[INACTIVE][MISC] P2Aliases v1.1 - Adds aliased commands to PermissionsPlus [766]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by DigitalTyrant, May 7, 2011.

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    can u not just add this function to permissionsplus? we really do not need permissionsplus to expect u: g: [w:]
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    LOL, I'm guessing you submitted your other plugins with acceptable formats and when released you changed them to how you wanted them to look right? Plague won't accept a plugin post unless its format is nearly perfect, but most people just overhaul the format right after the plugin is accepted. I don't know if anybody goes through plugins and makes them inactive if they don't have correct formatting after release, but if so, most plugins would get moved to inactive.
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    nope, haven't changed the layout since I submitted them.
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    @DigitalTyrant How did they get submitted then, ur a lucky man DigitalTyrant ;)
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    Of course it would be possible, but I am going to keep them separate. I am happy with the stability of 2.0+ vs the previous 1.6 and lower. Until I start to see as many major issue as I was having in 1.6, there will be no major overhaul of PermissionsPlus. A few of the issues that were coming up frequently were with people switching the argument order around. With 2.0, the arguments can be in any order, as long as the necessary ones are there.
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    That we accepted it doesn't mean your posts do not look really awful.
    Anyway one of the criteria is showing the last two version without a spoiler, so I'm still waiting for that.
    That's not true I can only deny submission based on a few criteria
    BUT I'm pretty annoying about formatting, yeah :)
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    Added /rankset command
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    well this isn't even updated for a few weeks -> inactive
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    PLEASE!!! HELP ME!!! It always says the following:
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    This plugin has been incorporated into PermissionsPlus. What Version of PermissionsPlus are you running? What CraftBukkit version?
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    Is it possible to get the latest verson? -.-

    Server says
    "Is it up to date?"

    and NO PermssionsPlus commands work

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