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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Jackxxxx, May 16, 2012.

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  1. Basically, there is a plugin that has been inactive since September 2011 and I want the BukkitDev page. Is there anyway the inactive one can be deleted so I can have it?
    (Please PM me for the page link)
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    Plugin devs frequently go inactive, then pull their plugins back out of inactivity. Better to find a new name for your plugin.
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    Yeah. You are free to make your own page and then call it a continuation, but we won't transfer page ownership without the original author's consent.
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    I think he just wanted the URL slug for it.
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    Unfortunately we can't do that either, it causes just as many issues as transfer of ownership, no matter how reversible it is.
  6. I did indeed want the slug.

    If I could get permission from the old Dev, is it possible to do anything?
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    If the old dev wants to pass the project onto you, he is welcome to do so. He has full ability to handle this himself in the project management tools on dbo.
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    Nice one.
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    So you can only make a continuation if the project is inactive?
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    Or abandoned, yes. Otherwise it's pointless to just fork it and start pushing updates for something that already is actively maintained.
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    Yes, if the project is officially "Abandoned" ownership can be transferred. All you have to do is report it.
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    That being said, a smooth hand-off from the previous owner helps immensely.
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    Why not just contact him ._."
  14. Because he is no longer active? Who knows
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