Inactive [INACTIVE][SEC] JailWorld v1.3 - Jail bad players and stop them bugging you! [1000]

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    out of sight, out of mind


    A player bugging you? Send him to the jailworld!

    • /jail playername
    • /unjail playername
    • if a player gets unjailed before the next /reload or server restart, their inventory is restored
    • players in the jailworld cannot chat, or use any commands
    • v1 - 19/07/2011 - released plugin
    • v1.1 - 19/07/2011 - stopped player from being damaged if in jailworld
    • v1.2 - 19/07/2011 - made jailworld ungriefable
    • v1.3 - 21/07/2011 - added superperms. node="jailworld.jail"
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    Hi very nice plugin, cna u do so i can choose where the jail location gonna be? :)
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    No.... Try the plugin out... You will see why... It's a whole WORLD...
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    shouldn't changelog be written from the newest version down? :)
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    I use the plugin on my server aswell, but can i add lava to blacklist too?
    Like it show when someone used fire, it will show when someone used lava?
  6. brilliant plugin. i was using a different jail plugin but it went out of date without an update being available. thanks a LOT!!!
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    I love this idea<3 Keep it up ! plz!
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    Great plugin! Using right now as i type this. :)
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    In the current version it is not a .jar file it is a .zip file making it unusable.
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    Ever tried to unzip it?
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    hey how do u install this

    u still here

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    Does this use its own multiworld tool? Or do you select a world in a config?
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    It uses its own multiworld yes.
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    is the world small or big?
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    Hey, this is really awesome plugin! And the Jailworld where player will be jailed is nice!

    Take these:[diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][cake][cake][cake][cake][cake][gold][iron][gold][iron][gold][iron]
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    Does this work with Permissions 3.X or does it default to /op?

    Also, can an admin/op edit the jail world?
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    No, superperms. Permissions 3.X is obscolete.

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    The Angry kat

    Brilliant keep it up code
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    whay if they are offline. when they come back spawn in jail?

    its not really a problem buuuuuuuuuuut...... u dont appear in an exact spot. u are dropped not put dropped int the spawn. would it be possible to unjail someone to there home or the spawnas an option

    small. just a bedrock platform surrounded by lava

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    People are unjailed to the spawn of the main world on the server.
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    i know i was asking if they could be spawned somewhere else like there home. and also not to be dropped in spawn but placed. because my spawn is a building and people keep ending up on top of it

    oh and wait a sec if there jailed and leave they respawn in normal world. wtf

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    That's another plugin interfering, probably essentials.
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    Im guessing you cant set the permission to different ranks? cause it doesnt seem to work on the server im on
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    You can add the permission node to any rank.
    Please note - it's superperms NOT permissions 3.x
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    How do i make a jail?
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    u dont it a whole nother world on it own u either /jail person or /unjail person
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    Thanks - I couldn't bring myself to answer.
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    Hi, I've got quite a few questions that need answering immediately.

    1. My server is VERY small. Can Isonehow adjust the size of the jail world so it docent take up loads of my memory.
    2. Can it be adjusted so that jailed players can chat?
    3. Is the jail world like a normal generated world or something else?
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    This is a very small custom world that takes up a tiny amount of memory.
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    Ok, but can they see the chat, just not input to it?

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