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    CakePort - Cake teleport pads!
    Version: v0.5

    CakePort let's you link two cakes together, and by stepping on one it will teleport you to the other. :)
    If you have any ideas or suggestions, post 'em! Originally this was supposed to be for the server I run / play with my friends on, which is the reason why I used cakes. CakePort is my first plugin and java project so, yeah.

    • Create teleport pads out of cakes
    • Stepping on a linked cake will teleport you to the other and vice versa! (no infinite loops)
    • Select a cake by right clicking with a bone
    • Add cakes by typing "/addcake [CakeName]"
    • Link two cakes by typing "/linkcakes [CakeName1] [CakeName2]"
    • Simply destroy cakes to remove/unlink them
                - 'cakeport.link'
                - 'cakeport.add'
                - 'cakeport.remove'
                - 'cakeport.warp'
    Should default to OP with no Permissions

    Download CakePort

    Known Issues
    • Sometimes doesn't create the folder /plugins/CakePort/ so you might have to create it yourself
    • Doesn't delete cakes when using things like WorldEdit's superpickaxe
    If you find any bugs post!

    • One way teleports
    • Toll based teleporting?
    • List all CakePorts
    • Config file to use blocks other than cake?

    Version 0.5:
    • cleanup
    Version 0.4:
    • Updated
    • Added 'cakeport.warp'
    • CakePorts can't be eaten (don't disappear or heal)
    Version 0.3:
    • Updated to latest recommended build
    Version 0.2:
    • Multi-world support
    Version 0.1:
    • Initial release
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    Glad it's working!
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    after putting the download in the plugins folder and started the server up again but the cake port floder didnt get put in plugins floder how do i fix this or how do i create a cakeport folder PLZ HELP
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    Yes, you create a folder called CakePort in the plugins folder.
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    then wat do i do in it
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    Nothing, it should work when you start your server.
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    i wont work i dont know why plz help it says command unknown when i try to add a cake
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    Has the plugin been enabled?
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    how can u enable it
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    plz help how can i enable the plugin
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    I would like an option to turn off the 'You dont not have access to cakeport.warp" error message. I am using this to provide a one way link between worlds. in the departing world, players have permissions to use cakeport, on the destination world they do not.
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    Uh.. It should enable itself when you turn on or reload the server. It should also give you a message saying it's been enabled.

    When I get more time, I'll do this.

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    Any updates? Would love to use this with the config and other blocks :D
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    Please update to 1000. :(
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    hey can u make it only work when powered by redstone
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    I believe it still works on 1000, but I haven't been on much to test it.
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    woot ! works so well , cake is the best thing ever made and now you can use it to teleport :)
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    This mod is pretty awesome!
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    Stop the press! Cakes AND ports! heh. This is a great plugin! Getting to important places is a breeze now!
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    Glad to see you guys enjoying it!
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    i think you should make so you build a 5x5 cobblestone and in the middle cake.
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    this is exactily what i need, a pad someone steps one and will take them to a spesific location! i HATE all portals being connected and i need the port to be 1 block only! THANK YOU.

    will you be updating to 1060??

    NO, no other plugin has 1 block portal DONT CHANGE IT!

    if you want to do 5x5 you can do it anyways don't ruin the concept!

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    I think it should still work on 1060.
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    i have a bit of a problem. i can link cakes and the plugin will work great. then s shutdown the server and comeback later. still with no console errors i go back to my cake to find i cant teleport but the cake and link still exists? any ideas. i wish i could provide more problems solving info but im afraid its little. bukkit: 1060
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    I'm not sure what this could be, but I'll wait on a new RB before I decide to update and hopefully it goes away when I do.
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    Here guys i have some help, when you create a cake its not /addcake hi its /addcake [hi] add the []s.
    Thanks, sam502. Hope i helped :)
    (Fossill, add in the desc, /addcake [yourcakename] but not /addcake yourcakename
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    My cake ports arent working even though they r linked.
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    :( i think build [1317] broke cakeport v0.5 :(
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    Dont use permissions and tryed version where u dont need it and it still didnt work:(
  30. I'm going to try to update this plugin!
  31. Here is a working version. (it works for me)
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