[INACTIVE][SEC/FUN] Captureme v1.3 - King of The Hill based PvP plugin using WorldGuard. [1000]

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    flags: {catching-area: allow, catching-period: 10, catching-time-catch: 5}

    Flags are what determines the time it takes to capture, holding period and if you want people to be allowed to capture
    the area.

    Example being:

                            flags: {catching-area: allow, catching-period: 10, catching-time-catch: 5}
                            catchgroups: [myGroup1, myGroup2]
                            flags: {catching-area: deny, catching-duration: 30}
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    Okay i have this so far i just don't understand how you put the last two catching money amount x: and catching flag z: And am i supposed to also do the second worldguardregion too or can i just leave it blank?

                            flags: {catching-area: allow 81/, catching-duration: 5, catching-period: 900 X, catching-time-catch: 30 X, catching-money-amount: 500 X, catching-flag: true}
                            catchgroups: [Bloods, Crips]
                            flags: {catching-area: Y, catching-duration: X, catching-period: X, catching-time-catch: X, catching-money-amount: X, catching-flag: Z}
                            catchgroups: [myGroup1, myGroup3, myGroup4]

    Can you please help me out on this i don't understand where you put things ,is this even right or am i way off lol ?
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    plugins don't want work on my server, i make all : Worldguard region, /reload, etc. I see instruction if don't work, but capture still don't working.

    So : I have Worldguard installed and craftbukkit 1000, and i just want create a region captureme.
    1. I create a zone with worldedit
    2. Define region "capture" with wordguard
    3 And /cm addarea capture

    Then this write "/cm addarea [area_name]"

    Sorry for inconvenience, but i real search my problem and i don't understand ..
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    Try the grueling task of reloading the entire or server or restarting it. I know this is a huggge inconvenience but for now bear with me. Updates should be coming soon.

    Plugin taken over! Look for KoTH :)

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    Yes but i try too. I restart my server and reload, then upgrade worldguard, but always show me the command when i want /cm addarea region.
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    Could you give me a link to the new thread?
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    I can't seem to find the KoTH thread. Could you lead me in the right direction?
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    I guess he gave up on it... I guess I'll write it again.
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    Thanks man! Maybe I can throw a few $$$ your way. Really looking forward to using this on my server.
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    Alright then I definitely will xD

    The plugins code was old anyway. I was always meaning to rewrite it to update it.
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    I got a question though. Does it send an alert to a group if another group is capturing their territory? It would also be cool if it sent an alert to everyone if any land was captured. Maybe even add a command to see all captureable areas and who currently owns them.
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    I can do that. I'm currently working on a project atm so I'll get back to you when I start back on this.
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    Think you can get it done within 1-2 weeks ?
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    I would be interested in this plugin, too.
    BTW: you schould think of a money win per block. so big areas earn more, small less (or even nothing)
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    PLEASE upload this to github.

    I would like to extend this plugin. Just upload the code and i'll make it better :D
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    Can you upload it to github? Adam wants to extend it :D

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