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    iCoLand v2.46
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    Plugin Requirements
    • iCoLand v2.46 was tested against Craftbukkit build #740
    • iConomy 5.0
    • Permissions 2.7.2
    So I wanted a plugin on my server that allows for self-service protection. But I didn't want to make these areas infinitely creatable, and I hate the idea of admins/mods having to zone out areas for people. So that's where the birth of this idea came from. This mod allows for self-service protection areas, and they are limited by the fact that they must "buy" these areas with iConomy currency. This will greatly reduce the amount of griefing issues I will have to deal with on my server as I will start telling people that this is the only valid form of protection and griefing is a fact of life that is unavoidable if you don't protect your land.

    iCoLand allows you to buy/sell areas of land ( cuboids ) for self-service protection. You select areas of land using the "/icl select" tool, then you can buy the land with "/icl buy land". This makes the land protected so no others can place or destroy blocks in there. There will be addons you can buy that will add extra features to the land you've bought. Such as announcing the zone name when you enter or leave it, having a location heal a player over time, blocking people from entering the zone completely.

    The basic premise of the plugin is that each block in the world is worth some default value (configurable). In the future, there will be the ability to make areas of land worth more. Probably a center point that is highest price modification, with a radius of effect that drops down to 0 at the edge of the circle. Addons also are a per-block pricing scheme.

    Updates and more to come, keep posted.

    Much thanks goes to Nijikokun for the great iConomy, as well as some helper functions I may have stole of his through HaloInverse's DynamicMarket plugin. Thanks to you too Halo! And thanks to TheYeti for maintaining Permissions until Bukkit solves that can of worms. As well as the Bukkti devs for making all of this possible. Also to TomyLobo for his OfflinePlayer class ( to access Permission nodes of offline players ).
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    Im still getting heart-crash, tried to fix...and then it wont register my block values, anyone can purchase for nothing?? wut do??
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    Nice plugin, but why does nofire keep reverting back to 50 per block??? I don't understand. Also why can't admins modify protected areas? What if there is a griefer? And if they just select the floor /icl info does NOT show the name of the area. I hope you get all these problems taken care of.

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    Small issue: there's no permission to allow non-owners to build/destroy on protected land (for admins, mods, etc.)
    Also, water/lava can be placed on purchased land. (by non-owner)
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    yeah I can add that, just came back from a wine bar, a bit buzzed, i'll do it 2morrow

    and I can look into placing water/lava on purchased land, that should have already been prevented tho

    hrm.. I'll look into this as well, I probably messed some code up in the Config if it keeps on reverting

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    How comes I haven't seen this before. Great job again, Magik. :)
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    hehe thanks! but again the big deal is admins cannot modify user's lands xD
    Ex. Myself as an admin, cannot enter a players house if he has NoEnter. That is a tad silly.. I can't even figure out who the owner of it is... What if he was a griefer???
    But thank you so much for this plugin, my user's love it :)
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    I read through the main post as well as through the comments, there is no mention of what I would like to see.

    I was wondering if there is an option that would allow for price to rise per square.

    For example...
    1 block = 1 coin
    20 blocks = 20 coin

    Just thought I would ask :)
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    Everything seems to be working perfectly but I do get this:

    [SEVERE] Nag author: 'magik' of 'iCoLand' about the following: onPlayerQuit has been replaced with a new signature, (PlayerQuitEvent)

    just thought you should know and thanks for the great work!
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    When i type /icl modify 10 addons noenter, it tells me, "Need to implement..." whats up with that?
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    Mush Man

    I've been wanting functionality like this since Beta 1.1, so I've very happy this plugin exists!

    However, I would like to share some small changes that will make working with the plugin better.

    - List NoFlow in configuration file. It isn't present at the moment and I don't want to risk having the plugin crash by predicting what should be there.
    - Prevent NoFire turning back to false and its value per block being reset to 50. I see someone else reported this a few posts ago, so don't stress.
    - Mark the price for those who have the permission icoland.nocost as "Usually: Price - For you: Free!" or something similar instead of ".00" (you probably don't need to do this for addon prices). I thought I'd set the price wrong when I was buying an area, but it was just me having Admin privileges.
    - Allow a tool to act as /icl select. Sometimes I'm selecting a cube and need to punch out some blocks to select the corner, but cannot do so because left-clicking will set the second selection.
    - Allow bedrock to be selected as a point when using /icl select. For some reason, it can't be selected as a point at the moment.
    - Allow the purchase of multiple addons at a time in /icl buy addons. It would be much easier for me to type which addons I want in one command rather than four or so.
    - Remove the prefixes "Entering" and "Leaving" from the Announce addon and allow custom messages for each action. This is mainly to give the owner more freedom.

    No pressure. Just wanted to give some feedback. :)

    Thanks again!
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    is it possible to place a sign in the lot and have ppl just right click the sign to buy??
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    maby someone could post screenshots of this in action? or even a small 1 min video? love to try it just what to get an idea first thats all
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    are you sure you are using the latest version? Can you pastebin your config file - I can take a look? I don't see these issues myself

    I messed that up it looks like in my Config, it'll be fixed in the next version

    I will probably fix/add an admin passthru for all perms in the next version as well.

    Could you elaborate more on what you mean by selecting the floor? If you click the floor blocks, then the zone is the 1 block high zone containing the floor blocks. If you walk on top of those blocks, you are not in the zone.... Is this what you mean?
    what do you mean? The whole point of the plugin is to charge per block for protected land. Maybe I should post a sample config file. But basically you configure the raw price of blocks in the world, and addon prices per block as well. It's price per cube though, are you looking for something that protects from bedrock to sky and uses a 2D outline? Because my plugin doesn't do that...
    What version of iCoLand and what version of Craftbukkit are you using?
    haha, you caught my laziness.... I never implemented a way to modify the addons I think, even though I did it in /icl buy/sell... I need to implement something for this too
    -those first two are related heh, I was overwriting nofire's value with the default noflow, and I wasn't writing out noflow, so this should be fixed in the next version
    -icoland.nocost - yeah I can definitely do that, that does make more sense
    -yeah the /icl select has been on my to-do list, I'm not sure how I want to handle that - using a tool has crossed my mind, but then what do you use, and do I just magically generate one for someone... and it all just gets a bit more complicated. I want to be able to use /icl select in more ways possibly too - I think I might add things like /icl select <LANDID> and such
    -i havn't tried selecting bedrock... that's interesting, i'll look into it
    -multiple addon purchases could work, i'll add it to the to-do list
    -I could make them configurable I guess, maybe entering message, leaving message, and location name?

    wow, lots of replies from you guys, thanks for the input.

    I think after a round of bugfixing/cleanup, I'm going to need to stop for a moment and think about implementing the DB stuff... I've coded the storage format very inefficiently right now, and probably want to move to something more like a DB. This way in the future it could be more easily moved to mysql as well. I've been kind of lagging on this myself just cuz it's going to rewrite a good section of the backend, but it really needs to be done. Probably work on a bit of bugfixing/cleanup today, and hopefully work on the DB conversion this week.
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    Thanks for your Tutorial. But i've Questions :D I have installed all new, and it works. But the others can build everywhere! How can i do it, that they can only build in thei're lands? Here are my permissions. The ,,others´´ are all V.I.P.'s.

    Show Spoiler
    default: false
    - bflight.bfly
    - eco.give
    - economy.give
    - essentials.balance
    - essentials.economy.give
    - essentials.help
    - essentials.helpop
    - essentials.home
    - essentials.sethome
    - essentials.spawn
    - essentials.time
    - essentials.warp
    - icoland.buy
    - icoland.info
    - icoland.list
    - icoland.sell
    - iConomyChestShop.shop.create
    - iConomyChestShop.shop.sell
    - iConomyChestShop.shop.use
    - locker.lock.self
    - locker.unlock.self
    - locker.view.self
    - default
    prefix: '&c'
    build: true
    suffix: ''
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    you know I actually really do like that idea. That kind of would solve what a lot of people have been asking about, and I don't think that would be too hard to implement.
    ahhhh I see what you are asking. Yeah right now I did not envision that type of usage. I could easily add this I guess though, but I'm not sure if that's the right way to go. I mean how would that work on a brand new server? Nobody can build or destroy any blocks. You have nearly 0 iConomy money ( or whatever your default starting value is ). How do you buy land now? You can't make any iConomy money because you can't destroy a single block in the world? How is that supposed to work? Or is it more like you have to be VIP'd to be allowed to build on the server at all?
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    No, you see, i can't english, i mean it otherwise. But now its ready. Thanks for your patience :) This Plugin is divine (so awesome)
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    Plugin updated:
    • 1.16-1.15
      • noflow config bugfix
      • added bypass perm for admins - also shows more info in /icl info now for non-owned land
      • implemented /icl modify addons ( just toggles whatever list you put at the end )
      • tweaked "nocost" perm to show prices, but not charge
      • added a global config to deny build perms in non claimed areas ( defaults to false ) - also added "canbuild" perm that allows users to bypass this deny if they have this perm

    Hopefully this covers what you need, in this last version, I added a config value: Prevent-Build-Without-Perm - if you set this to true, then anybody who doesn't have the Permission "icoland.canbuild" will not be able to build anywhere unless they own the land, or have permission to build there.
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    You explained fully what I wanted! Thank you.

    That is exactly what I was wondering, you charge per block, is NOT sky to bedrock, and the addons are price per block as well. Thank you!
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    I would like to use this plugin to manage the cities in my server. It would be awesome if the owner of a city would be able to share small parcels to citizens, and would be fine if you could add a week tax from citizen to the city and a week tax from the city to the server.
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    Yea, example. My friend protected 10 blocks on the ground (no height just width and length) and when i stepped on the area and typed /icl info it didn't show up.
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    yeah... they need to better select the area... and they need to take those instances into account if they want protection higher up... it clearly states the volume and dimensions selected after you do the /icl select
    I want to do something like this, but so far I can't figure out the best way to handle it
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    I realize that and he does too. It was a test, and as far as i know there is no way to see who protected the ground area. My point is, what if a griefer comes along and "protects" the floor of someones house so they can't get to their mines? I am just asking if there is a way to know who protected the ground. Perhaps you should implement a tool like in world edit or bigbrother where you could right click a block to see if it's protected or not. Also another example.. A player has a protect house yes? Then that player buys NoEnter, now i can't even get into his house and have absolutely no way of know who it is registered to. This is a pretty big flaw i think. Hope it's fixed soon.
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    Woot woot! WOOT! :D
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    Using IcoLand v1.14, Iconomy v4.6.5, Craftbukkit build 617 but I haven't seen the error at all yet today. If it happens again I'll report back but I suspect it won't.
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    If I buy land with this plugin is it possible to allow specific players to build on my land or can only I myself build there?
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    Hello, is there a possibility of adding recurring costs for land, like a once/week lease? I love everything else, but have my plans currently on a recurring cost nature and don't want to refactor my entire economy plans
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    that's been in there for a while now.... read the changelogs:
    "added bypass perm for admins - also shows more info in /icl info now for non-owned land"

    though I do like the idea of the right click with item to see who owns the land as well... I'll put it on my to-do
    you can add permissions so other people can build there

    It's on my to-do list ;)

    I've released 2.02, but I can't edit the OP =( bukkit is throwing 500 internal errors at me =(

    which is really bad, because I need to post a warning about the change from yml to H2, and anyone coming from pre v2.00 will need to run an importDB command....

    god damn forums pissing me off

    So since I can't edit my original post, I'll make the necessary announcements here, and just hope to high hell you guys read it.

    I've updated the plugin to 2.02. I've moved completely away from the .yml format I was storing land locations with and have moved to the H2 DB ( it's like sqlite ). If you have iConomy and use the default settings, you should have the H2 library already downloaded.

    For all of you coming from before this release. If you want to keep all of your land data, you will need to call this command after you start the server up again:

    From the console: icl importdb
    From in-game: /icl importdb ( you will need a new perm node, "icoland.importdb" )

    Do not play with this importDB command - it will drop the whole H2 database, and import from from the file..

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    I copied your warning into the OP. It didn't give me any trouble. Hopefully it won't give you any trouble if you need to change what I did
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    nope still having trouble =( I was talking it over with EvilSeph in irc and it sounded like he mentioned something about post length?

    and yeah - if I copy-paste what I have up there now and try to start a new thread, I get the same 500 internal error...

    should I try to make my OP shorter?

    sounds like EvilSeph is looking into it, I'll worry about it later then, thanks Bukkit staff!
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    Any changes other than the switch to H2?

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