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    Portcullis - Build your own gates
    Version 1.2a
    This plugin gives you the possibility to build a Portcullis for an entrance of you castle or something like that.​
    -Create a portcullis by creating the border and use a command​
    -Use buttons and levers to close/open your portcullis​


    Only copy the JAR-file in your plugins folder

    How to Use:

    To create a portcullis you have to make a border consisting of every material( but no Air) you want. Now facing the place where the gate will appear, you are tipping in your chat the command:
    /portcullis create NAME
    For name you've to use a unique name for your world.
    Now there are appearing fences, representing the gate.

    Of course you want to controll the portcullis. Create a stonebutton or a lever where ever you want and face it
    Use the command to bind the button to the portcullis:
    /portcullis bind NAME
    The name must be the same as the portcullis has.

    If you want to unbind the button, use the command in the same way, but write
    /portcullis unbind NAME

    To delete a portcullis and unbind all buttons linked with it, tip in
    /portcullis remove NAME

    To see all existing portcullises, use
    /portcullis list

    To list all commands, use
    /portcullis help

    Instead of /portcullis you are now possible to use only /pc for a better handling

    My texturepack I use is Misa Texturepack, you can find it here





    See attachted files for the source(I use NetBeans to create the plugin, so it's a NetBeans project) and the jar File. Just unzip them to use them.


    Version 1.2a:
    Fixed the bug, that when a portcullis isn't sucessfully created, that the portcullis is also saved.

    Version 1.2 :
    Added support for 493's Bukkit
    Added a help command to list all commands and a command to list all existing portcullises
    Added message, that the portcullis was removed
    Improved binding/unbinding the buttons by using the block, the player has in target instead the button in front of the player(so, just look at the block you want to bind)
    Give the user the choice, to tip /portcullis or just /pc for a short cut
    Some minor fixes

    Version 1.1 : Added a function to remove an existing portcullis.
    Fixed some minor bugs
    Added support for Bukkits Version 472+

    Version 1.0a : Added check if the save file exists and create file if not.

    Version 1.0 : The official release with all features I wanted to include

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    Wow this is perfect for my server! We we're originally using block door but this will be great! :D
    Thanks for the excellant work keep it up. :)

    Maybe generate save file on load if it dosn't exsists?
    Permissions support :)

    I can't seem to create a portcullis.
    I constantly get the error 20 blocks maximum or no error at all.
    Maybe i am doing it wrong?
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    You have to stand a block before the block, on which you want to create the portcullis.

    So, when you look from the air at it, it has to look this like:

    X = the Border
    Y = You

    You've to face the block.

    I tested it with the version I've uploaded, it works with no problems.

    To your suggestions:
    I've created the save file on load, when it doesn't exists, I forgot to add this, sry. It is added in the newest version.
    Permissions support, I don't know how Permissions work, but I will try to at an optional support.
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    So very similar to Craftbooks :D

    Excellent! Craftbook is in the process of porting so this will be great to use :)
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    Would be nice if this would work without Command, else it sounds sweet!
  6. It works, but:
    1. --removed-- see below

    2. if you make something work and get a Error-Message the name is looked and can not used again, can you change this?

    Thanks for the work and the great plugin. I hope this help you to make the plugin better.
    --- merged: Feb 13, 2011 6:23 PM ---
    Forget Part 1 of my last post i have a error in reasoning.

    You have a tolerance but you direction is work

    45 - 135 is north
    135 - 225 is east
    225-315 is south
    314-45 is west

    your east and west is ok but the south and north are wrong.
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    J. D.

    This is pretty sweet looking, however can I make ports of varying sizes that are controlled by a single switch? Such as a 6x4 or larger that can be opened and closed with a lever/button?
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    Awesome Mod! Whats your texture pack?
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    images has crashed
  10. Tested and approved on a craftbukkit modded with MCRegions :)

    Can I ask which texture pack are your using on the screenshots ?

    Thanks for your hard work ! :)
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    Hey, I'm building a mothership from movecraft (created the mothership data) and when I use portcullis for my hanger door then I move it either does nothing or dependand on how i move rebuilds the original gate before it got moved by movecraft, plz help as we're building somethin insanely awesome :D. This pic does not have the gate because if it went wrong i would have to delete about 200 fences again!!!

    EDIT: I know the problem, when movecraft deletes then rewhatever the blocks the fences lose their portcullis properties. If you could fix this it would be grand

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    When I try the command /portcullis create it tells me the portcullis can only be 20 blocks wide. no matter what
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    you must be on the block right infront of the block you want the portcullis to be on
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    Pretty interesting - its a good replacement for [gate] from craftbook.
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    Try facing 90 degrees from your position and build it.
    I can only build gates facing West or East, Not at all North and South
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    I finally got the portcullis to be created, but whenver I try to bind a lever to it, it says cannot bind or whatever
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    mine shows a long list in the commands, the first error says failed check session lock, aborting. the other error says [SEVERE] Unexpected Exception and below saysailed check session lock, aborting.......someone HELP
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    I want my Craftbook gates back ;(
    It was so super simple, and no chat-commands, only a sign next to a gate. (and it worked with redstone ;) )
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    This plugin worked great tho it made Some of my other plugins not work :(
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    I yesterday built a castle and this plugin would let it be the perfect home but it doesn't work...
    I created a portcullis but it won't bind. I'm standing in front of the lever.
    (see pic.)

    Can you help me please. What I'm doing wrong?
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    Can't create a port, tried north-south and east-west and all kinds of angles facing where I want the port. Seems to need work, or a decent tutorial..
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    "Important! You must be in the same height as the button/lever is!"

    Which means you can only bind the lever when the lever is at the same height as your lower half :D
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    Thanks for the reply, it finally worked for me.
    I found out, that I have to stand in the west of the lever to bind it, otherwise (even if I'm at the same height) it won't.
    Great Plugin! ^^
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    Please give us a way to erase "failed" gate placements.
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    Second that!
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    please make it work with redstone! [​IMG]
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    I would also like to know.
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    Hi guys,

    I'm sry, that I hadn't give you an answer of your questions. I'm a little bit busy at the moment.

    But I promise you, that I will update this plugin and fix all little bugs and implement a permissions option and some other features. Also it will include an option to delete a portcullis.
    The feature to link it with redstone, I cannot promise you, that I will implement this in a near future. I've started another project and this is my priority at the moment.

    My texturepack I used is Misas Realistic Texturepack, here is the link:

    I will edit this in my original post.

    @Movecraft : I've to apologize, but I will not modify my plugin so this will work with movecraft. But of course can you edit my posted sources and make your own version of the plugin, If you want, that it will works with movecraft.

    Last subject is, that I'm happy, that people like my plugin, thanks to all ;)
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    i need a way to remove a gate
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    i was told to have you fix your stupidly long constructor

    my bukkit console told me :/

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