[INACTIVE] RequiPanel v1.09 - An in-game admin GUI! [SPOUT][1060]

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    RequiPanel - An in-game admin GUI!
    Version: v1.09
    Tested on: #1060

    I cannot be bothered to maintain two pages now, so i'm just going to link to my dev-bukkit page, and keep the version updated here. I will continue to give support on this page, but all of the info and updates will be on the dev page! ^^

    http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/requipanel/ - Go to it.

    Minecraft is an amazing game, but it lacks a nice way of doing all the admin related stuff... the console and command interfaces just aren't stylish enough if you ask me, and that's where RequiPanel comes in!

    This is the start of a large project to get a LOT of the default commands you would expect from a server all into an in-game GUI, at the moment there are only a few basic player-related commands, like kick, ban and mute, but more are coming very soon!

    screenshots (open)

    • A nice looking GUI to control simple player commands.
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    This is an awesome concept, but my suggestion would make it so server owners can define the commands that appear there. That way you are not duplicating commands for people since they can just link them into their pre-existing plugins. You could have ANY command you wanted on there.

    You would make the player execute the command when they click the button (accessible through Player), rather than manually doing it yourself. You could also add in an optional permission check etc to see if the button should be there. An example config:

        name: Ban Player
        cmd: /ban %player%
        permission: kiwiadmin.ban
        name: HawkEye Search
        cmd: /hawk here 5
        permission: hawkeye.search
        name: Toggle Vanish
        cmd: /vanish
    %player% would be replaced by the player specified in that box
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  3. What oliverw92 said :p. This looks to be a great plugin and I can't wait to see what it's like when further developed. But allowing admins to customize what commands go on there would really increase the potential and appeal.
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    Thanks for the ideas, actually that seems like a very good idea, although i think ill go with it as i am for now until i'm a bit more used to how the GUI part of spout works, it's pretty confusing! and ive just realised i cocked up, permissions dont work...

    Updated with a fix to the permissions bug!

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    Can I have it so only the admins need spout? Or does everyone need it?
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    @palz2015 yes, only the admins need to have the client so that they see the GUI, it will affect players no matter if they have the client or not :)
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    Cosmic Break

    is it possible to make it so that i can define a key to open the gui. I have P registered to a different plugin.
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    This looks pretty awesome :)
    Maybe a few new feature suggestions would be nice!
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    This is a great idea, i would love to see what this thing will look like in a few months with added features such as custom commands.
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    I agree. And i enjoy your signature :)
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    Wow I'm amazed at all the positive feedback, thanks a lot! :D

    Yeah of course, I'll work on adding that to the next release, expect it sometime in the next 2 days, along with teleportation buttons
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    the GUI breaks when resizing the window.

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    I agree with allowing admins to add their own command buttons. I can see this plugin becoming very popular!
    Nice work:p
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    Okay, adding resizing support to my to-do list, and thanks again for positive feedback ^^
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    Should make it "P" to open the panel.
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    It is, read the commands section :p

    Updated with teleport commands :)

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    ey bro, i am op and i writed command "/panel players" and error appears "Uknknown command" :(
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    You sure youve got the plugin and spout installed, as well as using the spout client? If that doesnt help, make a bug ticket on the bukkit dev link near the top and i'll look into it :)
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    I downloaded Requipanel.jar and installed this, I must take something other too? Can you tell me, how install this plugin from.. ekhm.. "begin to end"? May I am doing something bad ;e
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    Yeah sure :)

    1. put this in your plugins folder.
    2. then download the plugin from this page and put it in the plugins folder too.
    3. finally, use this to log into the server, and then press 'P' to try it out :)

    Updated to v1.09, you can now choose your own key using the codes supplied in the thread. coming up is a new panel! :D

    You can now go to the dev-bukkit link and take part in a poll to decide what comes next! :D

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    LOVE IT !
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    Great to know you like it so much! :D
    But i really need ideas on what else to do! :p
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    "You don't have permissions to do that" :(

    craftbukkit.command.panel.user: true

    I did some not good :< ?
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    the permission is

    rpanel.players: true

    you must've read the first post wrong :p
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    I like the new teleport features :) Good Job
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    thanks @iPhysX :) i'm working on making it modular, so theres one central plugin that panels hook into :) eventually ill make an API ^^
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    I did this, but this error appears again and again.. Maybe I must just delete folder spout_meta or something like that?
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    thats very odd, i have no idea to be honest... post your permissions config please, ill take a look asap
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    Okay, but remember - I've same file with permissions on map server and main server's folder.

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    Very strange, looks perfect to me... Can you use the rest of the pernissions as normal? And what permissions manager are you using? Ive been testing with permissionsBukkit, try giving yourself the pernission using the manager, not pernissions.yml :)

    EDIT: actually, Is that the config of permissions.yml or a pemnissions plugin?

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