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    Version: v10.0

    (7-10-2011) - Please see the latest branch of OwnBlocks, called OwnBlocksX. It is recommended you use OwnBlocksX now.

    OwnBlocks keeps track of placed blocks, and who placed them. Players are not allowed to break blocks placed by other players. Note however, that indirect breaking may still occur (i.e. fire, tnt).

    • Blocks you place cannot be broken by others
    • Persistence; Server remembers who owns what blocks after a restart or "reload"
    • Toggleability! Use /ownblocks or /ob to toggle OwnBlocks on and off
    • Ability to exclude certain blocks from being protected
    • Support for Permissions AND non-Permissions servers
    • Auto-saving intervals for database protection
    • Add (pre-placed) blocks to the database manually
    Download OwnBlocks v10.0

    please note - If you are using iConomy, only version 4.6 is currently supported.

    Source Code
    OwnBlocks is released under the WTFPL License.

    Config File Options:
    Please note that at any time you may move/rename/delete you config file, and restart your server to produce the example/default config file with these options pre-filled along with descriptions. Also remember that lines preceded by a '#' are comments, and are ignored.
    exclude - enter comma separated integers of block-ids you wish to exclude from being protected and entered into the database. An example would be to enter the block-id for saplings, so planted trees do not have a single log at the bottom that is protected when a tree is harvested by another player.
    iConomy - enter an integer greater than '0' (zero) to enable. The number entered becomes the 'Basic Rate' at which players are charged to place protected blocks. Players will not be able to place blocks if they have insufficient funds.
    debug - If you are experiencing errors, and want to post them here to resolve them, or just want to spam your server log with information, set debug equal to 'true'
    status-message - Set this to 'disable' to not receive the message "[Username] - OwnBlocks is now activated for you....". Set this to 'simple' to receive a simple "OwnBlocks activated/deactivated" instead. Lastly, set this to 'disable' to disable messages entirely. Now that I think of it, disabling status-messages seems like a really bad idea......but the choice is yours.
    save-interval - Enter the number of seconds specifying the interval between database saves. The default is 60 seconds. Increase this number if you have an obscenely large database that takes a long time to write to disk. Decrease this number if you are paranoid and/or have very fast disk IO.
    info-id - Enter the integer representing the ID of the material or tool you would like to use as your "information tool" which will display the Owner of a block you right click with specified tool. Default is 269, which is the wooden shovel.
    add-id - Enter the integer representing the ID of the material or tool you would like to use as your "add tool" which will add the block you left click with the tool to the database. Default is 268, which is the wooden sword.
    enabled-on-login - True means that OwnBlocks is automatically activated for every player as soon as they log in. False means that OwnBlocks must be activated manually by each player when they want to start building protected blocks.

    Permissions Nodes:
    You will need to add these nodes to your Permissions configurations if your server uses Permissions:
    'OwnBlocks.ignoreOwnership' - Allows player to break blocks placed by others. This node is typically given to admins.
    'OwnBlocks.use' - Allows a player to even use OwnBlocks. If you want everyone to be able to protect blocks with OwnBlocks, and assuming you have a "normal" Permissions configuration, then add this node to your "default" class.
    'OwnBlocks.info' - Allows a player to use the info-tool to display who owns a protected block.
    'OwnBlocks.add' - Allows a player to use the add-tool to add blocks to the database for protection.

    • Version 10.0 (5-20-2011)
      • Added configuration to set whether OwnBlocks is activated for players upon login
      • Added tool to add pre-built blocks to the protection database
      • Improved process of saving database
      • Fixed status-message configuration options (inconsistent verb tense)
      • Default to protecting all blocks when Permissions is not detected
    • Version 9.0 (5-5-2011)
      • Added support for Servers without the Permissions plugin
      • Added 'OwnBlocks.use' and 'OwnBlocks.info' nodes
    • Version 8.2 (5-4-2011)
      • Fixed NullPointerException when right clicking with empty hand
    • Version 8.1 (5-4-2011)
      • Added ability to use tool to display who a block belongs to. use info-id in your config file
    • Version 7.0 (5-3-2011)
      • Added database auto-saving intervals
      • Added ability to enable/disable 'status message'
    • Version 6.5 (4-29-2011)
      • Added iConomy support for charging a basic rate for each block placed
      • Added config option for debug mode
    • Version 5.0 (4-23-2011)
      • Added Permissions Integration :)
      • I think I fixed a bug that occurred when the 'reload' command is issued
    • Version 4.0 (4-23-2011)
      • Added properties file (/plugins/Ownblocks/OwnBlocks.properties)
      • 'exclude'
      • Blocks are now removed from database when broken by their owners
    • Version 3.0 (4-22-2011)
      • Added the ability to toggle OwnBlocks on and off
      • Added commands: /ownblocks or /ob
    • Version 2.0 (4-21-2011)
      • Moved data directory from main folder to the plugins folder
      • Added/fixed serialization (Persistence)
      • Made database searching more efficient
    • Version 1.0 (4-20-2011)
      • Initial Testing Release
    ToDo: Should there be continued interest in this plugin, I will consider looking into:

    • MySQL support
    • Support for group projects
    • Add configuration option to prevent "adjacent construction", where a player builds blocks on blocks owned by another player
    • Add support for Metadata values
    • Area Selection
    • Update this iConomy shenanigans.
    • Look into solution for chest protection
    • Add command to check the database for blocks that have become air because they were deleted externally by something like WorldEdit
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    Hey venom loving plugin like mentioned several times. Anyway for a simple way to tell who placed what block? Sure im sure they are tied to them via db anyway for ops or admin with permission to tell who placed what block? I am now running into the issue on my server where someone each night randomly places blocks everywhere! would be awesome!

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    Could you please provide more information regarding this? I tried it and I am not having any problems.

    Yeah, I should probably get around to doing this
  4. Is there any way to turn off the annoying log in message? I dont mind OPs getting notified that it is on, but we have a big MOTD, and this added another line that just pushed the first out of view
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    Added to my ToDo list. Thanks
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    would be awesome. If that is added this will by far in my eyes become one the best yet simplest plugins needed for ANY Public server. Kudos to you. ( also looking to hopefully contribute your way soon )
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    I dont know if it is possible but it would be cool for world edit creations by players to also be protected. This is the only problem I had with precious stones.
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    Updated to v7.0

    Now supports save-intervals for auto database saving! And you can disable the "Annoying Message" or make it shorter (and hopefully less annoying)

    EDIT: I just added info on config file options. Please read them if you haven't already. You will have to add them manually if you dont generate a new example config file.
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    Every time the server stops, the database is forgotten and i get
    2011-05-04 03:09:58 [INFO] [OwnBlocks] Database does not exist.  Creating initial database...
    2011-05-04 03:09:58 [INFO] [OwnBlocks] version 6.0 initialized
    This is very frustrating because if this was working 100% griefers would be eliminated.

    Also, the feature for admins to use cubiod to select an area then add it to there or another players protection as if they placed it would be cool. Possibly even integrate it with World edit so when i build with world edit i can have what i make protected.

    Also, the ability for players to build in other peoples name. Eg. Another Player uses /helpme Lynxdragon, i then do /helpmeaccept and i can build and they own what i build. So we could help players build there stuff, and not have a different player owning part of the wall. and /helpmedisable to go back to building in your own name.

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    Please post your entire server startup and shutdown log. Do you have write permissions to your plugins folder? The only reason it wouldn't be there is if OwnBlocks can't write the database to the file.
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    sweet update will be looking forward to seeing who placed what block! Keep it up!
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    Im working on it, I hope to get this in next :)

    Hey, I just threw this together as I was thinking about it and being bored in my class. Try it out and let me know if it works (I cant test it myself right now). v8.0
    Make sure to add info-id to your config.
    Ex: Add the following line to make a wooden shovel (on left click) tell you who owns a block.

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    Lol is this safe to test without any lose in data of what i already got? :) <3
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    Yeah, totally. But make a backup to be totally sure if have any concerns. But yes, it should be safe.

    Scratch that. found a problem in v8.0. try v8.1

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    doesnt seem to do anything on my end.

    Just saw you put new version up testing now
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    Great, thanks. Let me know how it works
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    Some crazy errors in my console from this it does work thoe ( shows whos blocks)


    Seems this error pops up everytime i try to right click without having that tool and/or just my hand.

    edit when i use just my hand that error pops up ( just testing )

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    Aha, whoops. Thanks, ill fix that right up. That should only happen when you right-click with nothing in your hand

    EDIT: thanks for the bug report. Fixed and uploaded v8.2

    Exactly what was the case. Thanks for the report; it should be all good now.

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    will test now on the errors. Also any way to make it permissions only to tell whos block is whos?

    im double posting tonight but just making sure you get live updates

    Seems to have fixed the nullpointers you are the man and like promised have i chip'd in a little for your time!

    I honestly except the update of extra permissionnode to allow or hell maybe even on the same permission node as being able to break any block, for seeing who placed what block that this plugin is 100% perfect.

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    i have a problem with this addon. im running the newest bukkit server.
    i have addon installed : Dynmap - easyrules - FLTdetector - ibxm - lockette - mobileadmin - ownblocks - ranks

    but i can destry others blocks. cobelstone. glass. and everything.

    there is the message.

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    This is because you do not have the Permissions plugin installed. OwnBlocks currently requires the Permissions plugin.

    Thank you very much for your generosity. I greatly appreciate your contribution. And sure, I can add another node for that.

    Updated to version v9.0

    Added two Permissions nodes: use and info (See original post for details). Added support for servers without Permissions. @Eth0, update to v9.0 and you shouldn't have that problem anymore.

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    issue: radius of protected block. If i place block in radius what sets in config (0,1,2...) blocks be protected by me. ex: Door, window.. so no one could close my window or door to their block
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    way more then welcome wish i could help out more.

    @ new permissions. do i HAVE to add the new use of permission node to default? or will it still by default allow everyone to use this protection? ( im sure its simple as adding it for them to use as default just making sure it is needed for protection to work.)

    and as always im assuming everything already placed etc will be protected regardless of permissions or new versions released?
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    Hello again :) now i have installed the permisson addon. and it works allmost perfect.. the only problem is that no one can join. or.. somebody can :S and somebody gets a bad packed error.

    i have deleted all other plugin so it is the own blocks plugin there is the problem.
    i have posted a picture of the problem again. hope you can help me :)

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    The idea behind OwnBlocks is to protect the blocks that you have placed, not protect large cuboid areas; there are plenty of other plugins for such tasks. However, you do raise an interesting point. Adding radii would not be easy, so I am hoping this situation does not get out of hand because I currently cant think of a reasonable solution for it.
    Yes, with the 9.0 update, any player that you want to be able to use OwnBlocks must have the 'use' node. Yes, you can just throw it in your default class and it should be fine. And finally, yes, existing databases are perfectly ok. No code has been added to go rogue and delete data from databases. (I am trying to avoid adding such code)
    Try removing the OwnBlocks Plugin and try again. That error seems to be a problem with the bukkit server, not the OwnBlocks plugin. If you look in the stack trace, there are no methods or calls from the OwnBlocks plugin which cause there errors; they are all from core bukkit methods. Try making sure you are on the latest version. It could also be of some consequence that you are running the server on a Windows machine. They have been known to fudge with Minecraft server's networking.
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    hey again :)

    if i remove the ownblocks the server works just fine... when i open with the ownblocks its come with that fault.

    im running windows 7 64 bit.
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    :\ hmmm... ok then. Could you please tell me what happens leading up to the error? Is there anything that triggers it? How often does it happen? Or is it just when people try to join?
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    Could you add the function that i can select blocks to protect them.
    It would be nice.
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    Hello, could you make something like players cant put blocks on other players blocks? Because some griefers likes to barricade other players houses and i dont like that.
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    Ahh.... I'm already built... :(
    But my friend break my castle T^T
    How to protect my block?

    I'm from another country. So I don't know America culture.
    And I'm not well English.
    Please understand.

    Ah.... My castle;;; It's breaking now ... :(
    Help me~
    Please protect my block quickly... T^T

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    Your castle is doomed now.

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