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    PasswordProtect - Password protect your server
    Version: 0.3
    CraftBukkit Build Tested: [766]

    PasswordProtect forces non-ops to provide a server password that you set before they can move around, build, use commands, do stuff on the server.
    You can set a server password using the /setpassword command, and set a "jail" area they can walk around in by going somewhere and using the /setpasswordjail [radius] command.

    • Protect against griefers and unwanted people by setting a password to your server
    • Users won't be able to move outside of your jail area, build stuff, break stuff, use items, drop stuff, use any commands etc until they've given the password
    • Password can be changed without reloading the plugin, and commands work in the server console, of course
    • Ops will be asked to set a server password when they first join after installing the plugin (or when one isn't set). Default "jail" will be the spawn block, with no room to move around
    • By default, ops are not required to give the passwords themselves. This can be changed using the /opsrequirepassword yes|no command
    • New: Support for TheYeti's Permissions plugin
    • /setpassword <password> - change the password users must use to play on the server
    • /password - used by non-ops to give the password when they join, tells you the server password if used by a server op
    • /setpasswordjail [radius] - set the area that users will be stuck in until they give the server password. This will be where you are currently standing, with an optional radius of blocks in all directions (allowing people to eg. walk around in a house without touching anything, before they're allowed to build)
    • /opsrequirepassword yes|no - set to yes if server operators should have to give the server password before playing/using commands, too
    If you're not using TheYeti's Permissions plugin, PasswordProtect will use the built-in op/non-op for permissions. Only ops can set the server password, change the jail area, and retrieve the password using the /password command. Only users are required to give the password when they join (configurable with the /opsrequirepassword command)

    Otherwise, the Permissions nodes are as follows:
    • passwordprotect
      • passwordprotect.setpassword - can set server password
      • passwordprotect.nopassword - is not required to give the server password to play
      • passwordprotect.getpassword - can get the server password using the /password command after logging in
      • passwordprotect.setjailarea - can use the /setpasswordjail command to set the spawn jail area
    Screenshot of the plugin in use (1.3_01 shown in screenshot, but works on 1.4):


    - Download now (PasswordProtect.jar)
    - Source (Github)


    Version 0.3
    • Support for TheYeti's Permissions plugin (still works with stock op/non-op)
    Version 0.2.5
    • Updated to work with the latest CraftBukkit recommended build (612)
    Version 0.2
    • New feature: Optionally, server operates may be forced to provide the server password, too (see /opsrequirepassword command)
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
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    Could you do the password to the server, but so that it looked like the beginning logon to the game where you enter your username and password in the enter when logging on to the game, that was a brilliant plugin
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    Configurable text would be nice.
    Then we could tell the people, where to find/obtain the server password (e.g. TS3 IP)
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    Would it be possible to have it to where I can manually give passwords to each player?
    like Chary pw 1234
    then Joe's pw 32312
    This way, for people who run server, for others who have cracked accounts, other players can't logon under ops names.. etc..

    Know what i mean?
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    can you setpassword if you got more one world ?
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    Great Plugin works on latest bukkit release (unstable version as well (minecraft 1.0.0) )
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    This plugin looks great I will be looking into its use further.
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    is there a way you can make the Admin/Owner,
    use the Password to not just OPs?

    PermissionsEX doesnt seem to work for me with this plugin can you make it So it works on it.?
    or just me (o ')?
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    I use your plugin but I have a problem with the weapon enchantment, when users quit the server and reconnect later their weapon lost their enchantment, do you know what's the matter ?

    Sorry for my bad english !
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    Can you update to latest bukkit version?
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    Please update to 1.2.3! thanks and keep up the good work!
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    Since DisabledHamster is a bit inactive and he allowed me to fork PasswordProtect I will update it and release the fork.
    I have already some ideas, if someone is interested in testing and providing feedback, I'll be really glad about it! :)

    My ideas and milestone so far:
    • Make it work again - done
    • Store password encrypted - done
    • Make some command work without logging in (like /rules) - done
    • Modify code to be much more safer - done
    • Bypass password with permission (instead of whitelist like mPasswordProtector - done
    • Check code completly - left
    • Switch to bukkit perms - done
    • Remove Op Only stuff (since ops are old and outdated) - done
    • Auto Kick / Ban after wrong attempts - done
    • Localization - done
    • New checks like -done
      • No Portal usage anymore
      • No Interaction with mobs anymore
      • No triggering of mobs if player is jailed
      • No pickup of items anymore
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    could you provide me with a download link to jar file?

    i would be glad to test it out for you!
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    I have a Server like:
    The Password Protect 0.3 was work perfect until I have install the other plugins like:

    Now I have set the Password and the Jail locatons, but if I exit of the game and comeback, they dont put me on the Jail!
    and If I try do /login <my password> I get a msg:
    You are already logged in!

    So, the PassWord Protect is incompatible with any of this others plugins??

    Let me know if you wanna try on my server
    My Skype is "rhemfur." (with a dot)

    Thank you!
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