[INACTIVE][SEC/ADMN] FLT Detector v1.2.6 - Make the Usage of Lava, Fire and TNT impossible[860]

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    FLT Detector - Disable Fire, Lava and TNT
    Version: v1.2.6
    CraftBukkit Build: Tested with 766


    This Plugin disables Fire, Lava, TNT and TNT ignite for choosen players. It delets the placed Block(Fire, Lava or TNT) and kicks(if you want) the player who placed the Block.

    This is my first very little and simple Plugin. But everyone is a beginner at the beginning :D. I'm learing Java at the Moment because im 14 and ... yes. I hope you have fun

    • Be sure that only choosen players can place Fire, Lava and TNT and ignite TNT
    • Kicks Players who place Fire, Lava and TNT if you want
    • Change Kick Messages
    • Chose detected blocks
    • Decide if you want that players get kicked

    • fltd.disable
      • Allows player to Place Fire, Lava and TNT
    • tnt.allow
      • Allows player to place tnt
    • fire.allow
      • Allows player to place fire
    • lava.allow
      • Allows player to place lava
    Download FLT Detector v1.2.6

    Source is inside the Jar-File

    Just copy the FLTDetector.jar File in your Plugin directory and restart you server. The Plugin will create a new file with a config file.

    The Plugin will create a config File. Change things you want :)
    Kick-Message-for-Lava: Lava is forbidden on this Server!
    EnableTNTignite: true
    Kick-Message-for-TNT: TNT is forbidden on this Server!
    EnableFire: true
    Enable-Kick: true
    EnableLAVA: true
    EnableTNT: true
    Kick-Message-for-Fire: Fire is forbidden on this Server!
    TNTigniteEnabled: true
    Kick-Message-for-TNT-ignite: Ignite TNT is forbidden on this Server!

    Permissions and Nodes - Done (Version 1.1)
    Chose witch material will be detected - Done (Version 1.2)
    Custom Kick Messages - Done (Version 1.2.1)
    Permissions for Lava or Fire or TNT - Donw (Version 1.2.4)

    Known Bugs:
    • None

    Version 1.2.6 (Download)
    • Kick-Messages: false or true
    Version 1.2.5 (Download)

    • Addet TNT ignite
    Version 1.2.4 (Download)

    • Addet nodes for lava fire and tnt
    Version 1.2.3 (Download)

    • Fixed Lava Bucket Remove
    Version 1.2.2 (Download)

    • Fixed Lava Bucket
    Version1.2.1 (Download)

    • Addet Custon Kick Messages
    Version 1.2 (Download)

    • Now you can chose which Block will be detected
    Version 1.1 (Download)

    • Addet nodes for Permissions
    Version 1.0 (Download)

    • First release
    I hope that little Plugin helps some people.

    Sorry for my english im german
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    Very cool, tried it at first and it didn't work, but then I deop'd myself and BOOM, the server hates me xD

    EDIT: also, placed TNT cannot be destroyed with this plugin
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    Thanks :)
    Yes, if you are an Op you can place TNT and Fire and Lava. If you arent Op you cant place it.
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    Addet support for Permissions now :)
    If someone wants customize messages i will add it
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    Thanks I will use this if it works with 733, I will update you and let you know when my panel comes back online as I am at collage and I cant SSH as port 22 is blocked :p

    This should stop the C***s that keep griefing with lava, I tryed world guard but that caused to many issues so I am going to give this a go with
    NoTNT and NoFire :p

    That should stop the griefers :mad:

    Appears to prevent still lava, But not buckets of lava

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    Hey there! Could I please have the source? It may help me with Permissions :)
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    Oh ... i will add it as fast as i can

    If you Download the Plugin there are the .java Files. You can open these files with notepad so you can get the source :)
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    It prevents 11 and 10, But not Lava in a bucket


    learn to read
    Download FLT Detector v1.1
    Source is inside the Jar-File

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    Yeahh ... right ;D

    EDIT: If you have a Plugin without source you can open the .class files with a decompiler.
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    Version range should only be used when necessary
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    you need to block item 327
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    No, thats not working

    I forgott to say: Feedback Welcome! I also add things you want to my ToDo List!

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    You need to blacklist USAGE of lavabuckets, Not placement :p

    Just like on essentials
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    Whoa! Tried using it on build 733 maybe its my combination of plugins but anytime i place any block im kicked for using lava. Ill investigate but do you have any ideas whats going on?
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    Hm...ill Test it again on Build 733 but i made some tests and it worked for me. If i find an issue i will fix it

    @Xuande08 It works now. Found an issue.
    and @Ben1002 lava bucket is working now but the placed lava dont get removed

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    Ok, can you quote this again when you have got it to remove the lava :p
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    Yes sure. In 2 hours im home then i will do it
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    The bug that kicked me for placing any block is fixed :) but it doesnt detect any of my citizen permissions (fltd.disable is not activated on this permission nor is it superseded to them)

    Ill try to give you as much technical info/troubleshoot questions as possible
    -I'm using the latest recommended build
    -Glance at the permissions
    default: true
    prefix: '&1'
    suffix: '&1'
    build: true
    - 'wanted.file'
    - 'monsterhunt.usercmd.hunt'
    - 'monsterhunt.usercmd.huntscore'
    - 'monsterhunt.usercmd.huntstatus'
    - 'lockette.user.create.*'
    - 'iConomy.access'
    - 'iConomy.payment'
    - 'localshops.buysell'
    - 'localshops.manage'
    - 'localshops.manage.owner'
    - 'localshops.create'
    - 'bc.tnt.allowed'

    -Glance at the Flnt Detect config
    Kick-Message-for-Lava: Lava is forbidden on this Server!
    Kick-Message-for-TNT: TNT is forbidden on this Server!
    EnableFire: false
    EnableLAVA: true
    EnableTNT: true
    Kick-Message-for-Fire: Until Firespread can be prevented Fire is disabled please rejoin and remember only you can prevent forest fires.!

    I open these with notepad because I dont have a YML reader but i am aware how crucial the spacing is and the command prompt server does not give any critical errors line read errors on the plugin.

    Any suggestions?
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    You have Permissions ... which version?
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    Sorry for the delay but I am on the latest version of permissions.
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    And whats wrong with permissions?

    @Ben1002 Now the Lava-Bucket-Lava-Remove is working.

    Addet Version 1.2.3

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    Thanks, I will update this when I get home!
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    No problem :D
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    Oh ha I guess i gave you alot of data but no problem. FNT detector It doesnt boot for fire.
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    I have seen many plugins out here, that block placement of certain blocks or using certain items, however I haven't seen any of them, that could do the following: checks the number of placed blocks, if it exceeds a certain amount of block per day/session, it kicks the player or sends him to jail, is it even possible to monitor a daily check for everyone? For example, I have a mining world set up (Server has 4 different worlds), where players could use TNT, but it is disabled on our server by default, because large amounts of it (50x50x50 dimensions and other sick combination) can seriously give a large hit on CPU/Ram performance, making those chunks in that world unplayable. But if a player, for example, could be allowed to place only 20 blocks of TNT daily or at the same time, it would solve these kind of problems. An alternative would be just to monitor the players, where and in what world they place TNT, Lava or Firing up things, for instance you can't place more than X amount of TNT, until they are used. If anyone else knows of such plugin, do comment :)
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    I'd like to have a plugin that would log or broadcast sensible items use instead of kicking or banning. I permit everything on my server but would rather know who uses what. It might be a pretty cheap and lightweight way to find bad players.

    Thanks for considering this!
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    Is there any way you can customise which items cannot be used?? instead of it just being FLT..
    Would be great for permission classes..higher ranking people can use e.g a fernace. while lower levels can't.
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    Erwyn LENS

    Yes, could separate each permission? For example a rank could only be able to use lava, the second one, lava plus fire, and the last one, lava fire and tnt. That's what i'm looking for actually and I haven't found it yet so I was thinking of programming it by myself but if I can find one before...

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