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    AutoRegionGuard- 'Players' protect regions simply by building
    Version: 0.5

    This is my first go at java and I welcome any input other developers might have on my plugin. I hope you guys like it!

    AutoRegionGuard is different from traditional protection plugins because players don't need to use any commands to gain its benefits. Players can 'claim' a chunk (16x16 square of blocks sky to bedrock) just by placing 16 blocks within that chunk. This protects their structures and chests from grievers/other players that they have not added to their 'friends list'. One of the hopes I have of this plugin is that mods will need to do less intervening and can instead focus on other things. Also includes /god.

    • Claimed regions are protected from other players placing/breaking blocks/lava/water
    • Unauthorized players cannot open chests in claimed regions
    • Automatically claim a chunk by placing 16+ blocks in it
    • Prevents creeper explosions if they would affect a claimed region
    • Godmode
    • Ops/Mods bypass protection
    • Right-click with 'String' (now configurable) to get chunk info
    • Right-click with 'Feather' (now configurable) to unclaim a chunk (arg.bypass allows unclaiming of others' chunks)
    Latest Jar

    Permission node

    /arg toggle
    Turns on/off(default) autoclaim

    /arg claim
    Claim the chunk you are standing in

    /arg info [<world> <xvalue> <zvalue>]
    Get info about the chunk you are standing in or specified

    /arg unclaim [<world> <xvalue> <zvalue>]
    Unclaim the chunk you are standing in or specified

    /arg friends
    Displays your list of friends

    /arg addfriend [playername]
    Adds a friend to your friends list

    /arg removefriend [playername]

    Removes a friend from your friends list

    /arg save
    Saves Regions.txt and FriendsList.txt

    /arg load
    Loads Regions.txt and FriendsList.txt

    /god [player]
    Enables/Disables godmode


    Version 0.5
    • fixed an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when adding/removing friends
    • flint and steel can no longer be used to claim
    • fixed /arg toggle problem that involved typing the command twice to truly toggle
    • added explosionprotection(true/false) as an option in arg.properties
    • added protectchests(true/false) as an option in arg.properties
    • added /arg give <playername> [<world> <chunkx> <chunkz>]. Must have arg.player(and arg.bypass if you dont own it). Gives <playername> the specified chunk.

    Version 0.4
    • added fire protection for claimed chunks(fire won't spread or destroy blocks in claims)
    • /arg [removeplayer, save, load, checklastonline] can all be used from the console
    • added properties file to change many different settings such as autoclaim being on/off by default
    • added a maximum for owned chunks (configurable setting, bypassed by arg.bypass)
    • fixed /arg claim permission issue
    • added /arg unclaim [<world> <xvalue> <zvalue>] for long distance unclaiming
    • added /arg info [<world> <xvalue> <zvalue>] for long distance info
    Version 0.3
    • /arg removeplayer [playername]. Must have arg.bypass. Removes all claims [playername] has.
    • scheduled saves (every 30min)
    • ARG now creates LastOnline.txt. Format [playername];yyyy/MM/dd/HH
    • expire regions for inactive players
    • /arg checklastonline. Must have arg.saveload. Manually executes code to expire players.
    • Changed permission node for /arg claim to arg.claim
    Version 0.2.1
    • Fixed incompatibility with EssentialsChat (Thanks iggiiggi)
    Version 0.2
    • Added chunk info tool. Must have arg.user. To use right click a block while holding
    • Added /arg info. Must have arg.user.
    • Added unclaim tool. Must have arg.user (and arg.bypass if you dont own it).To use right click a block while holding feather.
    • Added /arg unclaim. Must have arg.user (and arg.bypass if you dont own it).
    • Added /arg friends. Displays your list of friends. Must have arg.user.
    • Fixed a error when using /god on other players
    • Added /arg toggle. Must have arg.user. Turns on/off(default) autoclaim.
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my awesome plugin
    Big thanks to @Sammy and @Samkio for their awesome tutorials and posts.
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    I really love this plugin and it works great even with out permissions but I have run into a problem with essentials and I hope I can get a little help with this.

    When I add essentials group manager to my server all permissions for ops go out the door. It seems to limit all ops with player constraints. I add arg.bypass to ops but no matter what I try essentials seems to not want to allow arg.bypass to work.

    The funny thing is /arg claim and /arg unclaim was not even working when I added essentials group manager so I added arg.user, arg.player and arg.claim to the guest permissions in group manager and they started working again. But it still wont allow ops to bypass anything even with arg.bypass in ALL groups lol. Not that I want guests and builders to have arg.bypass just saying that seems to be the one command essentials group manager will NOT pick up on.

    Is there a way around this so I can allow ops to have arg.bypass with OUT having to take out group manager cause as it is now group manager is a must.

    Please if anyone has some ideas on how to fix this it would be great. I LOVE this plugin cause it gives players the ability to claim property with out an admin having to do all the work for them. I would hate to not be able to use it cause of one command not working with essentials group manager.
  3. Perfect mod! This was exactly what I was searching for, a perfect anti-grief mod. But on offline servers, its simple to bypass. So here is a idea:

    I wish I had a option to use IP instead of name to identify players in ARG (for offline servers). So if player "AAAA" with IP "" goes and claims some land, and then player "AAAA" disconnects, and then player "AAAA" connects again, but with IP "" and tries to build/destroy in areas claimed by, it should fail. And regards to counting chunks, IPs should be used as identification in IP mode.

    Adding friends and removing friends in IP mode should be based on the friends current IP. So if player AAAA writes "/arg addfriend BBBB" while BBBB is connected with "", then is added to AAAA's friend list. But in IP mode, addfriend/removefriend will only work while the targeted friend is online.
    If the friend is offline, it could say "You cannot add [friend] since [friend] is not online".
    And same with remove: "You cannot remove [friend] since [friend] is not online".

    Also add /arg clearlist - pretty self-explanitory, clears the friends list completely for the user currently running the command. This works regardless of ipmode true or ipmode false and regardless if friends is offline or online.

    This could be a option in the configuration file. Like ipmode(false/true) - enables identification based on IP instead of name (good for offline servers).
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    Is there a clever way of combining the data in regions.txt with a minecraft mapping prog/mos such as overviewer (based on GoogleMaps). Hmmm......
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    Is it possible to have some kind of enter/leave message? so its clear where a certain owned chunk starts and where it ends?
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    agreed. Please!
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    DOes this work fine with the lates reccomended CB?
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    This really really great plugin worked well with 953 (1.7.2), but updating to CB 1000 (1.7.3) breaks it. :( Hopefully there will be an update - because I honestly have no idea which plugin to switch to if this really stops working. I can´t even find one single plugin that actually does what ARG does. Ideas anyone?

    Oh, btw, this is the complete response from ARG when starting the server with ARG v0.5 and CB build #1000:

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    The same problem...
    I'm thinking about switching to Residence. However it doesn't work automaticaly :(
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    this was the best protection plugin. Such a shame its abandoned.
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    I really hope this gets updated!
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    ok, I was able to get rid the error posted previously. There just was a space at the end of the line claimthreshold=16, which was why it didn´t like the string "16 ", according to the error message. Except for the fact that ARG doesn´t automatically trim spaces from its settings variables anymore, it still seems to work absolutely fine so far. We haven´t encountered any further problems.
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    Ya i've been running arg with build 1000 for a few days now, and it works great still.
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    just a request, is it possible to define some chunks as reserved, for instance if i build a shop then use a chest stor inside and claim teh chunk the chest arent accesible unless i globally disable chest protect, so is it possible to make a chunk unclaimable, or set a chunk in special list/mode etc where an OP etc can put it in this mode/list then and define that list as allowing chest access or not etc

    im basically wondering if there is a way to make some chunks have their own properites such as for rental land, the chest wud have to be accessible

    i really dont know how to explain it :S
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    Manually change the owner to a name that doesn't exist on the server, then manually add people that that name's friend list.
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    this is the best automatic protection plugin for smp servers.
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    indeed it is!
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    when i start my server it says [SERVERE] Could not load 'plugins\AutoRegionGuard.jar' in folder 'plugins'
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    Very good plugin! Is there any problem to use it with the latest build???
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    Please update this plugin! We need you!
  22. could you create a permission to bypass the max chunks limit? i have a few designers and stuff that need more land, without having to give them OP
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    needing an update!!
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    Someone, anyone! Adopt this!
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    Really someone should adopt this
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    update, adopt, hell just re compile with 1000

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    And preferable rewrite the user help with better English/Grammar.
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    my problem wasnt that i need a fake user to own the chunk si already have that going :p

    but i use shop chests and owning the chunk with chest protect ON conflicts

    so i disbaled that protection and substituted it with lockette

    which i find is more flexible anyhow
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    Still working ok with CB #1060. Just sad that it doesn´t protect furnaces, dispensers and pictures (pictures can even be set and destroyed everywhere, no protection at all for them) - and it doesn´t prevent players from changing blocks in a protected chunk from the outside using pistons. I really wish, ARG had those additional protections.

    Since Beta 1.8 might be coming with a change in how chunks are actually handled, are you going to keep ARG working at least? It´s the ONLY plugin I´ve ever found that provides protection through building stuff - this plugin has been brillant from the beginning. And it still is.

    If I were you, I´d keep this plugin updated at all costs (If I had any clue about Java at all, I´d fix/enhance it on my own) - you got a monopoly there, because alot of people are still using ARG and no one else seems to have ever programmed such a plugin to protect on build.
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    Please update this looks like a very good plugin
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    I recompile it with 1060.
    Backup your files before updating!
    Tested only 5 minutes on localhost

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