[INACTIVE][SEC/ECON] iCoLand v2.46 - buy/protect land with iConomy [740]

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    iCoLand v2.46
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    Plugin Requirements
    • iCoLand v2.46 was tested against Craftbukkit build #740
    • iConomy 5.0
    • Permissions 2.7.2
    So I wanted a plugin on my server that allows for self-service protection. But I didn't want to make these areas infinitely creatable, and I hate the idea of admins/mods having to zone out areas for people. So that's where the birth of this idea came from. This mod allows for self-service protection areas, and they are limited by the fact that they must "buy" these areas with iConomy currency. This will greatly reduce the amount of griefing issues I will have to deal with on my server as I will start telling people that this is the only valid form of protection and griefing is a fact of life that is unavoidable if you don't protect your land.

    iCoLand allows you to buy/sell areas of land ( cuboids ) for self-service protection. You select areas of land using the "/icl select" tool, then you can buy the land with "/icl buy land". This makes the land protected so no others can place or destroy blocks in there. There will be addons you can buy that will add extra features to the land you've bought. Such as announcing the zone name when you enter or leave it, having a location heal a player over time, blocking people from entering the zone completely.

    The basic premise of the plugin is that each block in the world is worth some default value (configurable). In the future, there will be the ability to make areas of land worth more. Probably a center point that is highest price modification, with a radius of effect that drops down to 0 at the edge of the circle. Addons also are a per-block pricing scheme.

    Updates and more to come, keep posted.

    Much thanks goes to Nijikokun for the great iConomy, as well as some helper functions I may have stole of his through HaloInverse's DynamicMarket plugin. Thanks to you too Halo! And thanks to TheYeti for maintaining Permissions until Bukkit solves that can of worms. As well as the Bukkti devs for making all of this possible. Also to TomyLobo for his OfflinePlayer class ( to access Permission nodes of offline players ).
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    Just to report, I got this working perfectly fine with rev 813 1.6.4 using Permissions 2.X
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    Ok, I have spent the day screwing around with this plugin. You might want to tell your users, ya know that this plugin depends on a .jar that is downloaded with Iconomy. See I dont use H2 database with Iconomy never did, so it never downloaded the file. You might want to do something about that, I think its mentioned once on your git hub wiki.
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    Works fine for me. (818).
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    What about if you want 2 people to share the SAME space?
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    EssentialsEco Support?
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    When i type /icl buy land it just says "Error buying land" even though i selected.

    Any idea?
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    Is it possible to integrate Register into this plugin? So you don't need iConomy, just any economy? Asking Please and giving cookies :D
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    @Magik : #740 inactive
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    I hope the dev didn't stop supporting this plugin...it was excellent!
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    Oh no, I just now got it working for the first time D: (I'm running 818 btw) I really like this plugin, if Magik really is off the case, then someone should fork it.
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    Does anyone know if there's any support for this plugin? I've used it since 1.5, where it's worked beautifully, but now I've got a problem with the database files. I'd post my logs and specs, but I'm not sure how much help I'll get on an inactive plugin... -_-'

    Edit: Found my problem, iCoLand crashed when I changed from the essentials Nether to the minecraft Nether, so the houses were redirecting to a non-existent world.

    iCoLand still works great for my server (860), but I think Residence is a much more powerful tool that does the same thing, and more. As far as migration goes, there's no specific tool for it (as far as I'm aware), but the iConomy wiki shows how to access an H2 database: http://ico.nexua.org/Main/FAQ (instead of typing in the iConomy database path, you want to put in the path for the iCoLand lands.db)
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    Ick - inactive!
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    Multiworld support ? :/
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    damn inactive! going to have to refund my players their money and look for another plugin
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    Awwww god dammit! This was my favorite plugin... Could someone fork this?
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    Sad Face... One of my favorite plugins...
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    Seth Walton

    I am confused on a few things. Does this plug into iconomy and take money from you when you buy land? Everytime I have bought land, even as a non-op and guest permissions, the land has been free even though it says it costs "X amount"
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    Inactive means no longer supported, it wasn't written for the latest API, and therefore likely to have lots of bugs and/or not work right. Use at your own risk. I would suggest Residence instead. Seems to work the same way. Cheers :)
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    PLEASE HELP! Why can people buy land for "0"!!!! Whenever anyone selects and purchases any land, iCoLand sells it to them for nothing, while displaying the ACTUAL cost in brackets!!!!!!!!!!!! I fixed this once months ago but forgot how I did it :( How do I make it CHARGE people for the land they buy?
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    eh...very nice plugin but need new support :/
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    This is [Inactive] Guys
    It was made for Bukkit Build#740
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    For some reason whenever I type /icl, or even /icl list, /icl select, /icl help ALL it ever says is /icl /icl help <topic>
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    will this affect multiworld?
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    can someone plz fork this??

    i would do it but i dont know ANYTHING about java.

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    HELP me PLzzzz I got All The Plugins i Need But it stil won't work can u send me a video of how to install it

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