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    EpicGates v0.4.1 - Warp Gates: This plugin was created to fill the need of the old WarpGates plugin that is now dead. This plugin is very new and does not have creation features within. Its current purpose is to read the old WarpGates file and give you back similar functionality that you had with WarpGates.

    Download Current Version: EpicGates v0.4.1 (JAR)
    Older Versions 0.4, 0.3, 0.2, 0.1.1, 0.1

    Development is still early, more features will be added as time progresses.

    ***Please submit your issues and feature requests here***

    • Provide functionality similar to the old WarpGates plugin
    • Create and maintain warp gates in game.
    • Does not rely on a structure to warp you.
    • Create and maintain worlds in game.
    Gate Creation:

    Creating and managing gates in game is easy. Just follow these steps.

    Go to the area you want your gate to be. then issues this command:
    /gate create test1
    Now travel to where you want your second gate to be, then issue this command:
    /gate create test2
    Now link your gates:
    /gate link test1 test2
    /gate link test2 test1
    And you are all set.

    Allowed and Not Allowed
    You can add users or groups to the allowed and not allowed fields.

    If a gate has nobody listed in the 'allowed' field, then anybody can use it.
    Once you add at least one player or group to the 'allowed' field, then only the players that match a group or player name in the 'allowed' field may use that gate.

    If a player matches a group or player name in the 'not allowed' field, then they will not be able to use that gate. 'not allowed' will override 'allowed'

    World Creation:
    To create a new world you issue the command:
    /world create NewWorld
    You can then teleport to the new world with /world visit, this will allow you to create or move a gate to the world.

    Say you wanted to move the gate test2 from the example above, to the new world you created. you would do the following:
    /world visit NewWorld
    /gate move test2
    It's that simple, now test2 is in NewWorld.

    NOTE: Creating a world can cause significant lag while the chunks generate, you will be notified when the world is done creating with a "world created" message.

    NOTE: After creating a world, it is HIGHLY reccomended that you reload your server. A simple reload from the console will do. This will make sure all the plugins are aware of the new world.

    Permissions Explained:

    In order to create and edit worlds and gates a user must have - 'epicgates.admin'

    • Version 0.4
      • Forward Compatibility
      • Added 'allowed' and 'not allowed' functionality
    • Version 0.3
      • In-Game gate creation and editing.
      • Support for CB440+
      • In-Game world creation.
    • Version 0.2
      • Fixed some lag causing issues
      • Much more stable
      • Detects when you enter the gate better
      • Gates now have a landing site that is 1 block in the direction of the gates set direction.
      • Added a direction to the gates, any gate without a defined direction is set to N
    • Version 0.1.1
      • Fix for 2 cross linked gates.
    • Version 0.1
      • Initial Release
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    edit:found it ingame sorry!
    hi, stupid question..how do you remove gates?
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    this is working great for me. onyl "normal" nether gates do not work with this. Is there a possibility to have a gate set where all normal nether gates would point to? Can be one way or two-way
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    Update to 556 plz?
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    this plugin doesnt interfere with nethergates. you can set a gate and then build a nethergate right on top of it though, if you want (and aren't using another nethergate plugin). basically anything can be a gate, decorate it however you want. nethergates will only function as they are intended to in single player, or with the use of a plugin other than epicGates.
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    possibility to link it with iConomy? so players have to pay for use portals

    another cool features.. a random teleportation portal..
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    Could it be used to only support multiworld universe?
    There's enough plugins that offer transportation, for cost or otherwise, I only really need a reliable multiworld support without overhead.
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    Craig Willis

    I have this setup:

    1 => 2 => 3

    Stepping on one always deposits you on 3. Is it possible to make the looping configurable? I only ever want to make one jump at a time.
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    Try increasing reteleportDelay.

    Updates in near future? It does not work with GroupManager.

    2011-03-22 03:18:43 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-544-g6c6c30a-b556jnks (MC: 1.3)
    2011-03-22 03:18:50 [INFO] GroupManager - INFO - Scheduled Data Saving is set for every 10 minutes!
    2011-03-22 03:18:50 [INFO] GroupManager version 1.0(alpha-5) is enabled!
    2011-03-22 03:18:50 [INFO] [EpicGates] error starting: org.anjocaido.groupmanager.GroupManager.getPermissionHandler()Lcom/nijiko/permissions/PermissionHandler; Disabling plugin
    2011-03-22 03:18:50 [INFO] EpicGates version 0.3 is disabled.
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    Craig Willis

    Thanks for the suggestion. I did, and it made no difference, it just seemed to increase the time before I could use another gate.
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    That is the intended function.

    I'm going to be looking into making this happen a little more intuitively.
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    Craig Willis

    It would be cool to have it configurable. I'm wanting to make a gate room, using the least amount of gates possible. Currently, I need two at each location, one for coming, and one for going. All the going gates link back to a master gate in the gate room, so you always arrive at the same point.
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    I'm planning on fixing, by not auto teleporting to the linked gate, but dumping you at the next gate in line always.
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    thank you SO much... this is really epic :)
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    Ok, I've tricked it by using GroupBridge.
    But it does not work in any way other than spewing help to the console.
    What i'm doing wrong?
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    This is really neat stuff! I'm very very glad that I can make my own arbitrary structures around the warp points rather than having to rely on building something designated by the mod author! Thank you so much!

    Oh, for people it's not working for, I installed Permissions just to use this mod and was initially frustrated because it didn't seem to be working, then I realized that the config.yml file defaults to Groupmanager. I replaced it with the word Permissions and away I went!

    One goofy thing though, I always face north when exiting the warp. Is this normal? I can work around it, but it would be great if I could specify exit facing direction at warp point creation time, either through my physical orientation or via argument

    EDIT; /gate direction [tag] [direction]. Brilliant! When I get paid at the end of the month I'm going to try to donate at you!!
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    "Check yur permissions, moron" ...
    I did installed GroupManager, but I didn't added myself to admin group.
    And /world create ... does not work in server console, which is sad thing.
    The GOOD thing, however, is that I don't need this plugin once I've built a gate in each world.
    WX force world loading for every gate it find in database.
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    This Works great, i cant believe i did try this sooner. Thanks alot
    Edit: can you also add like a group restriction so like i want my mods and up to be allowed to use a certain gate?
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    would be amazing if you could make a setting so that i can specify which groups can use a gate.
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    @blaize9 @uncovery

    That feature will be in 0.4

    Version 0.4 is now out

    See the OP for info on the new Allowed and Not Allowed fields.

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    Hmm, strange. I have permissions installed and the config.yml is set correctly, but the commands are not working and adding portals manually through the config file doesn't work either. All I can give is a list of plugins I'm running:
    • Discosheep
    • EpicGates (YA'RLY)
    • Heroic Death
    • Minecart Mania
    • Permissions
    • Persistance
    • Remote Bukkit
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    To better help you, i really need to see your EpicGates config, your Gates.txt and your server startup log. Please create an issue ticket with all that information provided.
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    Submited a feature request for bosecon! I love this plugin thus far, so simple but powerful!
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    Can i enable mobs for 1 world and not the other?
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    If you use EpicZones, yes.
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    How would i do this?.

    also whats this in the config
    environment: NORMAL

    Can i change it to something else?
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    Ask in appropriate thread, if you want to get a responce.

    It's a general world environment. Currently available - "NORMAL" (terrestrial-kind of world) and NETHER (the charred, ravaged husk of a world).

    It depends on what you mean by "change". Doubt you can change it once world is created.
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    I love EpicGates! It's the best of it's breed by far!

    I do have one modest request though, would it be possible to get a 'loop' command?

    Currently if I have Gate1 and Gate2, and want to link them both together, I have to go

    /gate link Gate1 Gate2
    /gate link Gate2 Gate1

    Would it be possible to simply use

    /gate loop Gate1 Gate2

    ? This is the only mode I've ever used, mutually linked gates. While I do sincerely appreciate the flexibility of being able to produce one-way links or a link daisy chain, I have yet to encounter a situation in my builds where either would be more appropriate than a simple loop.

    Oh, one other thing! May we specify the direction of a gate while creating it?
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    The gate direction should take into accountt he direction you are facing, but there is a bug with it currently. it should be fixed in the next release.

    /gate crosslink will be coming in that update as well.
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    Awesome! I certainly wouldn't mind it if the solution to the bug was including a cardinal point when creating the link; '/gate create Gate1 S', while omitting it would use the normal facing detection code. Either way it's not a big deal, I run with Spells + Wands and can fix up any damage a wrongly facing gate causes :)

    Hey, what happens if I try to ride a minecart through a gate? I need to give it a try (at work right now).. I use Minecart Mania and I like their teleporters, but the teleporter signs I have to use are hideous. That's the very nicest thing about EpicGates, I can make the entry and exit points as pretty as I want.
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    Is this going to be updated for 617?

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