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    EasyTravel [Version 1.3]

    EasyTravel is a region based teleport system, used for creating realistic transport system by using teleports, like with boats, ships and trains.

    Usage Example Video:
    Video on YouTube

    • Allows teleporting to a warp point only, if you inside a TravelPort.
    • Easier and Simpler to understand than other similar tools for that kind of teleports.
    • Scheduled Departs
    • Paid teleports with iCconomy 4,5&6, Essentials Economy, MultiCurrency and BOSE. (Optional)
    • Lock TravelPorts with a password.
    • Selections done by WorldEdit wand. (Currently WE required!)
    • Supports every up to date permissions system.
    • Multiworld support.
    • Supports translating the interface.

    How To Setup (open)

    1.) Download the ZIP Archive and extract it into you Plugins folder of Bukkit.

    2.) Also Download WorldEdit (Required for Configuration!)
    2b.) If you use Permissions don't forget to set them!

    3.) You are ready to create your first TravelPort by selecting a cube with the WorldEdit //wand tool and the EasyTravel Command "/port create My First TravelPort"

    Create First Travel Route (open)

    1.) Select a cube (will be the first TravelPort) with the WorldEdit wand tool.

    2.) Enter the command: /port create XYZ123
    XYZ123 should be the name of the TravelPort. (Could contain spaces too!) (Shown to the user!)
    This creates a TravelPort with the selected area.
    Notice: If somebody travels to the port, it will arrive at the location where you are standing, when you entered the command! (You could change the position later with the /port destination command!)

    3.) Create another TravelPort with the WorldEdit wand selection and the /port create command.

    4.) Now go inside the second TravelPort and enter the command: /port link XYZ123
    This will connect the two TravelPorts. Using /depart while standing inside a TravelPort will teleports you to the linked TravelPort.

    5.) Optional: Now you could set a price or a password for the TravelPort by using one of the following commands, while standing inside the TravelPort:
    /port price 10.0 ...or another price instead of 10.0.
    /port password ABC ...or another password instead of ABC.

    Permissions (open)

    Allowed to everyone if no Permissions is detected:
    Allows the user to use the TravelPorts.

    Allowed to Operators only, if no Permissions is detected:
    Allows the user to create and manage it's own TravelPorts.
    Allows to use the "/port info" command, to get information about the TravelPort you are currently inside.
    Allows the user to list and search all existing TravelPorts.
    Allows to point the compass to the TravelPort.
    Allows to port directly to the TravelPort from everywhere. (Should only given to Mods and Admins!)
    Allows the user to manage TravelPorts they don't own.
    Allows the user to reload the configuration ingame.

    Commands (open)

    Teleports you to the target TravelPort, when you are inside a TravelPort. (Needed Permission: easytravel.depart)
    Command used for creating and managing the TravelPorts. Use /port help for more information.

    Version 1.4:
    • Support for 1.1-R5-SNAPSHOT
    Version 1.3:
    • Support for SuperPerms
    • Added Support for iConomy 6 and MulitCurrency (Requires Java 7)
    Older Changelogs (open)
    Version 1.2.1:
    • Improved way to check if user is inside a TravelPort. If EasyTravel use to much cpu, it reduce the refresh rate itself. (Prevent causing lags, when too much players online.)
    Version 1.2:
    • Added support for iConomy 5, Essentials Economy and BOSE.
    • Added support for Scheduled Departs.
    • Added notifying admins on version outdated. (optional, configurable)
    Version 1.1:
    • Added ability to only allow defined group of users.
    • Some code clean up, and speed boost.
    Version 1.0:
    • Initial Release of EasyTravel
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    I found out how to fix my problem but it was weird. I couldn't do /port link [nameIgaveit]. but when i made a test one near the other portal, it worked with the name.
    To solve it, i had to just use the number it was given in the /port list. Just if anyone else runs into this problem.
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    It's unimportant if you use the number or the name. The difference is the number is unique, the name could exist twice, and so errors could occur.
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    Thank you for quick reaction. :) I've downloaded the latest snapshot. It doesn't thorw any exceptions but still money goes nowhere. Do I need to make any changes to the configuration?
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    Hm... :/ Sure not to get any money, or only no notification?

    There should be 2 new flags in config, but the default values should be enough.
    # Flag if server should send money to owner of TravelPort.
    pay-owner: true
    # Flag if server should notify player, when earning money.
    notify-owner: false
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    Very nice plugin, makes travelling more realistic. Thanks!

    One issue though:
    Whenever I set a password and then try to depart, it throws a NullPointerException for PlayerInformation.hasPassword().
    Looking at the source it seems that neither the enteredPasswords list is initialized, nor is the addPassword() function ever used, so when hasPassword() tries to iterate over enteredPasswords it will throw the NullPointerException (since enteredPasswords has not yet been initialized).
    So I guess you just have to set an empty default value, as well as implement the functionality for users to actually enter a password. :)

    Hope this helps, keep up the good work!
    And nice, clean coding btw.

    FYI, Here's the error log:
    2011-06-12 18:10:49 [SEVERE] null
    org.bukkit.command.CommandException: Unhandled exception executing command 'depart' in plugin EasyTravel v1.2.2
        at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
        at org.bukkit.command.SimpleCommandMap.dispatch(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(
        at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.handleCommand(
        at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
        at net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.a(
        at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
        at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
        at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:105)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
        at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
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    PlayerInformation.addPassword(String) is called in DepartCommandExecutor. The problem was the missing initialization of the List with the stored passwords.

    Thanks for the detailed bug report.
    Password-Bug is fixed in the latest snapshot.
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    Just tried it and it works like a charm.
    Thank you very much! :D

    An idea:
    If it isn't too much trouble, then could you implement a command to make it possible for users to remove a password from their list? And/Or a command to clear all of their entered passwords?
    They get cleared after a server-restart, but it would be really handy for users to reset their passwords themselves. Maybe something like this:
    /port passwordlist show
    Lists all port-passwords.
    /port passwordlist remove <password>
    Removes a port-password from the list.
    /port passwordlist clear
    Removes all port-passwords from the list.
    And maybe a setting in the config file, where the admin can set the amount of user-passwords to be held by the server? It's not that important, though. Would just be a nice-to-have feature.^^

    But if you feel it would take away the ease of use then I'd understand, it was more of an idee fixe anyway.
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    The configuration would be easy to make. I wonder why I have not yet done so.

    /port passwordlist clear
    /port passwordlist remove <password>
    <= I'll will implement that.

    /port passwordlist show
    <= Do not think that's a good idea. What if the player is afk and someone goes to the computer and applies this command? The person will see all of his used passwords.
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    That's nice to hear, looking forward to it!

    Hmm, yeah you're right. I haven't thought about that.
    I wouldn't want to reset dozens of port passwords every time because of that.^^
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    "you are not allowed to begin this jurney"

    please help
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    Look at first post.
    You need "easytravel.depart" permission to use TravelPorts or the TravelPort is only allowed to a specific group (If you set so with /port allow <name>, you could reset it with /port allow EVERYBODY)
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    anyone else having issues with the ports being "forgoten"? i made a series of ports cave, jojo mine, VIP Box, and then at base home, home 2 and home 3 anyway i linked cave to home and awesome i go on one come out the other, linked jojo mine to home 2 and it worked, then VIP Box to home 3 so far so good, rebooted the server, cave-home works, home 2 "there is no destination set" (or something to that effect) so went to jojo mine and went in her porter and it just didnt move, said id arrived at jojo mine, like it was linked to itself? so i unlinked it, renamed it (just to be sure) went to home 2 (renamed that too jsut to be sure) re linked them both and it didnt work, same was happening wiht VIP Box tried unlinking, renaming linking unlinking etc, occasionally got told one is already linked to another port but it was never the one i tryed, dispite it all home - cave still worked, not getting any error messages, any ideas?
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    Has never happened to me.
    Any errors on startup/shutdown too? (Server log)

    Ideas are:
    - Do you use special chars like 'ä' or 'ß'? (EDIT: shouldn't be the problem, tested it and works for me)
    - Does MC has write permissions to the plugins/EasyTravel/ports.csv? (EDIT: Stupid idea)
    No sry... do not have any idea...
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    lol guess i broke it XD
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    Works with latest recommended build too, of course!
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    I haven't received money nor notification. I'll try with config options. :) Thank you very much anyway, your plugin is small and good.
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    I'm having the same issue.
    Every time I restart the world, all travelports are forgotten.
    There's no error message thrown, at all -- I keep watching the console.
    IT's rather frustrating though, alas...

    Ah, I slved the issue.
    It has to be manually saved (/port save) to keep the port list.
    Perhaps the automatic save is a bit buggy? Or, if not, it may be clashing with other plugins for some reason.
    (Oh, by the way! Craftbukkit 935)

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    I'll test it, but works for me with 935 too. (Wich other plugins are you using?)
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    Can you implement to TP all the players inside the region when pushing one button/lever, and all of this players teleport to the exact same position on the second region?

    My idea is:

    On my server I use StyxSpace, and I have build a spaceship on my normal world and on the space world, on the cabin of this spaceship there are buttons and levers, and i would like that people go onboard this spaceship and when one of those players press the "departure" button, all of the players that are inside the spaceship get teleported to the styxSpace spaceship on their exact same positions, so it all will be smoothly like, Instead of each one of them using the /departure command. Could this be posibble?
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    Is already on my ToDo list, but as I always develop other plugins too (and this feature is not very important too me) it's not done yet. Sry...
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    Tested with RB #1000. Works!
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    amazing plugin but /port password xyz makes an internal error uccurred while attempting to perform this command, all other commands work fine
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    already know, and fixed since a while, but I do not released a new release since the fix.. but in the history you can find an build which should fix that.
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    Our ports.csv file emptied itself. Any fix?
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    Is it possible to make it so players don't have to type anything? So when you get on board you automatically trigger warmup that's canceled if you step out of region?
    Also, can you make it so you can depart in intervals, Like every 3 minutes?
    And maybe custom messages like "Boat to fun world will depart in #minutes" broadcast nearby? Any or all would be amazing.
    I was hoping something like this existed for my server, I want to use boats to get between worlds!
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    I tried to use the /port depart every 3m and it shows up as Departure-Mode: every 0. am i typing the command wrong?
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    @MiHo any response to my previous post?
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    I recently installed iConomy 6 on my Server and got this error.

    Could you add iConomy 6 Support or make a Option to disable the check if it is installed? i am not planning on using iConomy with it.
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    Please put this in your First post.
    And btw. The interval depart is Buggy: "Nächste Abfahft um 12:00 AM. Derzeit ist es 12:07 AM!" Intervals set to 30m. Or next depart 12:10 AM, it is 4:15 AM.
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    I'll have a look at that. Can you provide more details on that? Like does it only display the wrong time, but works correct?

    Will fix that tomorrow, ASAP!

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