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    Any way to disable mayor tags infront of names?
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    You can't force a player to have a town at all times, because you cannot leave to another town directly.

    try "modify_chat_name: false" in the config.
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    im an idiot. thanks

    Towny chat is messed up. After the first line text appears white and left aligned.

    EDIT: And is it possible to give town assistants tags as well ?

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    List your plugins that affect chat, that doesn't sound like towny.
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    ill be waiting, thanx for tha awesome job ! will it support mysql ?
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    /town set name (name) is broken. It says town renaming disabled. I have permissions as an admin
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    Fuzze disabled it, but it will be reenabled. For the time being you need to stop the server, edit the files manually and start the server back up.
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    I'm curious as how to set wild build permissions in the Nether. Do you just add the wild build permission node to the Nether permissions? Thanks for answering a somewhat silly question of mine in advance.

    - sagethor
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    How can I set up Towny to where outsiders can be killed by citizens of the town they are invading?
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    Can someone get this to work with GroupManager..... I HATE Permissions...... Thanks?
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    Would it be possible to add a prefix stating what town the player is a member of? would help out with PvP a lot. Since town names can be long it would be nice if you could create a shortened version.
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    That is correct

    Use the groupmanager fake permissions plugin

    For vanilla clients this can only be done in the chat terminal. It is something we can look into adding. To have it overhead the players would need to run the bukkitcontribute client mod and develop towny integration for that, something I am very interested in doing. We can then add an extension plugin where memebrs of towns or nations can have custom capes, prefixes in the overhead name tag, even have towns be able to play custom music while they are in a town. What I am really excited for is when they introduce having custom gui for plugins, which will be a godsend for towny. It is something I am watching closely.

    As far as I am aware pvp is a mutual flag, not one way. You would have to set pvp to true in the town or globally, but then the invaders will also be able to fight back.
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    Good to hear, i hope that along with that the bug of why it was turned off is dealt with otherwise it will cause a ton more posts in this thread like it did mine lolol. Basically every time you rename it doesnt rename the town txt file it creates a brand new one, so if someone changes their name from TownA to TownB and then claims and changes mayors and adds people and goes on its merry way and then renames to TownA again sometimes it would just reuse the old TownA file basically warping the entire town back in time to the point it changed to TownB...

    Also it creates a giant cluster fk of files in your town folder, most of which will be just the last known state of that city before it renamed and got a new file, which is 100% worthless. The file just needs to be renamed, or a new one created and old one deleted.

    Cant wait for a new version, i will report another bug i think is causing a lot of the corrupted files that people were randomly seeing still on their servers. Its related to players who are inactive. Today i had two players become "inactive" according to Towny because they hit that , they were both removed from the players.txt, but their name.txt file was not removed from the players list, and their name was not removed from the town.txt they belonged too. So when that town loaded, it threw a ton of errors that these two players didnt exist, and corrupted the entire town file. I had to re-add the players to the players.txt file and it worked fine. In the future this needs to get changed to remove the player from all the towns they are apart of before removing them from the players.txt file.

    In the mean time people should probably turn delete_old_residents to false to prevent this from happening, i'd rather have a few extra 1k txt files for players than corrupting entire towns.
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    on any server i cant join a town or make one because my name is unregistered and that name is ___god___
  16. This is what I have so far :-
    Show Spoiler
    ###### Forked to new development ######
    - Updated to JRE 1.6 and CB 933
    - Cleared all compile errors and type warnings
    - Added file tidy up for name changes of nation and towns. Should no longer leave old files behind when names are changed.
    - Fixed wild permissions bug. Walking into the wild, breaking a block and returning to town allowed you to then break blocks in town (fix from SwearWord).
    - Towny now moves deleted data files for Towns, Nations and worlds to a deleted folder.
    - Moved config.properties into config.yml
    - seperated all language strings to to their own YAML file. Specify which language file to use in config.yml.
    - Added auto creation of YAML files, if they don't exist.
    - Reworked all Towny commands to properly implement the bukkit command process.
    - Added a console 'townyadmin reload' command.
    - Re-enabled '/town set name xxxx'. Now that the saving/loading code has been reworked it should not be a problem any more.
    - Fixed '/res set perm friend on/off'
    - Depreciated the rect subset of town claim and changed '/town claim' to support new methods of radius.
    Also supported through townyadmin and unclaim.
    Eg. '/town claim', '/town claim 5' or '/town claim auto'
    - Added a 'not for sale' confirmation message when performing '/plot notforsale'. Also added a permitted abreviation of 'nfs' for 'notforsale'.
    - Town mayors now get asked if they want to accept a nation invite.
    - Fixed error on setting a nation assistant.
    - Removed double message spam on removing a nation assist.
    - Added leaving messages for towns leaving nations.
    - Nation [enemy/ally] add/remove now work.
    - The command '/townyworld set wildperms' accepts a list of permissions to set 'build destroy switch itemuse', or leave blank to set to world defaults.
    - Changed the towny tree command to a console only command. Also removed it for townyadmin (shouldn;t be there).
    - fixed '/resident friend clearlist' to no longer give a null exception error.
    - Fixed a bug in questioner which caused players with capital letters in their names to be unable to accept/deny questions.
    - Added explosion protection for towns. Use is '/town set explosion [on/off]'. On = explosions will damage, off = no damage.
    - added a golbal message when a nation is deleted due to no towns being members.
    - Fixed nation join/leave messages being sent correctly.
    - NPC mayors now work. '/townyadmin set mayor npc', will set the mayor to an NPC. When you set it back to a player all resident files are tidied up.
    - Resident permissions now show up correctly as 'rao' instead of 'fao'.
    - Fixed placing water/lava/lighter use targeting through another player (cheat).
    - Fixed the map to update correctly with Bukkit 949+
    - Resized the map to fit the key back on the right.
    - Fixed '/towny prices command'. I guess I broke it in the last dev version.
    - Fixed '/towny war' and it's sub sets to give the proper responses.
    - Added a confirmation message when setting a player mode '/res set mode map'.
    - /resident set mode reset' now has a new alias of '/resident set mode clear'. (old commands are still accepted)
    - '/resident friends clearlist' now has a new alias of '/resident friends clear'. (old commands are still accepted)
    - Added messages for costs when using ./town spawn'.
    - The 'New Day' message no longer mentions taxes if you are not set to take taxes.
    - Fixed towny admin commands to only work for admins or from the console.
    - Setting ally and outsider permissions at the resident level now correctly displays friend instead of resident.
    - Fixed an error when removing assistants from both town and nation.
    - Fixed Nation ally permissions to correctly test if you have perms for the area you want to perform the action in.
    - Added Bonemeal, redstone repeaters, noteblock and jukebox to protected items to prevent outsider griefing.
    - Moved chat prefix [Towny] to the language file (english.yml).
    - All chat colouring is now configurable within the language file.

    edit your config to inclued the _ character in the regex setting.

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    @ElgarL I have had that issue in the past with a player that has a name like so _Name_

    Would this count for the error?


    And what about a player with this? A.I.

    this causes me so much trouble, since it creates a file A.I..txt
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    This wont be a problem with the new database engine. I have one more function to write, then internal testing, then external testing, then write a convert command from the old flat file to the new one, then more internal and external testing, then release!
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    Hmm now i have a problem.

    I have create a town (with 2000 in bank), and a nation.
    I do this :

    /town set taxes 10 <= For each resident pay 10 daily (in the bank of the town)
    /nation set taxes 100 <= For each town pay 100 daily (in the bank of the nation)
    "price_town_upkeep" is 15
    "price_nation_upkeep" is 0

    But when i do /townyadmin newday, the taxes of resident (10) go in the bank of the town (good). But the upkeep (15) is deducted of the town's bank, and the nation's bank is always 0 (not good) it's should be a 100 (town's taxe).
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    I will pay cash to anyone that will convert this to using mysql or sqlite, as well as update Questioner. Our server lives and dies by Towny, but it has become a bloated beast, with many non working parts.

    War has never worked properly, flat files often get corrupted, Towny scores and top commands are unstable, the list goes on and on. Add to it the fact that without questioner all invites are auto-accepted and its unusable.

    I know a questioner update is in the works, but there are so many other problems we as a community need to tackle. We have several developers in our community, myself included, that would be happy to lend some bandwidth, but we need an official bug tracker and several other things in place to salvage what is left of Towny, imo.

    We love and need Towny. But I'm almost forced to move to Residence at this point, and after using Towny for nearly 9 months (hmod version as well), this makes me very sad. :(
  21. As far as I know a period isn't an allowed character in a Minecraft account name.

    Read the spoiler I posted in reply to Fuzzy above. Pretty much every problem you listed is fixed.

    Upkeep is for maintaining the town. It's spent. It doesn't go into any account.
    If you fail to pay upkeep the town is deleted.

    I'll check the nation bank, but if you are the nation leader as well as the town mayor, you will not be taxed at the nation level.

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    Sounds like nation taxes arnt working. I'll add it to the project bug report list.
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    I'm having a problem with setting town individual permissions. I try to change them and they stay at denyall.
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    First, we do have an official bug tracker in the github repo. Second, I've been spending the past week working on sql/h2 support for towny. However I just hit a major stumble in that I seriously miscoded how to do one/many relationships. I'm trying to learn how to do it right (every tutorial I find assumes that the reader has a level of java and sql knowledge one step higher than mine ;). My goal is to have a test version with converter tonight.
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    hi,i got a problem with configuring if residents of my town can build/destroy outside their plots,now i want them to be unable to build/destroy in my town,i tried to set it to false and then to true to see if it worked but it didnt :S
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    This combined with all the fixes listed in .71 - .74 gives me very high hopes. I am a Sr SQL Developer by day, so if you need any help let me know. Also happy to throw donations your way :)
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    Just use /town set perm resident off
    /town set perm resident switch on
    to remove perms from resident except switch use.

    Can you tell me if your town is the only town in your nation?

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    Someone else can take over
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    New Towny thread here, look for a new release tomorrow.
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    Has something happened?

    confused and worried

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