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    CakePort - Cake teleport pads!
    Version: v0.5

    CakePort let's you link two cakes together, and by stepping on one it will teleport you to the other. :)
    If you have any ideas or suggestions, post 'em! Originally this was supposed to be for the server I run / play with my friends on, which is the reason why I used cakes. CakePort is my first plugin and java project so, yeah.

    • Create teleport pads out of cakes
    • Stepping on a linked cake will teleport you to the other and vice versa! (no infinite loops)
    • Select a cake by right clicking with a bone
    • Add cakes by typing "/addcake [CakeName]"
    • Link two cakes by typing "/linkcakes [CakeName1] [CakeName2]"
    • Simply destroy cakes to remove/unlink them
                - 'cakeport.link'
                - 'cakeport.add'
                - 'cakeport.remove'
                - 'cakeport.warp'
    Should default to OP with no Permissions

    Download CakePort

    Known Issues
    • Sometimes doesn't create the folder /plugins/CakePort/ so you might have to create it yourself
    • Doesn't delete cakes when using things like WorldEdit's superpickaxe
    If you find any bugs post!

    • One way teleports
    • Toll based teleporting?
    • List all CakePorts
    • Config file to use blocks other than cake?

    Version 0.5:
    • cleanup
    Version 0.4:
    • Updated
    • Added 'cakeport.warp'
    • CakePorts can't be eaten (don't disappear or heal)
    Version 0.3:
    • Updated to latest recommended build
    Version 0.2:
    • Multi-world support
    Version 0.1:
    • Initial release
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