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    Version: v1.1
    Download and Source: https://github.com/VicWhiten/RedstoneMobSpawn
    Click the download link on github to download the jar

    This is the first plugin that I've put out in the open and advertised, and the first plugin I wrote that wasn't server specific for something we specifically needed. We wanted a way to control encounters with mobs more than just spawning in the darkness, but didn't want to have to have a moderator online to spawn them, so my idea was redstone. Think a Mob Spawner that you can hide and control. I hope you all like it!

    • Allows the use of redstone circuits to spawn creatures and mobs
    • uses signs for spawning, no commands
    • Allows spawn location to be changed, not just on the sign
    • uses Permissions to limit griefing

    Version 1.1
    • added permissions, either Op, GroupManager or Permissions
    • updated for Minecraft Beta 1.4
    Version 1.0
    • First Release! WOOOO

    This plugin allows you to use redstone circuts to spawn creatures on your server. A monster is spawned by powering a sign with redstone in any way. The sign must be powered, must be a free standing sign (not on a wall), and must follow this syntax:

    I'm replacing the text sign stuff with pictures, just not now @ 5AM....
    Sign Syntax:
    | MOBSPAWN |
    | [name of creature] |
    |<BlockFace> <distance>|
    | |

    Where name of creature is whatever you want to spawn, BlockFace is a cardinal direction (I.E. north, east, south_west, north_west), and distance is the number of blocks in that direction you want the mob to spawn. If you don't provide a distance, it is assumed to be 1. If you completely omit the 3rd line, the creature will be spawned on the sign.

    | MOBSPAWN |
    | zombie |
    | up 2 |
    | |
    This will spawn a zombie 2 blocks above the sign, useful for putting signs under a block to hide them.

    | MOBSPAWN |
    | pig |
    | north |
    | |
    This will spawn a pig one block to the north of the sign

    | MOBSPAWN |
    | creeper |
    | |
    | |
    This will spawn a creeper on the sign. Hope you aren't nearby!

    To use RedstoneMobSpawn, you must either
    1. Be an Op
    2. Have "redstonemobspawn.spawn" in your permissions, using either GroupManager or Permissions

    Either respond here or email me at [email protected], and I'll try to get back to you ASAP!
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    I think you could build a redstone circuit that would serve this purpose. Pulser I think it is called?
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    when will update for 1.5 come out?
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    Great plugin !
    Can you add iconomy to your plugin ?
    If you clic for spawn a mob, it cost some money.
    It will be good.
    Thnaks ! =)
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    Plugin works great. Only problem is I'm using it as a cheat... I have a giant Mob Trap with a pulse circuit running every 20 seconds over 48 signs. Can I stop it from showing a message on my server log as it's quickly making the file bigger and bigger!
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    considered inactive
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    does this mod work with 740?
  8. Can someone PLEASE update this plugin for 818 CB version ... =[
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    I'm planning on updating both this and my MobLimiter sometime this week/weekend :)
  10. i'm already using that but that spawns the mobs too fast or am I doing something wrong?
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    Maybe an update this weekend then?
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    I've tested the app against the latest build and it still functions correctly, no update needed.
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    Which you mean your plugin shouldn't be at Inactive/Unsupported Section?
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    Yes, I've reported it to be moved back to the active section.
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    This plugin, along with MobLimiter, work perfect with CraftBukkit build #953.

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