[INACTIVE][TP] EpicGates v0.4.1 - Warp Gates - Now with per gate use restrictions! [617]

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    EpicGates v0.4.1 - Warp Gates: This plugin was created to fill the need of the old WarpGates plugin that is now dead. This plugin is very new and does not have creation features within. Its current purpose is to read the old WarpGates file and give you back similar functionality that you had with WarpGates.

    Download Current Version: EpicGates v0.4.1 (JAR)
    Older Versions 0.4, 0.3, 0.2, 0.1.1, 0.1

    Development is still early, more features will be added as time progresses.

    ***Please submit your issues and feature requests here***

    • Provide functionality similar to the old WarpGates plugin
    • Create and maintain warp gates in game.
    • Does not rely on a structure to warp you.
    • Create and maintain worlds in game.
    Gate Creation:

    Creating and managing gates in game is easy. Just follow these steps.

    Go to the area you want your gate to be. then issues this command:
    /gate create test1
    Now travel to where you want your second gate to be, then issue this command:
    /gate create test2
    Now link your gates:
    /gate link test1 test2
    /gate link test2 test1
    And you are all set.

    Allowed and Not Allowed
    You can add users or groups to the allowed and not allowed fields.

    If a gate has nobody listed in the 'allowed' field, then anybody can use it.
    Once you add at least one player or group to the 'allowed' field, then only the players that match a group or player name in the 'allowed' field may use that gate.

    If a player matches a group or player name in the 'not allowed' field, then they will not be able to use that gate. 'not allowed' will override 'allowed'

    World Creation:
    To create a new world you issue the command:
    /world create NewWorld
    You can then teleport to the new world with /world visit, this will allow you to create or move a gate to the world.

    Say you wanted to move the gate test2 from the example above, to the new world you created. you would do the following:
    /world visit NewWorld
    /gate move test2
    It's that simple, now test2 is in NewWorld.

    NOTE: Creating a world can cause significant lag while the chunks generate, you will be notified when the world is done creating with a "world created" message.

    NOTE: After creating a world, it is HIGHLY reccomended that you reload your server. A simple reload from the console will do. This will make sure all the plugins are aware of the new world.

    Permissions Explained:

    In order to create and edit worlds and gates a user must have - 'epicgates.admin'

    • Version 0.4
      • Forward Compatibility
      • Added 'allowed' and 'not allowed' functionality
    • Version 0.3
      • In-Game gate creation and editing.
      • Support for CB440+
      • In-Game world creation.
    • Version 0.2
      • Fixed some lag causing issues
      • Much more stable
      • Detects when you enter the gate better
      • Gates now have a landing site that is 1 block in the direction of the gates set direction.
      • Added a direction to the gates, any gate without a defined direction is set to N
    • Version 0.1.1
      • Fix for 2 cross linked gates.
    • Version 0.1
      • Initial Release
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    I've been running it on 617+ with no bugs to report. Then again, I haven't been using it extensively.
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    I'm running 617 as well, and my Server log says:

    [EpicGates] error starting: BLOCK_PLACED Disabling plugin
    EpicGates version 0.4 is disabled.

    I haven't added any new mods since MC 1.3 and everything was working fine, but for some reason now it's having issues. None of the gates or commands work, as the plugin is disabled.
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    Like I said, I haven't been using it extensively. I haven't placed or removed any gates so... that may be your issue. Err... the plugins issue. Guess were going to have to wait for an update.
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    I have rebuilt the plugin against the 617 build and it is working fine now. Version 0.4.1
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    Thank you :)
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    Preston Taylor

    Hi, whenever i make a new world with /world create It works. and im able to link between them etc. However, even after the console reloads, if i restart the server the world does NOT stay. The server plays as if it was never there, evne if you were standing in the world before you saved and restarted.
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    A thousand thanks, oh maker of Gates. :p
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    Well i need help ive donwloaded it, ( I use plugman ) and it says its unavailable and i try to reload it and it still dont work, can you help me ?
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    You need to provide more information than "it still dont work"
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    Hello, I was wondering if there was somewhere that explained in more detail how to set this up? I followed the directions above and was able to create a new world, but for some reasons we cannot get gates working. At first we tried gates between worlds, but when that did nothing we tried just creating tester ones not too far apart, but nothing happens when you walk on them.

    #Gate Tag|World|X|Y|Z|Target Tag

    Is what the gates.txt says. Any thoughts on what we might be doing wrong?
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    UPDATE FOR 670!!!
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    it would be great to have a /world list command to know what worlds are loaded by the server. I seem to have some issue, since on start it tells me that I have a world loaded without a name.
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    At the moment, it only spams the log with errors like "Could not pass PLAYER_MOVE to EpicGates" so I disabled this plugin. Please fix this. Thanks!
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    After every server restart the warps stop working? Any ideas?
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    hello, anyone can me help with a set epicgates commands on Permissions file?

    i tryed with epicgates.allowed or epicgates.notallowed or epicgates.link ecc but isn't work..

    only work is epicgates.admin or epicgates.*

    pls help :(
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    Hello, i have a problem.
    i have two gates, one in my creative world and one in my survival world.
    I linked them and everything worked fine, but everytime i change the worlds the inventory of the player
    doesn't change. So players can cheat items in the cretive world then go back to the survival world.
    Is there any possibility to make two inventory, one for the creative and one for the survival world?

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    Technically it is possible. But
    1. It's illogical.
    2. Not a task of this addon.
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    Try MultiInv .
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    I'm getting a most unusual error, I dont know what its due to.
    It says
    "Invalid world.
    Possible worlds are the numbers 0 through 0.
    You can also type the name of a specific world."

    It's odd, because the "gates" are working but not /world create command and not /world visit command :(
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    Oooo, 4.1? Wat is this?
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    could you make this without the plank and obsidian? I am going to make a sail ship and obsidian dosent fit on it!

    http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/tp...nd-well-working-teleportation-gate-560.10323/ does it without any placement of blocks but lack permissions...

    I really wish everyone could work together to make the perfect plugin instead of 10 different plugin that cover each others strengths and weaknesses.
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    The PC Tech Guy

    I think you can replace the wood and obsidian after gate creation... I did once with cobblestone, and it worked fine.
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    I tried that too but it only worked for the gate you end up at!
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    You can change the blocks after the gate is created.
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    worked now! =D
    is there a way to get a list of the gates?
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    /gate list

    Did you read the original post?
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    sorry, I mixed it with the other warp plugin.
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    pls #CB677 (L)
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    Preston Taylor

    For some reaosn when i do /gate addallowed gatename groupname (or username) it locks the gate completely to everybody, even the specified user and group. Help?

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