011 10:05 PM ---
    Heh- prolly :)

    If there's a god mode plugin, that also probably means I could just get around to implementing that invincible spell.

    Really, this has become more a matter of principle at this point :) Honestly, I've got a nice big box setup for testing, the ghasts aren't really that big of an issue...
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    AHA! That explains pretty much everything ^^ then I could have spent hours on your server, trying several commands =P

    I'am not that good at java .... maybe even not at programming ^^ But when you say it's funny I will look into it, whats the Spells-API about? Just for creating spells or something else?

    Yea, it's probably the better way to go, since when the darn Ghasts are away, testing around with the correct placing in the Nether and such things will be much easier [​IMG]

    I too just can't say it to often, your plugins, your work, and your interest in the community and their wishes are just great :)
  12. Installed, but nether portals do not take me to the nether. Nor does creating a new world with the commands make a new world. There has been a nether folder created and some world files, but it doesnt look right, there is a folder called DIM-1 in there with some files in the nether folder. Any idea why I can't go to the nether?
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    I get that error whenever I run the server with this mod! Help! Also the Nether portal doesn't work for me.
    Forgot to add that my bukkit version is #302
    The only Plugin I have is Whitelist.
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    That's 302? Did they change the command handling interface again or something? I see that it couldn't find "org.bukkit.command.CommandSender" - that's been around for a while, definitely since 282. Let me update to latest and check.
    --- merged: Feb 12, 2011 12:37 AM ---
    Can you try the other zip file posted ... a few posts above?

    Sorry I can't be more help, I'm really trying to get a more stable version out.

    If you're really interested, there is a lot of info in this thread about how to get yourself going with some quick console commands in the meantime.
    --- merged: Feb 12, 2011 12:38 AM ---
    Basically just for spells- you could create a stand-alone plugin and use the API, still, but the main goal is that, when you're done, there are just some new spells to play with and they integrate completely cleanly into the Spells system.

    Aw, shucks :) Thanks very much!
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    Should I Downgrade? I get errors similar to that alot.
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    I can't see the server version in your screenshot there- are you sure you're running 302?

    I just pulled latest and I don't see any relevant changes, everything still builds and works ok. I haven't gotten and gotten an official build to test with (I update the thread topic when I do that), but I don't see why you'd be missing CommandSender.
    --- merged: Feb 12, 2011 12:41 AM ---
    Uh... oh. You're not running Bukkit. :\
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    Yes. Um. I hope :I
    Could you give me the version of bukkit please?
    --- merged: Feb 12, 2011 12:54 AM ---

    ^^ Ok there is a pic of the stuff you didn't see in the first one.
    --- merged: Feb 12, 2011 12:58 AM ---
    I need help! Please! I get errors similar to this one alot and I can't use all my favorite plugins!
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    heh ^_^; Then I hope I picked the best possible one.. I didn't have time to test out 27 or 31, or anything older than 21, once it seemed like it was working fine enough. (I mainly chose based on the 'time' it was listed at, and when I last remembered it working smoothly.)
    Also, the "/nether scale" command is still listed in the version I picked, when I type /nether. But I don't dare touch it for now. lol

    I'm curious to know if it's just me, or if anyone else is having good luck with that version. ^_^;
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    Success! :D

    And, yeah, WOW- that's a LOT of ghasts. :\
    --- merged: Feb 12, 2011 1:58 AM ---
    Yeah, that'd be a lot of work! :) Thanks for testing it out.

    I'm currently trying to track down what's causing worlds to unbind themselves... that's the only really annoying lingering problem at the moment not related to fast-travel.

    Once that's working, I'll get a new version out so we can stop worrying about which one to use :)

    Also, I want you all to have that nuke command- 300+ ghasts flying around shooting fireballs at people can not be helping the lag any!!
    --- merged: Feb 12, 2011 2:00 AM ---
    Sure- here is a link to the official Hudson repository:


    It's a little difficult to navigate, so here's a direct link to 282.
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    I think I will play around a bit with it ... maybe something cool comes out :D

    No problem

    Gratulations on this one! The Ghast-Hunt may now begin!
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    I'm STILL getting the SAME error even on 282. I even tried 311.
    --- merged: Feb 12, 2011 2:27 AM ---
    Also, my folders for the plugins didn't generate yet :p
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    The problem is not what you've downloaded, per se, but that you're not using it :)

    You need to run CraftBukkit.jar- the file you download, not minecraft-server. You don't actually need mcserver with bukkit, it's built-in (sorta).
    --- merged: Feb 12, 2011 4:57 AM ---
    v0.23 Released!

    I think this is a really good release, if you can wait a bit longer for distance scaling.

    If you're having issues, delete your data- but really only so NetherGate will put things back to the default, there shouldn't be any breaking schema changes or anything.

    Otherwise, you should be able to use the "target" command to get everything bound back together again, and it should stick this time.

    Yes, as it turns out, there was a really nasty bug in Persistence that I ended up having to track down. I'm using an object as an id for another object, and as it turns out that'd kind of a silly-complex thing to do! :\

    Anyway, seems to all be working now. Worlds will default to a scale of "0"- don't be alarmed, that just means scaling is off (for now).

    New features, real quick:
    1. A (frameless) portal gets created on the other side, mainly because this seems less destructive (but still just as useful) for now. They're probably very fragile, though :)
    2. New Permission nodes added for portal use, portal auto-creation and platform auto-creation
    3. "nuke" command added to instantly kill all the ghasts in the current (or target) world. Probably only works on loaded worlds, but it may just go ahead and load the world, too- not sure.
    There may be more, but that bugfix is really the big win, here. For me anyway :)--- merged: Feb 12, 2011 5:00 AM ---
    Oh, also, this is the new portal spell- and the new hotness!


    I was always hoping I could have the spell version be frameless. Man, that's so cool!

    Getting very close to auto-creating portals on the other side, obviously.
    --- merged: Feb 12, 2011 5:04 AM ---
    Also- to the person who wanted a "permanent" portal spell.. I think under most conditions it actually kind of is right now :)

    It's not supposed to be, but, basically- unless you're near spawn, or with another player, chances are the chunk you just portalled from will get unloaded- and then I won't be able to undo it.

    My auto-undo scheduler is not (yet) smart enough to wait for the block to reload to clean that up, so (unfortunately?) it will get left.

    Meaning, basically, if you use the portal, it will become permanent- if you don't use it, it'll disappear.
    --- merged: Feb 12, 2011 6:06 AM ---
    I've been playing for a while, having a LOT of fun!

    I'd say things work pretty great without the scaling- so now I just have to figure that out. The thing that's been annoying me the most lately is that spawn in my nether put me on the bedrock for some reason, above the nether- I'm assuming that's because (0,0,0) in my nether is a solid block of netherrak- anyone else have this issue?

    Anyway, I threw a "setspawn" in there because we need it, and called it 0.24.

    Might have homes soon, while I'm at it. Just wanted to tick a few boxes off the list before I get back to debug logging and vector math :\
    --- merged: Feb 12, 2011 9:10 AM ---
    Oh, one more thing for tonight- fairly important

    After using the "nuke" command in my nether world, I immediately noticed a lot less server lag. I don't know if you're going to have as many ghasts as I did (let me know- I'm curious!) but it certainly can't hurt anything to blow them all away every once in a while.
    --- merged: Feb 12, 2011 10:09 AM ---
    Ok, TODO: some easy way to disable a portal. This can be permissions-based.

    I know you can destroy a frame block, but my world is now littered with frameless portals... it'd be nice to have an easy way to get rid of them (fireball sorta works...). I'm thinking just tapping it with a certain item?
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    Does that mean I should Follow the guide to get bukkit started again? bukkit works for me normally without this plugin. I don't click on the minecraft_server thing or whatever.
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    It's kinda buggy...I made a portal in my main world, and it took me to the center of a giant lake of lava with a tiny little platform of obsidian supporting me, and a frameless portal to get back. I'm pretty sure in SSP, he has some kind of algorithm to not leave you stranded like that (or maybe not, and I've just been lucky so far). When I took the portal back, it didn't take me back to my original portal that I had created by hand. Instead, it created a new portal in my main world, at what appeared to be the same X,Y position, but Z was greatly changed. My original portal was deep underground, but it created a new one above ground. When I went into that new portal, it took me back to nether again...but about 3 blocks away from the previous portal. So now I had two auto-created portals in nether right next to each other. When I went into the second auto-created portal in nether...it took me yet somewhere else in my main world. Some underground cave I hadn't explored, and was immediately attacked by zombies and stuff, so I jumped back into the portal. It took me back to nether, but it killed me instantly. I have a "heroicdeath" plugin installed, and it claimed I died from falling to my death :(

    I'm just hoping for a plugin that duplicates nether portals 1:1 as how notch implemented them in single player. Yours is the closest so far, I'm just hoping you can iron out the bugs. Your spells and wands plugins look nice, but it's not what I'm interested in, so I hope you make nethergate usable without them.

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    This is no help as I followed bukkits FAQ guides to start my server and it ran fine ever since. Then one day a bunch of my plugins stopped working when I updated them.
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    Did you also update bukkit/craftbukkit ? Because some plugins depends on newer Versions of bukkit.

    I'm currently testing nether gate on my test server and I have the following problem.

    Bukkit v.139 craftbukkit v314
    2011-02-12 14:02:40 [INFO] NetherGate version 0.24 is enabled
    2011-02-12 14:02:40 [INFO] Persistence version 0.36 is enabled
    But when I insert /nether create world nether -> It says use /phelp nether for help and after using that I get a "Plugin nether not found"

    I'm wondering whats wrong.
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    Hmm .... maybe Permissions installed and didn't give yourself the nodes for using the nether commands?

    The tiny Obsidian Platform is a feature .... otherwise you would have fallen in Lava ;)
    But don't know what happens in SP, didn't played much SP.

    And yea the thing with the Auto-Created Portals is that they stay for now .... a little bit annoying but i think Nathan is working on a solution for that. And for the rest, I don't know, maybe still some bugs with the Algorithms for exact transportation or something like that.

    The frameless portal is pretty cool .... I really like it ..... but maybe we need sort of timeout or something like that.

    That could work great, yea, hope you'll get it to work ... now I have a Portal on the Obsidian Platform in my "ohmygodimburning" pool ^^

    Maybe .... a spell for the Spell users, and for those who don't use it ... hmm ... maybe ... is it possible to make it out with a Flint & Steel? Because everyone who traveled by portal should have one of those with him. ;)
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    Nope permissions isn't installed the only plugins where NetherGate and Persistence
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    This plugin seems really great :D

    I'm wondering though, right now I'm using WarpGate... I've got alot of portals connected to each other in my server, and I'm pretty sure that when I use NetherGate they are all going to lead to the Nether :/ Is it somehow possible for me to combine these two mods? I don't want to break all the portals in my server, but I'd LOVE to be able to create a single portal that goes to another world still :)

    I hope I made sense :p
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    Yeah, I don't think so, but I could be wrong... :)

    Actually, other than the frameless portal and the lack of portal tracking (meaning you'll get portals auto-creating on top of each other or nearer to each other than they should some times), this is starting to be a lot like single player, I'm happy to say.

    The platform is what Notch does if you auto-portal onto lava or water (or air- which I've had happen to me a few times in SP, I ended up on a really high-up floating platform (in the normal world).. really don't know how or why that happened, so clearly I don'y fully understand Notchs' logic ;))

    Anywho, otherwise I'm fairly sure it's just a straight-up distance mapping algorithm, and then a find highest/lowest safe place to stand (depending on nether/normal- I don't do this, exactly). His algorithm is probably even documented somewhere, I should really go check...

    This is basically the kind of thing that's going to happen until I start tracking portals. Should be soon now- but stable fast travel is my top my priority.

    Workin' on it ;) This little guy's only about a week old, so he's just learning to walk, as a "friend" of mine from this thread would say.... I think it'll get there. I want the same thing you do :)
    --- merged: Feb 12, 2011 2:21 PM ---
    Hey there- in the screeshot you posted, you're running "minecraft_server.jar". Unless you did something weird like rename it, that's the vanilla minecraft server. You need to run the crafbukkit jar.

    I can see the command-line you're typing :) There's no clicking involved.
    --- merged: Feb 12, 2011 2:23 PM ---
    Ok, check the most recent update if you're a Spells user- couldn't get though all these before my daughter started fussing at me :) I'll get back to the rest of you later....
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    Arh, put auto portal as a toggable option. I'm now stuck falling from world to world. :(

    and the (null) always kills me on travel :p

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