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    Thomas Bucher

    Trampolin - Jump higher with a Trampolin:

    Version: v0.6

    You can Jump High or even Higher with this Plugin and a Stoneplate and a Block under it.

    • Use Ironblock to Jump "High"
    • Use Goldblock to Jump "even Higher"
    • Use ... Block to Whatever
    • Keep bouncing if you stay on
    • Now Configurable which Block which Height
    • No Falldamage for a amount of time (configurable)
    • Command to Adjust Block boost (temporary for testing)
    • Boosts Minecarts
    Download The Plugin

    Source Code is n the Jar

    Video of Usage..

    Vertical and Horizontal Boosts Video

    Sponsored by iffa ;-)

    • Place a Gold or a Ironblock or any Block configured..
    • Place a Stoneplate on the Block
    • Walk over the Block and get a Heightboost
    • You can use /trampolin if enabled in config to test block adjustment
    useredtorch: false
    nodamagetimeout: 3000
    nodamage: true
    - 41,75,0
    - 42,50,0
    - 49,120,60
    playeronly: false
    usecmd: false
    boostminecarts: true
    useredtorch is not yet implemented.. ignore.

    Each line contains: Block,Boost,Verticalboost
    See the Example, which is the Default.
    If boosts is not in the Configfile, it uses internal Defaults.
    nodamagetimeout: time where player receive no fall damage after usage of the Trampolin (in Miliseconds)
    playeronly: if set to true, only player gets boosted, if false all Entites will jump and bump

    For Vertical boosts try something like:
    - 48,0,2000
    With a Mossystone under the Pressureplate.. ;-)

    usecmd: This enables ingame command /trampolin
    /trampolin blockid boost verticalboost

    This is temporary, you can test values.. if you find the values needed, enter them in the config.

    • Add Permissionsupport (use / build)
    • Alternate way to Trigger Jump..
    • speedboost linked to the redstone
    • Minecart Jumps?
    Version 0.6
    • Boosts Minecarts now..

    Version 0.5c
    • Added Command /trampolin and usecmd ind config File
    Version 0.5b

    • Optimized, who is lifted / jumps by the triggers.. (small fix)
    Version 0.5a

    • Add other entities than players to get speed as well..
    Version 0.5

    • No Falldamage from Trampolin (Falldamage Timeout after usage..)
    Version 0.4

    • Fully Configurable Blocks!!
    Version 0.3

    • Keep Bouncing if you stay on it
    • Added Vertical Booster
    • Fixed a small bug
    Version 0.1

    • Releasing of the Plugin
    Special Thanks to Thomas Müller for this Idea

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    Thomas Bucher

    I will add nativ permissions support from cb , once i have time and rb is with permissions

    Sincerely Thomas
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    Hallo I need some help whit additing a diamond block
                File configFile  = new File(dataFolder, settingsFile);
                BetterConfig config = new BetterConfig(configFile);
                boosts = config.getStringList("boosts", defaultboosts);
                useredtorch = config.getBoolean("useredtorch", false);
                nodamagetimeout = config.getInt("nodamagetimeout", 3000);
                nodamage = config.getBoolean("nodamage", true);
                playeronly = config.getBoolean("playeronly",false);
                usecmd = config.getBoolean("usecmd", true);
                boostminecarts = config.getBoolean("boostminecarts", true);
    What did I wrong whit edditing it??
    And also the usecmd does not work and i put it on true please help?
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    Thomas Bucher

    This seems to be the sourcecode..
    You should only chance the configfile ;-P
    Download the Plugin and dont extract it. the downloaded file should be a jar file.
    (Use another Broswer if you dont get a jar)
    The Plugin will create a config file after first start.

    Sincerely Thomas
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    Nice plugin.
    Why don't you make a tag for the sign? Sign must be put on the side of the block - then only blocks that are marked with a sign will work as a trampoline.
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    hi tom! this plugin is awesome! great work!
    one question though: when i jump it depends on the angle i look, how long i jump. so ive added the iron ore block to boost me 200 up and 1000 horizontal. know when im looking down and running over the block it boosts me not high and far enough. same thing when i look up. ive got to look horizontal to get the best performance of the boost. now when im trying to land just smooth on a block i have to look horizontal and have to guess were i have to land.
    is there any solution to that? can it be turned off? so that the flight just depends on the blocksettings and the speed you run over the block?
    thats the only problem that i have :)
    as said, awesome plugin, great work, just love it. would be perfect if theres any solution to my problem.
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    Thomas Bucher

    Sorry there is no Fix for that atm..
    The High is always the same, i take 0 velocity + the boost, but for the direction, i need a vector to boost. the vector of the view get less in length, as more you look up or down..

    I would need another implementation for this..

    If i have the time someday, i will investigate it.

    Sincerely Thomas
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    Could it be possible to still trigger redstone with the jumping plates ? (I plan to make elevators with pistons and stuff)

    Edit : does not work anymore with Spout
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    is this compatible with the 1.7.3 minecraft or 1.6.6 ??
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    Thomas Bucher

    I am very sorry.
    I am to sick / have a "burnout".
    I will not be able to update my plugins for the next few weeks / months.

    So i decided to let them set Inactive.

    Anyone is free to get in charge of one of this plugins.

    the Source is as always in the Jar File.

    Sincerely Thomas
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    Did anyone pick up this plugin? I realy miss it... I know other plugins can do the same but this was by far the easyest.
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    I tried installing this. It wouldnt work. I just put in the plugins folder and reloaded the server.:'(
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    Since most people are lazy or don't know how to compile I built the plugin to work with 1.2.5! Please accept this nicely wrapped Trampolin.jar as a gift :D

    <font color="#0000ff">Download: </font> <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    [quote uid=90561694 name="Tonkovich" post=1073674]Since most people are lazy or don't know how to compile I built the plugin to work with 1.2.5! Please accept this nicely wrapped Trampolin.jar as a gift :D

    <font color="#0000ff">Download: </font> <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Thank you!!!
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    A tips if it posible..
    do so u can have trapdoors instend of pressure plate so u can have them on the walls :)
    so if u run in to the wall u bounce away
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    Wow, smart!
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    UPDATE?? thanks
    or other plugin???

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