[INACTIVE][SEC] mPasswordProtector v0.0.3b - A simple password protection for your server [1000]

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    mPasswordProtector - The easy password protection

    Version: v0.0.3b

    Update Notice: Delete mPasswordProtector folder in your plugins dir before you restart the server!! (only if you are upgrading from 0.0.1 or 0.0.2!)

    This plugin offers you a /login command for your server. It is specialy designed for private servers so that you can manage a well selected community. It also offers a /setpwd command for the server OPs to change the password.

    The standard password after installation is: "asdfasdf" (without ")
    So it is strongly recommended to change the password after first login!!

    And please feel free to post comments and ideas for future versions, as well as any bug you obtain!

    • Password protect your server. Every joining user is unable to do anything until he/she logs in with the right password
    • Simple ingame method to change the password
    • Whitelist for password free login
    • Kick or ban a user after several tries to login (set kickorban to k or b in the config.yml and kobafter to the number of tries a user should have) (at the moment only kick works)
    • Allow your users to move before login (set allowMovement to true or false in config.yml)
    • /login <password> -- Login and get rights to do something
    • /setpwd <oldpassword> <newpassword> -- Sets the password (Only for OPs)
    • /whitelist add <username> -- Adds the user to the whitelist (case sensitive!! OPs only)
    • /whitelist del <username> -- Removes the user from the whitelist (case sensitive!! OPs only)
    • /whitelist list -- Print the whitelist (OPs only)
    Download mPasswordProtector
    Source Code

    • Encrypt password in config file
    • Store password in MySql DB
    • Permissions support
    • ... still thinking about new features
    Changelog: Version 0.0.3b
    • some internal changes
    • moved some ingame strings to a separate config file (strings.yml)
    • whitelist feature only enabled on online-mode servers
    Changelog: Version 0.0.3a
    • Switched to yml config file
    • Added allowMovement option, so you can decide if the user could move or not before login
    • Added kick or ban option after several tries (default: kick after 3 wrong attempts)
    Changelog: Version 0.0.2b
    • Added whitelist support
    Changelog: Version 0.0.1a
    • First release for bukkit 1000
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    Awsome can't wait for it
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    How about following feature?

    Me, sometimes i am typing commands without the slash mistakenly, so in case i have guests in my server, everything, which has no slash in the beginnig, is being broadcasted to all players - the password, too...

    So, my idea was, in case the player forgets to put the slash onto the beginnig, the password gets censored:

    "login *******" instead of e.g. "login 123456"
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    Everytime i login and type my password in for some reason my inventory is cleared. help please
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    Is this plugin like the one if a player join they will do /register ( Password ) and /login ( Password )
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    does it work with the current 1.2.3 build?
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    Please update to 1.2.3 please :)
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    Check out my post here
    Since they are doing the same, I'll integrate some features to PasswordProtect.
    And I'm glad about TESTING!
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    Dev has not had any activity in the forum for over 3 months, plugin has not been updated to be compatible with last three RBs, marking as inactive. muHum, once you return, if you decide to bring this plugin back to Active status, please let a member of the Staff know. :)

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