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    EpicGates v0.4.1 - Warp Gates: This plugin was created to fill the need of the old WarpGates plugin that is now dead. This plugin is very new and does not have creation features within. Its current purpose is to read the old WarpGates file and give you back similar functionality that you had with WarpGates.

    Download Current Version: EpicGates v0.4.1 (JAR)
    Older Versions 0.4, 0.3, 0.2, 0.1.1, 0.1

    Development is still early, more features will be added as time progresses.

    ***Please submit your issues and feature requests here***

    • Provide functionality similar to the old WarpGates plugin
    • Create and maintain warp gates in game.
    • Does not rely on a structure to warp you.
    • Create and maintain worlds in game.
    Gate Creation:

    Creating and managing gates in game is easy. Just follow these steps.

    Go to the area you want your gate to be. then issues this command:
    /gate create test1
    Now travel to where you want your second gate to be, then issue this command:
    /gate create test2
    Now link your gates:
    /gate link test1 test2
    /gate link test2 test1
    And you are all set.

    Allowed and Not Allowed
    You can add users or groups to the allowed and not allowed fields.

    If a gate has nobody listed in the 'allowed' field, then anybody can use it.
    Once you add at least one player or group to the 'allowed' field, then only the players that match a group or player name in the 'allowed' field may use that gate.

    If a player matches a group or player name in the 'not allowed' field, then they will not be able to use that gate. 'not allowed' will override 'allowed'

    World Creation:
    To create a new world you issue the command:
    /world create NewWorld
    You can then teleport to the new world with /world visit, this will allow you to create or move a gate to the world.

    Say you wanted to move the gate test2 from the example above, to the new world you created. you would do the following:
    /world visit NewWorld
    /gate move test2
    It's that simple, now test2 is in NewWorld.

    NOTE: Creating a world can cause significant lag while the chunks generate, you will be notified when the world is done creating with a "world created" message.

    NOTE: After creating a world, it is HIGHLY reccomended that you reload your server. A simple reload from the console will do. This will make sure all the plugins are aware of the new world.

    Permissions Explained:

    In order to create and edit worlds and gates a user must have - 'epicgates.admin'

    • Version 0.4
      • Forward Compatibility
      • Added 'allowed' and 'not allowed' functionality
    • Version 0.3
      • In-Game gate creation and editing.
      • Support for CB440+
      • In-Game world creation.
    • Version 0.2
      • Fixed some lag causing issues
      • Much more stable
      • Detects when you enter the gate better
      • Gates now have a landing site that is 1 block in the direction of the gates set direction.
      • Added a direction to the gates, any gate without a defined direction is set to N
    • Version 0.1.1
      • Fix for 2 cross linked gates.
    • Version 0.1
      • Initial Release
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    Downloading and testing :)
    --- merged: Feb 25, 2011 7:45 AM ---
    Couldn't get it to work. Copied the data from gates.db into gates.txt. When I walk over the portal trigger it just makes my character do the little loading bounce, but doesn't actually port anywhere.
  3. Great, I will bring this up for my server. I need something to replace those WarpGates.
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    Does your destination also link back to the source gate? It might be auto linking and porting you back and forth till the loop limit is up. To fix this I can make the loop limit odd.
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    @jblaske yep, by gates link to each other.
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  7. It seems like when I took the stuff from gates.db to gates.txt, I forgot to either then save it or something, so I don't have anymore any portal details.
    Isn't there any way to create those manually or something?
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    Yeah, you can create them manually, the file layout that EpicGates prefers is this:

  9. So I did something like this.

    But it doesn't work for some reason. I haven't actually restarted the server after doing that, just used the /plugin reload EpicGates which came with the Essentials plugin.
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    Try slapping a couple commas on the end like this:
    If that doessn't work try this format, as I have yet to thuroluly test the read in for the new layout.
    Ok, version 0.2 is ready to go. Its a lot more stable than it was. and shouldn't cause nearly as much lag as it had been. yay efficiency.

    Be sure to backup your gates.txt file before loading, because it could potentially whipe if there is an error in your file.

    Added a direction to the gate's properties, this tells the plugin where to offload somebody after they teleport, rather than setting them down right back on a new trigger point.

    Added a configurable delay before somebody may teleport again with gates. the delay is in seconds.
    • Version 0.2
      • Fixed some lag causing issues
      • Much more stable
      • Detects when you enter the gate better
      • Gates now have a landing site that is 1 block in the direction of the gates set direction.
      • Added a direction to the gates, any gate without a defined direction is set to N

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    Good efforts so far bud. Most of my gates are working, but a few will place me inside a wall (guessing this is just direction when I pop out, haven't configured them just transferred from warpgate.db).
    And 1 or 2 others after they teleport me, while the chunks are loading I'll either fall through the world and die, or ill start to fall hit a ledge and then when chunks load I'll die.
    Just a heads up, cheers again, was missing all my warp gates.
  12. For some reason, I still don't get it working.
    I tried downloading the 0.2 to find out if that would fix it, but did not.

    Heres currently what my gates.txt has.

    But that does absolutely nothing. Can the problem then be that the coordinates for newhaven are actually
    x: 427,64
    y: 77,62
    z: 78,30

    EDIT: Or is the WorldName supposed to be world or nether? Depending on its type?
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    I think your problem is the xyz you are using. Go stand in the location that the warp gate is supposed to trigger
    Then press f3 and take note of what tour xyz is. That should be the values that you want to put in the gates file.
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  14. Thats excatly how I did it before. I will try and redo the locations by taking new coordinates.
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    I too am having problems with version 0.2

    Here is my gates.txt file:
    #Gate Tag|World|X|Y|Z|Target Tag

    Those coordinates are directly read from the heads up display F3.

    No errors when I try to use the gate, and EpicGate acknowleges the gates at load time.

    This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-450-gd3c1ba4-b432jnks (MC: 1.3)
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    I just tested your file out on 440jnks and it worked flawlessly.
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    Were you able to transport from one place to the other?

    When I step into [-106, 67, -107] nothing happens. (I placed a plank into the ground at that place and took the reading while standing on the plank) - the other place is a short walk away and going there or standing there does nothing. Do I need to create an obsidian monolith? Do I need to stand still for a moment? (I walked around)

    Do I need to update craftbukkit again?
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    I just walked over the point and it teleported me to the other, back and forth. I was able to reproduce it many times.

    Try digging down one block below where you are currently testing?
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    Dug down 1, stacked 2 blocks (One level with surface at the coordinates given, one above) verified coordinates (I did have an error - but it's fixed now) stood in the hole, stood on the stack, did not transport stayed there.

    I don't have to be at the exact coordinates right? If the gates.txt says 50,52,50 I can be at 50.3454, 52, 50.98543. When you check you integer everything..

    I am only running one other plugin - Gastronomic - could it be the problem?

    Removed Gastronomic.jar - still no transport, EpicGates is the only mod - If I don't have permissions loaded would that break it?

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    Would you mind PMing me your servers address?
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    i dont get this if i cant make ingame gates how do i make the gates then?
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    I am using a server local to my linux box, which is not punched out through the firewall.
    um - Any other way we can securely get in contact? I don't want to broadcast my phone number or email address..
    --- merged: Feb 26, 2011 9:46 PM ---
    Ok, adjusted the firewall - try
    --- merged: Feb 26, 2011 10:08 PM ---
    Sorry - I didn't want to leave the system open for too long - Ip has changed.
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    Darren Farr

    i cannot get this to work either

    please feel free to come to my server and do some testing with me jblaske

    i used the same method f3 ect

    its set as

    #Gate Tag|World|X|Y|Z|Target Tag


    ok i got it to work but it teleported me to a randomly genarated nether! lol

    i take it thats what the "N" is on the last flag

    i changed them both to w for what i assume was World but to no avail,

    #Gate Tag|World|X|Y|Z|Target Tag

    thats what it is now set as

    "if you need a server to beta this on jblaske let me know"


    [3star] dazzas servers


    anyone who is intrested come see our beautifull city !
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    can you please do some instructions or tell how it works? i have nerver used warp before so i dont know the functions
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    i do not get this make some good instructions plz
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    Well, speaking for version 0.1.1 (I assume, v0.2 as well):
    • Place the jar in the plugins folder
    • Create a /plugins/EpicGates folder and put gates.txt in it.
    • One gate is placed on each line in that file, referencing the gate it connects to.
    • The confusion and testing that is going on in the above posts is getting the configuration of those lines set up correctly.
    Thank you jblaske for picking up the torch here, it is much appreciated!
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    why dont just make instructions?
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    mate this is brilliant, instead of making a step by step tutorial on how to copy and paste some text for the tardicators, just you whack away at the /wg create bit.

    really appreciate the effort in getting this working again mate cheers.
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    Awesome, many thanks for this.

    I've been migrating all our old gates, mostly going fine, but was wondering about the positioning of the gate relative to the point specified. A gate is 4 blocks wide, with two active blocks in the middle. Which block should I use in the gates.txt?

    In WarpGate mod if you created a gate facing south or east then you'd be in the right hand of the two blocks as you faced the gate direction, and inverse for the other two directions. Does that still hold?

    Anyway, many thanks for picking up the reins here.
  30. I think I know the problem I am having. Not quite sure if it is this, but I don't think it can be anything else.
    I moved from using Permissions to GroupManager with the FakePermissions.
    Is there anyway to get this working with those, or do I need to move back to Permissions to get this working?

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