[INACTIVE][TP] Blue Telepads (v0.5.3) - Commandless (and multi-world!) Teleporation [766]

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    Development on this plugin has stopped.

    Blue Telepads - Simple multi-world aware commandless two way teleportation pads [733]:
    Version: v0.5.3

    Setup teleportation pads using a blue lapis block, four double slabs, a sign, and a pressure plate (per pad). Connect them by clicking on each pressure plate with redstone for commandless teleportation.

    Video Tutorial

    • You should click on the pressure plates with redstone to link telepads, not on the signs (since ~v0.3)
    • You can specify the materials for the telepad by editing the "telepad_center" and "telepad_surrounding" config options and specifying an id for those blocks (you can use 0 for anything) <- delete config.yml or just append the options to get them
    • For an unlimited distance, specify 0 as the max distance
    Permissions nodes (if enabled, not by default):


    Download | Source Code

    Usage (open)

    Step 1 - Setup two telepads; fourth line of each sign should be the name for that telepad. (Note, the direction of the sign determines which way players will land when they teleport to that telepad!)
    Step 2 - While holding redstone, click one telepad's pressure plate, then click the other one.
    Step 3 - When you step on one Telepad, you will be sent to the other!

    (Right click on a telepad sign to remove your stored location)

    Version 0.5.3
    • Sign now determines the direction you end up facing
    Changelog: (open)

    Version 0.5.3
    • Sign now determines the direction you end up facing
    Version 0.5.2
    • Added disable_teleport_message flag
    Version 0.5.1
    • Player now lands on the receiving telepad instead of in front of it, and is facing the direction he is when he leaves
    Version 0.5
    • Player now lands on the receiving telepad instead of in front of it, and is facing the direction he is when he leaves
    Version 0.5

    • Added "telepad_center" and "telepad_surrounding" config options, so users can specify the id of the block to be used. 0 = anything
    Version 0.4.1

    • Added 'disable_teleport_wait' true/false option in config.yml; this will disable the 'preparing to send you to' wait time when you step on the telepad.
    Version 0.4

    • Bug fixes here and there
    • Fixed issue with long range telepads not linking
    • You can now reset a telepad for re-linking by breaking the pressure plate on top of it, then clicking on the lapis block with redstone. Then you can relink it!
    Version 0.3.2

    • Fixed a few NPE, also added right clicking on telepads removes the stored location
    Version 0.3.1

    • Changed name line on telepad signs to the 4th line
    Version 0.3

    • Removed water effect, still working multi-world functionality, changed storage method for signs (for multiworld primarily), added permissions/op only support, added max_distance, added config file.
    Version 0.2

    • Added timeout between ports, switched to sync instead of async events
    Version 0.1

    • Initial update

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    You mean more than the one that's in usage?
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    An ingame picture would be nice. It sounds confusing on how it seems like sign is under the telepads.
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    Thanks alot man, works great. I'll play around with it more, as i'm trying to make a whole transit system type deal.
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    please i dont understand how the teleporter looks could someone please show a ingame picture
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    Very neat idea! A nice alternative to the other portal plugins.
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    Don Andi

    Could you make it so that if you hold a specific Item and left-right click somewhere it places a portal there?(like in Portal)
    I think this should be possible.
    Also, could you maybe make it at least configurable how the portal has to look like?

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    I am having a weird glitch, when it teleports me my screen goes a strange dark green pixelated mess
    and I can't move. When I disconnect/recconect, I appear on the highest block above my exit port,
    (I built test portals into a cliff) is there a set clearance space you need above the tp more than the
    necessary 2 block doorway layout?

    Im on CB #714, using your version #705
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    I think someone already did that; but you'd have to search

    It should be sitting you just a few blocks above the lapis block one block north, you might try opening the clearance a bit, it could be something with how teleport works.

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    Just a quick question: Do these work as public teleporters, once built, or do they recognize their owners?
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    Running CB714, users are complaining that standing on the pad waiting for teleport will cause them to be spammed by the telepad. They said it was hundreds of messages, enough to wipe anything off chat instantly.
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    Is there an effective range on these things besides the one set in the config?

    I upped it to 800 but I experimented and I can only get them to link at a range of 450 or so, after that when you click the second sign with the redstone nothing happens.
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    In theory it shouldn't, but I've been playing with it this morning, and it seems that when you get far enough away from the block, it reports the first selected block as air instead of a lapis block which makes the plugin think you didn't set an initial block.

    I'll see what I can come up with.

    I wasn't able to duplicate this using a test server with 714, maybe if you could share some logs or what specifically caused it? Also, it could be a conflict with another plugin, what plugins do you use?

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    Plugins: mcbans, BlueTelePads, Towny, EssentialsSpawn, Essentials, VirtualChest, Sortal, iConomy, RealShop, SimpleAutoReply, BukkitVote, ScheduledAnnouncer, SecretDoors, ecoCreature, iConomyChestShop, mcMMO, dynmap, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, ShelfSpeak, LocalShops, LWC, HeroicDeath, Permissions, GroupManager, Permissions, antixraycmd, WeatherMan

    It seems it only happens for players, I haven't had it happen to me specifically though. Nothing about it in console logs or anything. They really are complaining about it so thanks for the quick response.

    EDIT: If you could be so kind, as a temporary fix, can you give me a version with disabled messages? I've educated the players on how the warp gates work in a newbie tutorial, they dont need the verbosity.
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    You can try the updated version (0.4, linked in the first post); see if that doesn't fix it. I'm wary about just disabling the message as it queues a scheduled event to teleport them every time that message shows, so it would be better to fix it, rather than disable it. Let me know if this new version still shows it, meanwhile I'll work on a fix for it.
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    It seems like my users are still having the issue. I've never seen it myself, but I had hordes of people mentioning it last night, and just now. I'm sticking with this plugin even if it has a few issues (or other plugins dont play well with it) because it's definitely a great idea.
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    Well, without a proper fix for the issue, I've added an option you can plug into your config file (or just delete it and it will be recreated):
    disable_teleport_wait: true

    That will set it to instantly teleport people who step on the pad, this is a safer way to ensure whatever is setting off the spam shouldn't bother anyone.
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    It seems making portals is now broken with the new version, although the portal spam is fixed by the teleport wait disabling :]
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    Are you clicking the pressure plate or the sign to set them up? In the newer versions you need to click the pressure plate.

    This is mostly because I (and everyone else on my server) got sick of digging them up to change things.
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    Excellent, an awesome upgrade that I missed due to lazy. Thanks for all your help. While I have your ear, what determines the direction the player is facing after using a warp?
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    Well, North. Heh; I never got around to setting it up for anything else; I couldn't think up a quick and easy way to decide which direction to use, so I just used North as a placeholder. I kind of forgot all about it.

    I suppose it could be the direction you moved in, or the direction you were facing, hrm.
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    how can you set it up to teleport you between to worlds
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    I've got a good suggestion. The config will have a line saying portalexitdirection: and you can either say 1 for facing sign or 0 for away from sign. Then it'll obviously consider the way the sign on the exit portal is facing. It'd be nice if it'd do this per transaction if that wouldnt lag anything, because then we can use a sign rotating mod and change directions without having to relink.
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    Well, to be honest I haven't tested it yet; but it should work just like the same world portals. I'll see if I can dig up a multiworld plugin and try them out.

    *edit* After playing with it, it seems fully functional. Give 'er a whirl.
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    Can you add a config for the block that is used for the center. (I'd like to use diamond Blocks, so that I can let anyone make them, but at a high price). If you don't want to do this, I guess I could just rewrite it for myself.
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    I'll take a look at this tonight; might add one option for the center, and one for the sides. (the latter with an option to allow any block)

    I'll miss the blue-ness myself; but I'm sure others want to be able to pick their block types.
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    Yes this teleporting plug-in is really stylish:cool:
    Maybe you can make a blue 2x2x2 room, with double iron doors. So it looks like a magic elevator
    (Just a suggestion, not a request, I have a survival server atm so I can't use this plugin now :( )
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    Would you perhaps add iConomy support, so you have to pay, for example, 10 coins per teleportation?
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    Thanks to your avatar I read that in John Cleese's voice; nicely done.

    You think the money should go somewhere, or just poof? If the latter, it could just be a config option, if you want it to go into someone's account, that might be possible too, by using the first line of the sign to store the owner's name.

    Then again, it would be a pain for people who don't -know- they are going to be charged that money, heh.
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    2011-04-25_23.23.20.png 2011-04-25_23.24.12.png
    No text neccesairy here :p
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    Hi whenever i use these i stand on them and it says preparing to send you to (the location) but nothing happens. I once waited 5mins.

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