[INACTIVE][TP] EssentialsSpawn v202 - Permissions Group-based Spawns, Multiworld Support [531]

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    As part of our effort to keep Essentials compatible with a wide range of plugins, and as a result of continued pressure from the Bukkit development community, we have opted to split Essentials into multiple sub-plugins. Most utilize the Essentials core, and require that it be present.

    EssentialsSpawn is currently in the process of perfecting Permissions-group-based spawns, so that each group can have an individual spawn location. EssentialsSpawn has solid multiworld support.

    For detailed documentation, including installation instructions, download links, and command description, please see our wiki. Special thanks goes to our support team headed by Aelux for this fantastic resource.

    For immediate installation, download the JAR directly.
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    Thank you so much! That seems somewhat complicated, Im glad someone answered or I would never have figured that out.
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    Direct link to the jar is down had to go to the wiki and download it from there.
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    Damn, i needed the essentialsSpawn plugin cause players should be spawned at an exact coordinate. But it doesnt run with #670
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    Disregard my post.
  6. This thread should probably be closed. This plugin was merged into the main essentials package some time ago.

    You can find out more about essentials by visiting the wiki page.

    You can find the most recent download links posted also on the wiki page.

    If you need any help with essentials visit our support channel on espernet in channel #essentials
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