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    EpicGates v0.4.1 - Warp Gates: This plugin was created to fill the need of the old WarpGates plugin that is now dead. This plugin is very new and does not have creation features within. Its current purpose is to read the old WarpGates file and give you back similar functionality that you had with WarpGates.

    Download Current Version: EpicGates v0.4.1 (JAR)
    Older Versions 0.4, 0.3, 0.2, 0.1.1, 0.1

    Development is still early, more features will be added as time progresses.

    ***Please submit your issues and feature requests here***

    • Provide functionality similar to the old WarpGates plugin
    • Create and maintain warp gates in game.
    • Does not rely on a structure to warp you.
    • Create and maintain worlds in game.
    Gate Creation:

    Creating and managing gates in game is easy. Just follow these steps.

    Go to the area you want your gate to be. then issues this command:
    /gate create test1
    Now travel to where you want your second gate to be, then issue this command:
    /gate create test2
    Now link your gates:
    /gate link test1 test2
    /gate link test2 test1
    And you are all set.

    Allowed and Not Allowed
    You can add users or groups to the allowed and not allowed fields.

    If a gate has nobody listed in the 'allowed' field, then anybody can use it.
    Once you add at least one player or group to the 'allowed' field, then only the players that match a group or player name in the 'allowed' field may use that gate.

    If a player matches a group or player name in the 'not allowed' field, then they will not be able to use that gate. 'not allowed' will override 'allowed'

    World Creation:
    To create a new world you issue the command:
    /world create NewWorld
    You can then teleport to the new world with /world visit, this will allow you to create or move a gate to the world.

    Say you wanted to move the gate test2 from the example above, to the new world you created. you would do the following:
    /world visit NewWorld
    /gate move test2
    It's that simple, now test2 is in NewWorld.

    NOTE: Creating a world can cause significant lag while the chunks generate, you will be notified when the world is done creating with a "world created" message.

    NOTE: After creating a world, it is HIGHLY reccomended that you reload your server. A simple reload from the console will do. This will make sure all the plugins are aware of the new world.

    Permissions Explained:

    In order to create and edit worlds and gates a user must have - 'epicgates.admin'

    • Version 0.4
      • Forward Compatibility
      • Added 'allowed' and 'not allowed' functionality
    • Version 0.3
      • In-Game gate creation and editing.
      • Support for CB440+
      • In-Game world creation.
    • Version 0.2
      • Fixed some lag causing issues
      • Much more stable
      • Detects when you enter the gate better
      • Gates now have a landing site that is 1 block in the direction of the gates set direction.
      • Added a direction to the gates, any gate without a defined direction is set to N
    • Version 0.1.1
      • Fix for 2 cross linked gates.
    • Version 0.1
      • Initial Release
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  2. Have v0.2 installed, and every time the server restarts, the X and Z coordinates of all my gates get decreased by 1
    2011-02-27 22:58:55 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-458-g557f3d2-b440jnks (MC: 1.3)
    This is my config file
    #Gate Tag|World|X|Y|Z|Target Tag
    This happens even when it is the only plugin on the server
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    The same thing happens to me man I'm about to delete this plugin
  4. Similar problem with the X and Z changing but it's random. Not all gates change and sometimes it's X, sometimes it's Z.

    [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-470-g8642b13-b452jnks (MC: 1.3)
    [INFO] EpicGates version 0.2 is enabled.

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    this has a very annoying glitch for me...it worksss but there are random invisible portals everyone in my world so u can even walk without being teleported to 500 places..here is my gates file

    #Gate Tag|World|X|Y|Z|Target Tag
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    Thank you so much for bringing this back to life!
    I would like to make a request that you not add auto gate building, or have a way to disable it when you do. I much prefer simply having gate be a area that if you enter teleports you. I like to build different looking gate platforms for each of my gates.

    I also want to keep gates like this separate from normal portals.
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    Any shot on getting in permissions 2.4?
  8. After a long fight with it, I got it actually working.
    Just noticed one thing that is pretty bad at it.
    When you set locations for the portals, you can only set coordinates like 142. Not like 142,6215 to define the location you really want for it.

    But its still 0.2, so I don't expect for it to be 100% working.
    Just hoping you will keep on developing it. :)
  9. I stopped my portal wandering behaviours by setting gates.txt as read-only. It complains in the console on startup, but portals now all work fine and most importantly, they stay put!
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  10. i'm srry i nevver build a gate and this is my first gate plugin so can you gays maybe help me please
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    Well I finally made it happy and now I have gates!

    It seems to "Activate" the gate you must stand on the marker plate and jump. My marker plates are obsidian blocks. I found that I can stand on my marker plate all day and nothing happens, but when I jump I am taken away in mid-air.

    I like the "Jump bit to actually activate the gate" - is it something I am doing different, or is this the way it's supposed to work?

    I use the exact integer coordinates given by F3
  12. When it says Y:62.6.... you should actually put 61 in the config file, as the Y coordinate in game is that of your eyes, which is 1.6 above the actual floor. put 61 in instead of 62.6... and it will teleport as soon as you walk into it!
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    I'd like to start using this mod, but I dont want/need permissions. If i dont have permissions installed, will that just allow everyone to use portals? Or does not having permissions just break the mod?
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    hoping to see this plugin's development progress continue. the "stargate" type effect is really cool (and i don't want a monstrous gate like the actual stargate plugin - no offense to that otherwise awesome-looking plugin though). warpgates was so cool, sad to see it gone.
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    It did not work for me until I loaded permissions. But then I just granted default group the epicgate.use
    --- merged: Mar 1, 2011 11:05 PM ---
    Well good -it's acting acording to its design and I like it that way... no surprise teleports, you have to do something to "Energize"
  16. That is actually a pretty good idea. I might well jump on this aswell!

    Edit: Ha, I just read that back. Pun wasn't intended!
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    lol, jump on it, I see what you did there :^)
    --- merged: Mar 1, 2011 11:29 PM ---
    You know what would be really nice, but I don't know how easy to implement?

    Some way to re-read gates.txt so I don't have to bounce my server to setup a gate-pair.
  18. Something like /reloadeg (taking a cue from /reloadez from EpicZones)
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    Perfect (If it does what it looks like it does)
  20. Here's happily waiting for an update with that command, and also to stop my gates wandering off!
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    A question about 'gates.txt' formatting - can stuff have spaces? leading zeros?
    so field can line up? am I too 'neatnick'?

    #gatename |world| x | y | z | gatename | direction
    agatename,world, 0375,056,-0234, nogate,n
    nogate,world, 0005,015,-1234, agatename,n

    Not to change anything if not.
  22. I just tried it on a test server. Having one or multiple spaces doesn't affect the portals working. Even with none or lots of spaces, they still link up just fine here. And leading zeros also have no effect on them functioning [​IMG]
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    Version 0.3
    Several bug fixes (including one that caused gates to slowly move on every server reload)
    Added in game zone creation
    Added in game world creation
    Support for CB 440
    Lots of other stuff

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    The PC Tech Guy

    Nice, do you mind updating the post and download link? ;)
    For the rest of you wondering why you are getting .2 version, here is the link to the .3 version: http://team-eso.googlecode.com/files/EpicGates_0_3.zip
    (change 2 to 3)
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    Ah, oops. It's been fixed!

    You can add an existing world, and nether worlds with the /world create command.

    To make a nether world just do
    /world create <worldname> nether
    If you issue the command with a pre-existing world, just make sure the type is the same (nether or normal) and it will link up to it, rather than creating a new world.

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    Since the Essential plugin also supports the /world command, are there any conflicts?
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    As long as essentials properly handles commands, you should be able to work around with the following syntax
    /epicgates world
    /essentials world
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    @jblaske thank you for updating this. very excited to create a "warp house" (mario anyone?) =) [​IMG]
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    How did you solve it? It also just give me info on how to use command...

    EDIT: nvm solved too :p
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    I'm just testing this with essentials , it seems to work fine. The one question I have is when I create a portal, all I get is a switch plus a block of obsidian. There's no visuals or actual gate that gets created?
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    Awesome mod I love it. However, once I'm in the hellworld for a visit, I can't use your epicgates commands at all. So I cannot move test2. Any idea?

    edit: Yet again I solved it myself :p

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