[INACTIVE] [MECH] Sunscreen v0.1 - Shield monsters from daylight [1185-1240]

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    Sunscreen v0.1 - Shield monsters from daylight
    Version: v0.1

    This plugin stops all Monsters from burning in the day.


    Changelog: Version 0.1
    • Initial Release
    • Nothing, I am no longer changing this plugin I have moved on to bigger and better things. If you want something more seek help from someone else. Thank you :)
    This was a request from, this topic.
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    i dont have any ideas for the features but what i really want and need is rent because i have iconomy on and i want to sell some house or lend it so can u plz make me where they need to pay rent and money goes to special account for i dunno like more building
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    I'm sorry I don't think I understand your request... What are you asking for with rent? If it doesn't apply to this plugin please post in the Plugin Requests section. Thank you!
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    Could you make the mod multiverse compatible so that you can enable/disable the sunscreen feature on a per-world basis?
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    Just what I've wanted, yay! Perhaps add monster configuration to select specific monsters?
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    I can only try :)
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    Nice plugin, I'll try it on my server.
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    Could you make it so it works backwards as well? For instance so I could make creepers or cows burn during the day.
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    Excellent plugin. I do want to request one thing, perhaps you can tell me if this is even possible: Spawn mobs at the same rate as moonlight, at all times of the day/light levels above 3.

    Why? Realistic zombie server, spawn mobs in daylight, replace them with zombies using crowdcontrol, and they don't burn.
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    The goal is to make this fully configurable :)

    I like it. It is very possible and this sounds like something to add as soon as I get the config file sorted out.
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    I love you Walker.
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    Haha jk. But you are the first person to step up when I've made requests. It means a lot.
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    Thank you for making this Plugin. :)
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    Lol I like this but I bet half the players are going to be weeded out in a day or so when they realize this one... :D

    Some people can't handle survival + but this is right up the alley I was going for!
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    Can I do this for regions ?
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    Not at the moment, no sorry
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    Just wanted to say I greatly appreciate this :) although I agree with many if you could make this backwards compatible :D
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    I can confirm that Sunscreen works RB 740 through 766! :D

    And sorry I have not done much of what was promised with this plugin, but it will come. I just have been so busy lately with school and all that. In addition to trying to get my second plugin out soon :O
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    Is it normal if this plugin lag up monsters that are supposed to burn? :D
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    As in slightly flickering when it's day? Yes, I have looked into a way to fix this and have been futile.

    If you are talking about the monsters actually lagging as in not really moving, this is not normal, but this can happen if you are using some CPU intensive plugins. It is not mine though.
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    thats nice :D i use it for the survival events in my server.
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    Confirmed for CB RB 798 803
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    Sunscreen is working with 1.6.4
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    As soon as multiworld support is available, this sounds great!
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    Along with regions support it would be epic if you could get an in game command to enable/disable various mobs from invulnerability. So I could do /sunscreen cow burn or /sunscreen skeleton protect and then cows would burn in daylight and skeletons would go around murdering people. Plus if you could turn it on for pigs there'd be bacon everywhere :D
    And if I wasn't quite clear the ingame commands are more what I'm looking for. Sorry about the many requests, I'm not trying to criticize.
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    No problem. I have been very busy lately, once I find the time I will be updating this as well as finishing my new plugin.
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    option to decide which monsters survive day and which burn
    maybe possible delay per monster before burning?
    well, that's all i got

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