[INACTIVE][MISC/FUN] CharlieSheen v0.1 - The self-explanatory plugin [818]

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    [INACTIVE] CharlieSheen - The self-explanatory plugin:
    Version: v0.1 It's a simple plugin really.

    This was made as a JOKE and was a DARE. I'm not gonna update it as I have REAL plugins coming out...

    • /charliesheen winning - Makes Charlie win (Broadcasts a message)
    • /charliesheen losing - Kills the player (You can trick your players with this)
    Download CharlieSheen.jar (v0.1)
    Source Code
    Version 0.1
    • First release
    Coming Soon:
    • Permissions Support
    • Random messages
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    Oh no! Inactive?!
    How can my server survive without this? :'(

    Also, I'd like to request MySQL support, SQLite support, H2 support...
    And Permissions, PEX, GroupManager, SuperPerms support...
    Oh, and don't forget to add <insert x feature that is so ridiculous and stupid and/or require a client mod>!

    Then this plugin would be amazing. I mean, you can't have a good plugin without supporting all of these!
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    I find it quite sad that this plugin has more discussion then a lot of mine that have been worked on for weeks, lol.
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    It's OK h31ix... it's ok...

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