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    NetherGate - A plugin that uses multi-world to create a completely automatic Nether experience.

    If you're using Essnetials, go no further.

    Essentials breaks NetherGate in strange and frustrating ways, I'm not going to support it anymore. I'll try and get this resolved by NG beta, at which point I'll remove this message.


    To use NetherGate, drop the required jars in your plugins folder.

    Then you can create and light a portal to travel to the nether!

    Grab elBukkit.zip to get all of my plugins- take out the ones you don't want.

    For more details on NetherGate, or for individual jar downloads, see the NetherGate entry on bukkit's wiki.

    Tip Jar
    If you really love my stuff, and you're feeling generous, I'd more than appreciate a donation.

    Go here if you're interested!

    View changelog on github
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    I got this error:

    Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/bukkit/util/BlockVector
    at com.elmakers.mine.bukkit.plugins.nether.NetherGatePlugin.<init>(Nethe
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    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/bukkit/util/BlockVector
    The topic title will always have the version of Bukkit I'm testing with- that doesn't mean you have to be at least at that version, but it's a good place to start if it's outright crashing on you.

    BlockVector was added about a week ago, before multi-world support- so you're pretty out of date :)

    Also, feel free to edit that down now that I've got the important bit out ;)
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    Um... can you point out a link for me then ( Please? With a cherry? And Pie? )
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    hmm, strange, I installed all updates to the server and plugins. Running Essentials, NetherGate, and Persistance. But when I walk into a portal I just go right through, nothing. I did delete the db in the persistance folder but can't think of what else to do.
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    What version does it report in your server log? Should be 0.16, now.
    --- merged: Feb 9, 2011 11:47 PM ---
    Sure- here's a direct link to the zip :)
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    Well, I downloaded the zip fresh from the OP but it looks like it says 0.15, though it turns out my computer was lagging as I'm testing on a private server and I didn't stand in it long enough... I think, I complete erased everything and started fresh so I dunno.
    But the distance travel definitely works. :D

    Edit: Actually I may be crazy, spawn in normal was not center on 0, 0.
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    I'm not so confident in it, but it's WIP ;)

    That's possible, if you've moved your spawn point... Try this:

    /persist list global.world.World1
    Or whatever your worldname is on the end (see "/persist list global.world" for a list of your worlds).

    And then you can see :)

    Mine reports a non-origin value for spawn- but again, I moved it. I'll check on my dev server when I get a chance, it's got a default spawn (and a map I don't mind deleting, for that matter...)
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    I know we both think the other person is going crazy, but I can download (and have 7 times) from that direct link, and from the Original Post, and it's still .15... there must be something strange going on with however it's being uploaded, or how the link is updated...but that is for sure .15 on my end.
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    Uhm, and FYI, the zip file in the OP is still handing out version 0.15 of NetherGate.

    Edit: Or what theLephty said, posted that as I was posting this.
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    .16 download link

    this 007 version seems to be .16...

    but it still causes much death, mostly by suffocation now, haven't fallen to death yet :)

    going in the left or right side of the portal in the real world, can put you in what seems to be a completely new spot in the nether. Which makes a bit of sense, if it's searching for a vertical place for you to spawn, the left side of the portal might put you down in a cave against the wall, while the right side of the portal can't put you in the wall, so it put you a few floors up in some other cave.

    also, travel in the nether, then portal back to the real seems to be 1 to 1... Is it possible the worlds are reversed? That would better explain the sensitivity of the left and right side of the portal from real to nether, where as if the nether were the x16 travel world, that behavior would make more sense when exiting the nether.
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    Hm ... I just tried it, when I just want to /nether go, then this occurs:

    "[SEVERE] Error invoking callback 'onGo"

    same thing for /cast phase ... oddly ... because i'm pretty sure it worked before.

    But when I provide a name, in this case world or nether (the names of my main world and my nether world) the 2 commands work .... I will try it out later if it somehow works with normal portals.

    Strange things happening here :S ^^
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    True, but the "main" link (just elBukkit.zip) should also be 0.16 - that'll always be the must current version. The other ones are just there in case I need to rollback (like I needed to last night...).

    Doh! Hoping to get some time to play with this tonight, after dinner. :D

    Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt :) It certainly could also mean something really screwy is going on with the location mapping, though.

    I plan to use spells to terraform (and make safe as possible...) a large Nether area around spawn so I can really do some science in there.

    Yeah- I keep switching those around, they seem backwards no matter what I do! Which is really weird.... there's definitely still something up with the logic/math. It always feels like my normal world is the fast-travel world, though, for some reason. :\

    As a general update, if I can get the distance-mapping working well enough to feel semi-permanent, I'm hoping to throw some extra Permission nodes in and make the gates auto-create on the other side.

    I've decided to go ahead and do that before tracking the portals, since people want it and if there's a permission node for it, you can always turn it off. If you turn it off for everyone, yourself included, you can still use "su" to turn it on (just for you)- that's not just for commands, it's for all permissions.

    So, I think that will work nicely. I still want to track portals, (especially since I've already done all the hard work of creating the data structure!) but I'll feel a lot less pressure to do so if I can call NetherGate reasonably feature-complete ;)

    Portal-tracking will open up a world of really cool possibilities, but that can all be post-one-post-oh.
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    So a few things, tested with some of my friends (three to be exact) and we found some strange things.
    1st, two of us went in to the Nether and took a few steps and built a portal back (testing scaling). He was sent back where the portal would be on a 1 to 1 scale, both spawn axis were 0, 0. I on the other hand were thrown out to -235 , -115, it only happened once and it was weird.

    Then we noticed that to each other the other was "disconnected" and couldn't see each other. We'd type /list and it'd display three names. For him, I wasn't there and for me he wasn't there. The other two went through the portals and they were just fine, we could both see them but they couldn't see us.

    After all that someone noticed that they could hear the noises of the Nether and see explosions as a couple of us were tooling around in the Nether in the same general area as them.

    Any clues as to what could've caused all this?
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    Thanks for the diligent testing! :) I'm about to go play around for a bit and see if I can get things working right.

    I've had similar things happen to me on my server occasionally, pre-multi-world. Usually, when one of us disconnects and logs back in it fixes itself- but I'll try to keep an eye out for any new behavior. I don't get a chance to test with multiple people often.

    I've also had occasions where a player died, respawned, and then couldn't see their items. I could see them, and they could pick them up, but couldn't see them.

    This was all pre-multi-world, so I think there are just still some flaky things about, in general.

    This last bit, I've heard is some sort of multi-world bug, internal to Bukkit. I haven't been watching the commits to see if it's been worked on or fixed.... I also don't get to play with my sound on much! :\
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    Not a problem, I'll be glad to test as much as need be. :)

    I know what you're talking about, but no, this is entirely different. For each other the server actually thought we were disconnected. I'd type "/tp <player>" and it'd reply back with "Player not found". I made sure I typed it right, he was absolutely gone to me, other than I could see changes to the world made by him. Hope that clarifies what I mean.

    Okay, guess it's up to Bukkit on that, but oh well, it's a minor bug that's odd.
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    Oh! Well, that sounds different, then :)

    I haven't experienced that... I imagine we'll have to expect some shaky behavior from multi-world in the first few weeks. It's totally worth it, though! :D
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    Yeah, in the text box you have me using /list before he walks through in the portal in the nether, and then after he walks through.
    It doesn't even say he disconnects.
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    Using CB 297, NetherGate 0.16 and Persistence 0.32, and an empty /persistence/ folder I was able to make it work with no other plugins installed. Started added plugins back in one by one and found that Essentials b156 breaks nethergate functionality (no errors, but walking thru gates does nothing). Will try updating Essentials to fix.

    edit: updating essesntials helped. portals work now.

    1. portal created in nether suddenly went dark. portal purply stuff in the middle disappeared after i attempted going thru it.
    2. severe lag while in nether. commands take minutes to respond (if they do at all)..and i'm connecting thru localserver...
    3. no mobs in nether seem aggro. ghasts hover around me whining but dont seem t be attacking, same with pigmen.
    4. chats are not seen across worlds. chats within nether are seen by other players but not me (ops), even my own. able to 'chat' via watching console. correction: this is a 'sometimes' thing. rebooted server with myself and another player in nether. loaded up again and was able to chat normally.
    5. /nether go only seems to work one way. going into nether works but not coming out.
    6. using /spawn thru essentials warps me back to normal world spawnpoint. nice safety net but..
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    So awesome, +1000 internets to you good sir!
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    Weird! And... how do you take a screenshot from within minecraft?? [​IMG]
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    Hold F1 to remove the display, and press F2 to take the screenshot.
    Screenshots are saved in:

    Or you could just press the PrintScreen button, and paste it into Paint or your favorite image editor. ;)
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    Did a ghast hit it with a fireball?

    This is gonna happen, unfortunately, until I can figure out a way to turn those frickin ghasts off. I'm really very tired of them- I'm trying to test my code here, and they keep killing me!

    If this was your first time to nether, it's probably pre-creating the chunks around spawn, just like when you first started your default map... only, more complex (the nether is pretty crazy!)

    The ghasts are attacking... it's just that fireballs are invisible in multiplayer. Which makes them all the more annoying.

    Pigmen won't attack unless provoked, but then they mob you.

    Interesting- not sure how this is going to work long-term. I imagine a chat plugin will step up if needed. If nothing comes along after a long while, I can see about adding some sort of multi-world chat to NetherGate.

    Do portals work to leave the nether?

    That is very nice! /cast spawn (from Spells) does not, if you want the option to do either.
    --- merged: Feb 10, 2011 5:33 AM ---
    Dude... thanks! :D
    --- merged: Feb 10, 2011 5:34 AM ---
    Thank you very much!
    --- merged: Feb 10, 2011 5:35 AM ---
    I'm working on it, BTW- I just wanted to check in real quick. I've already found a really bad bug in findPlaceToStand- I'm hoping it'll account for a lot of what I'm seeing, and maybe the position mapping is working better than I thought- because I'll be darned if that math doesn't look right to me.
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    Np man, thanks for your awesome plugins. ^_^
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    no matter how many times i relight the portal, when i touch it it turns off. this might be a side effect of lag tho

    so far haven't died in nether to anything but suffocation. even falling from the mid-air warp-in point doesnt damage me.

    the land around the nether warp-in point does seem to be getting bombed though. craters suddenly forming etc.

    edit: ghasts are indeed fireballing me. only taking half point of damage from it tho.

    will go back and see if lag gets better. tho ive been in there a dozen times so far already

    see above about nether portals turning off on me. only way out now is /spawn edit: portals in nether now working and staying lit. guess it was just lagging badly.

    is this correct?

    W = world
    N = nether
    L = location
    P = portal

    W.P1@L1 >> N.L1
    N.P1@NL1 >> W.L2

    Is there no way to make matched portals? (if that needs more explaining let me know)
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    Hi everyone!

    0.17 Released!

    I'm pretty excited about this release. This is the first time that NetherGate has really felt very useable to me!

    I'm hoping to get to play around with it some more tomorrow, but initially I'd say my nether area is working wonderfully as a fast-travel hub, locations seemed to map like I'd suspect, and it seems to do a good job of, you know, not killing me- which is nice.

    The ghasts, on the other hand...

    Anyway, this is all just on my "dev machine" (aka my laptop)- I'm going to go push this to my public server, and play around for a while . Feel free to join me if you want, and you happen to be around right now :)

    --- merged: Feb 10, 2011 5:57 AM ---
    This really sounds like ghasts. Do you see ghasts flying around? Seriously, I'm not making them up :)

    Assuming it's not the ghasts, I'm not really sure - it seems strange that it would only happen in the nether!
    --- merged: Feb 10, 2011 6:00 AM ---
    I am going to put this out there, though- I will say that my server seems much less stable since multiworld. It often hangs on a "stop", and I'm not really sure why. I want to make sure it's not any of my plugins, but so far it only happens on my public box. It may be all that extra world data, with like 5 worlds in there now... hopefully nothing bad is happening when I control+C that sucker after getting impatient :)
    --- merged: Feb 10, 2011 6:34 AM ---
    Nice! Glad to hear it- there will be a lot of lag as it creates a new world.

    Yes. In fact, hopefully in an update tomorrow! :)
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    Sweet action, tested with four people again, still had issues with the server thinking we were disconnected, except now it does it in the Nether too. I may hop on to your public server some time and see if we can't replicate it.

    As scaling goes it seems to be doing pretty good at it, sends me really far and what not, not entirely consistent in where each portal sends you but it's close.
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    Downloaded after you stated .17 was released but on loading it still shows .16
    Nevertheless things seem to have smoothed out. Still more lag than usual at times, even when not in Nether.

    One thing I noticed on one of the portals in Nether was depending on which side you went through (left column of purple, or right), the final destination would be slightly different. Solved by covering up the undesired side.

    Waiting for matched portals!

    Oh, another lucky break is that portal warp points respect the BorderGuard world limits...well, inasmuch as that if a portal from nether to normal world causes you to land outside the boundary you'll be warped back inside without glitch.
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    Downloaded it a few seconds ago and for me it shows .17 :)

    Me too! I hate to run 2 portal plugins to get both functions :S that feels so "crap my server will crash soon!" :D

    And just now I noticed something funny .... I know not the exact thread but in Spells, your /cast phase spell, how does it work?
    I went into the Nether through a Portal, everything worked fine, then I wanted to go back throuch /cast phase and .... yea ..... I really have no idea where the spell spitted me out of the nether .... and i didn't move in there so I have no idea how that happened ^^

    Console said

    2011-02-10 12:40:45 [WARNING] Fischkopf5 moved wrongly!

    but for both times I traveled .... by portal and by spell
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    portal send me into a lava pool :(
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    CONSOLE: Jeppo has logged in.
    CONSOLE: INSERT OR REPLACE INTO "pluginCommands" ("pluginId", "commandParent", "commandTooltip", "commandEnabled", "commandCommand", "commandPermissionType", "commandPlugin", "commandPermissionNode") VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)
    CONSOLE: INSERT OR REPLACE INTO "pluginCommands" ("pluginId", "commandParent", "commandTooltip", "commandEnabled", "commandCommand", "commandPermissionType", "commandPlugin", "commandPermissionNode") VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)
    CONSOLE: INSERT OR REPLACE INTO "command" ("id", "parentId", "tooltip", "enabled", "command", "permissionType", "pluginId", "permissionNode") VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)
    CONSOLE: Persistence: Created table nether.world
    CONSOLE: Persistence: Created table nether.portal
    CraftBukkit 299
    --- merged: Feb 10, 2011 1:34 PM ---
    It doesn't make a counter-portal in the Nether?

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