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    PerformanceTweaks - Disc Usage minimizer, And Other performance tweaks
    Version: v0.08

    AutoSave Stopper:
    Instead of writing every chunk to the disc every 2 seconds. This changes it to 30 mins.
    This saves the server from writing about 9KBps to the disc (7 writes, 2 reads per chunk, on a 3 person server).
    As well as saves about 2 calls to deflate every 2 seconds. (per chunk)

    Chunk Persistance:
    Change how long chunks will stay loaded into RAM, instead of unloading instantly when not used. This way naturally high traffic areas will stay loaded, yet areas that someone was just passing through will unload after some time. This means you need SOME extra RAM but that extra RAM will actually give you a boost in performance while reducing the amount of reading and writing needed for the disk. Win-Win. This part can be disabled via the config file.

    Monster Limiter:
    The Monster limiter will disabled 'natural' monster spawning when the number of monster gets above the max threshold. Then it will re-enabled it when the monsters get below the threshold - 100. Note: Monsters spawn in groups so this is a rough threshold. The limit can be set in the configuration. You can also completely disable this there as well. Let me know how this works out for you.

    • Massively reduces needless disc usage
    • Chunks stay in RAM longer
    Download wget friendly
    Download Source Here
    Donation Link[​IMG]

    If you have any other ideas let me know I can look into if they are feasible or not.
    60 Seconds Without the plugin on a idle server:
    Average Disc Traffic: 1041Bps
    60 Seconds With the plugin on as idle server:
    Average Disc Traffic: ... none.


    Verion 0.08:
    • Updated to MC 1.6.6 RB 813
    Version 0.07:
    • /save-all now forces saving player data as well. Thanks PhantomGamers
    • Fixed NPE on Disable/Reload when MonsterLimiter was disabled. Thanks the like.. 60 of you who repeatidly reported it u.u
    • Added Perliminary Miltiverse world specific Monster Limiter configuration. Please test
    • -Changed MonsterLimiter config to yml.
    • Potential fix for a NPE in Chunk Persistance.run
    • Temporary fix for a Concurancy exception in MonsterLimiter.run();
    Version 0.06:
    • Re-wrote how monster Limiter works
    • --Added config option for allowing animals/monsters separately.
    • --Added a monitor thread, to catch edge cases where EntityDeath doesn't fire.
    • Changed how Persistent Chunks refreshing works, lowering the CPU impact.
    Version 0.05:
    • Changed how Chunk persistence works.
    • -Should get rid of any and all concurrency errors. Chunks are now unloaded by Bukkit itself in doTick()
    • -It will not try to unload spawn chunks any more.
    • -Chunks are new 'refreshed' when players move.
    • Added the /ptml command for debug info.
    Version 0.04
    • Added Monster Limiter
    Verions 0.03
    • Added Chunk Persistance
    Version 0.02
    • Added Configuration
    Version 0.01
    • First Release
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    There is, actually. Just have to cancel health regeneration events.
    There should be a feature on craftbukkit to turn off monster spawns without involving peacefull mode, but i think that's just how minecraft server is coded and there's not much stuff for bukkit team to work with.
    And when i mean "turn off", I didn't mean cancel every spawn event by checking if it is above limit. That's a bit CPU overkill in my opinion, because the server just keep spamming spawn events even though you keep on canceling them (especially if your limit is low and if there's plenty of space for mobs to spawn). It can be performed without lag, but that's the wrong way to go, imo.

    I'm actually rewriting it pretty much from scratch, while keeping LexManos ideas and short pieces of code. I'll keep in touch when it's done, but not before it's actually fully tested on my own private server, so don't expect anything in the upcoming week (and as I'm a noob in plugin making, I have to make my teeth on it).
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    The new config files are in .prop file format, maybe that's why your computer doesn't show them.
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    Does it work for build #1060?
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    Seems to be working corectly for me on 1060 :) .
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    Using the recompiled plugin for [1000] on build [1060] seems to work. I've configured it so that it cuts down my memory usage when idling in half. :D
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    i cant find a forum post for the forked version anywhere... whats the name?
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    Is there a forum post for the forked version?
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    the forked version wasnt actually forked. they made a new thread and didnt change anything and called it thiers.
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    down load link no work D:
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