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    iplock - limit 1 ip address per player

    Version: See Git
    This plugin locks your users to 1 ip and one player name. Many thanks to whitelist plugin file reading/writing which i based this around!

    If a player tries to login from a different IP address than they (automatically) registered on their first connect, then they will be kicked with the message 'Your IP is not associated with this account'

    If a player tries to login from a different character than the one associated with their IP address then they will be kicked with the message 'Your IP is not associated with this account'.

    • Prevents players from hogging resources two/multi-boxing
    • Prevents players from account sharing
    • Forces players to use a static ip instead of dhcp to access their characters
    • Provides an additional layer of security to prevent users breaking into admin accounts

    (Normal version)

    Source - https://github.com/mixxit/iplock

    Simply drop the iplock.jar into your plugins folder. There are no configuration settings required nor commands. As soon as your server next boots it will begin noting player account names to ip addresses.

    Player data is stored in plugins/iplock should you wish to edit it be sure to reload the plugin

    iplock refresh - refreshes iplock.users file

    plugins/iplock/iplock.users contains a list of all the ip addresses and the associated IGNs. Note, editting this file will not be detected by the server and would require a reboot. Perhaps a future feature to edit these entries from in game and detect changes will be added at some point.

    Config file
    max-char = 0 - allows unlimited character names
    spe-char = false - allows special characters and spaces
    subnet = false - disallows players from connecting from anywhere except their IP (true allows them to login from anywhere in their class C subnet)

    Potential future features (no promises):
    Edit IP accounts from 'slash' commands
    Allow exceptions for particular accounts (not recommended)

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    Link fixed, checking 670 now

    seems fine ;)

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    Please, can you add MySQL support?
    Its very laggy when server have 30+ players when someone join/leave...
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    If you wait a little while bukkit will have better support for onLogin and we can work around the kick issue :) Mysql probably won't help at all
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    i want to change ip
    i was tryed /plugin reload iplock v1.3_01 in fast
    update iplock
    i tryed /plugin reload iplock
    but this don't change
    how to change ip??
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    edit the file then boot the server
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    idon't understand
    if one player exist
    one player changed ip
    so player don't enter server
    i also admin
    i change ip oneplayer in txt
    and /plugin reload iplock in minecraft game
    but not change
    how to change player ip??

    byany when i change ip and restart??

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    Can you implement a system where 1 user is locked to 1 ip and other users can't go on that account if they have diffrent ip, instead of 1 user is locked to 1 ip and any other users who have the same ip cannot log on. Idk if you can even do that lol
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    is there a way to let one user have multi IPs? becouse the plugin maker GeMo nad one of my users play from diffrent places, but i have authme plugin as well so if there acccount did get hacked thayd have to know there ingame login info
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    try my version
    .. i might even have to make a separate thread for it, if mixxit doesn't want me to mess with his
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    and whats the diffrence between the to?
    umm make me a simple plugin called onlineplayers and have goble usage it a simple online players listing. /players /who for the commands.
    please i cant find a plugin that only does that
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    differences here
    for /who, i use this: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/6525/
    (to only use the /online command, open the jar & remove the other commands from the plugin.yml)
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    Hay Mixxit i have a HUGE isssue over half of my players cant connet now becouse there ip doent match but i went thro the serverlog and thay do match what is in the saved IPs file for the plugin im confuced now :/
    #Default generated settings - Change subnet to true to allow players to login from anywhere in their class C subnet. Change max-char to 0 to disable. Changing spe-char to true will force checks for special characters
    #Fri Apr 15 05:56:13 MSD 2011
    (hid ips)
    there the SAME exact ip from the day i got the plugin to now any ideas?
    here is my config

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    the password update can be disabled. (and bans cannot be undone with password)
    what my version does that i was trying to point out is that you can have it ignore or only check certain users
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    maby a thread for this. noone has answerd my quistion yeat and its kind of needed like NOW
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    Hi, I like this mod:) Thank you for creating this.
    But I've a suggestion:
    can't you make an option so you can edit the iplock.dat like 921.232.22=.... & ..... because 2 frends of my have little brothers and they wan't to play also on my server
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    working for CB#733 CONFIRMED!
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    is iplock working for CB733?
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    finely somthing im look for :)

     011-05-02 13:33:32 [SEVERE] Nag author: 'mixxit' of 'iplock' about the following: onPlayerJoin has been replaced with a new signature, (PlayerJoinEvent) 
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    Is this working with 740? Or another alternative to do this?
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    yes it do work with 740
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    CB 670 - inactive
    title and post header are missing a version
    changelog has to show two latest versions here without a spoiler, the rest can be somewhere else
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    can some1 plz update this plugin?
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    I will like to take on updating this plugin.. just give me a few days im just going through a few exams :)

    @emoknight @mixxit @Plague @Kahl
    Since you are not updating this plugin in which i have been informed i have thankfully updated this plugin so people can use it. The download link is ready whenever you want but is still into submission because of beta1.6

    Here is the link for the thread and please comment on it to help revive its status and also get it into the plugin releases!

    Thanks and here is the link: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/se...er-user-carrying-on-the-plugin-803-815.19134/

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    yeh i updated it... or did someone else?
    im confused haha
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    Is there a plugin which is able to do the same thing? I would like to use it on my server...
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    I can fix it if you like :)
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    @mixxit Do you mind if i continue production of this plugin?
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    They should make it optional for players that wants to bind their ip with their account.
    For example a command that lets you do that "/iplock on". This would be useful for my admin account since a lot of people tries to log on it 24/7, which is quite annoying.

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