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    PerformanceTweaks - Disc Usage minimizer, And Other performance tweaks
    Version: v0.08

    AutoSave Stopper:
    Instead of writing every chunk to the disc every 2 seconds. This changes it to 30 mins.
    This saves the server from writing about 9KBps to the disc (7 writes, 2 reads per chunk, on a 3 person server).
    As well as saves about 2 calls to deflate every 2 seconds. (per chunk)

    Chunk Persistance:
    Change how long chunks will stay loaded into RAM, instead of unloading instantly when not used. This way naturally high traffic areas will stay loaded, yet areas that someone was just passing through will unload after some time. This means you need SOME extra RAM but that extra RAM will actually give you a boost in performance while reducing the amount of reading and writing needed for the disk. Win-Win. This part can be disabled via the config file.

    Monster Limiter:
    The Monster limiter will disabled 'natural' monster spawning when the number of monster gets above the max threshold. Then it will re-enabled it when the monsters get below the threshold - 100. Note: Monsters spawn in groups so this is a rough threshold. The limit can be set in the configuration. You can also completely disable this there as well. Let me know how this works out for you.

    • Massively reduces needless disc usage
    • Chunks stay in RAM longer
    Download wget friendly
    Download Source Here
    Donation Link[​IMG]

    If you have any other ideas let me know I can look into if they are feasible or not.
    60 Seconds Without the plugin on a idle server:
    Average Disc Traffic: 1041Bps
    60 Seconds With the plugin on as idle server:
    Average Disc Traffic: ... none.


    Verion 0.08:
    • Updated to MC 1.6.6 RB 813
    Version 0.07:
    • /save-all now forces saving player data as well. Thanks PhantomGamers
    • Fixed NPE on Disable/Reload when MonsterLimiter was disabled. Thanks the like.. 60 of you who repeatidly reported it u.u
    • Added Perliminary Miltiverse world specific Monster Limiter configuration. Please test
    • -Changed MonsterLimiter config to yml.
    • Potential fix for a NPE in Chunk Persistance.run
    • Temporary fix for a Concurancy exception in MonsterLimiter.run();
    Version 0.06:
    • Re-wrote how monster Limiter works
    • --Added config option for allowing animals/monsters separately.
    • --Added a monitor thread, to catch edge cases where EntityDeath doesn't fire.
    • Changed how Persistent Chunks refreshing works, lowering the CPU impact.
    Version 0.05:
    • Changed how Chunk persistence works.
    • -Should get rid of any and all concurrency errors. Chunks are now unloaded by Bukkit itself in doTick()
    • -It will not try to unload spawn chunks any more.
    • -Chunks are new 'refreshed' when players move.
    • Added the /ptml command for debug info.
    Version 0.04
    • Added Monster Limiter
    Verions 0.03
    • Added Chunk Persistance
    Version 0.02
    • Added Configuration
    Version 0.01
    • First Release
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    u.u Restating what I said for the 10th time. YES you need a seperate Auto Saving plugin!
    Anyways, RAM wise its always based on how spread out your players are and how many you have on.
    The bulk of what your server uses memory wise is the chunk data. The more spread out your players, the more chunks. Up to 90 chunks/user. {IIRC its a 15 chunk radius?} 2.5*128*16*16*90*players is a lot.
    This will not make your server suddenly be able to support 1 trillion players. It'll just save a bit of wear and tear on your disc.
  3. For me, it does a little more than save wear & tear on my disc drive. I am currently only running the AutosaveStopper part of this plugin, but while its running, my server CPU with no-one on the server, is running about 2 %- 3% useage. If I remove this plugin, the CPU useage jumps about from 15% - 35%, so it relieves the stress from my server substantially - I hope development on this plugin continues - and thanks to @LexManos for providing it !
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    @LexManos This plugin really looks awesome. I really hope to use it. I have 1 question though. I use autosave. everything will be saved every 15 minutes. If I implement your plugin will everything only be saved then every 15 minutes? I mean will all data be lost before the next save?
  5. If you enable autosave stopper on this plugin, then you have an option in the config of how long you want it to be between saves, so it doesn't have to be 15mins, you could set it to 5mins, or whatever you want.
    If you have autosavestopper set to say, 15mins, then if your server crashes 14mins after the last save time, then Yes, everything that was done in your world within those 14 mins would be lost. However, I've been running this plugin for a while now, and I haven't had that problem - and you can always do a /save-all at any time you like to save everything if you need to restart your server for some reason.
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    Sorry that I won't read all the 11 pages here in case this has been asked:
    So apparently this does not stop save-all from working, but what about the World.save() method of bukkit? I assume it will still really save to disk, but just to make sure...

    It seems this is not compatible with the latest git build. I get players kicked for flying all the time and sometimes they are teleported into walls.

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  8. 1) It does
    2) You've probably got chunk persistance running - that can cause weird things to happen try running it with that turned off for a while - see if that assists.
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    Okay, I've got a problem; Monster limiter is acting flaky. My server has three worlds. I used Multiverse to add a world and it defaulted to 2500 monsters in the world total. But, if I look in the config file the world isn't even listed! So, I added the world to the config file and restarted the server ... and it sets that world to 1250 (as in the config) and the default world to 2500 - despite the config file stating 1250.

    What the heck?
  10. I don't use the moblimiter - the only thing I can offer is that world names are case sensitive - how the world name is spelt on the folder on your server, it should be spelt exactly the same in the config file, using upper / lower case if necessary.
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    No, the world names are the same; world_sand, world_biome, world_savannah. Could it be the underscores?

    Are there any commands for this plugin? It would be nice to adjust while the server is running or to update the config and then reload the plugin.
  12. Unfortunately, I've no more to offer - I've never experimented with the moblimiter.
    There are a couple of commands to save & debug, but nothing of what you are after - sorry.
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    Well, he's provided the source so I can grab that and make the fix myself I suppose. Thanks for your help!
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    After upgrading from 860 to Build 935 of Bukkit, this plugin is causing health to regenerate for everyone at a pretty rapid pace.

    I have a feeling this has something to do with the Moblimiter function -- possibly when Moblimiter turns the animal and monster spawn off after mobs reach the preset limit, Minecraft is going into peaceful mode?
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    Thanks, will try that. :)
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    Any news for update?
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    Matt Gill

    Is performance tweaks working on build 953?
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    Works on 953, but like a user above mentioned the mob limiter causes the server to go into peaceful mode. Hopefully @LexManos will have a fix for us soon :)
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    @icephantom: It was indeed caused by chunk persistance. Too bad, because that feature sounded rather nice too.
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    Hey, cool plugin( I guess )

    - I have a server with few ram, would it be smart to install this to save ram or will it use more ram than it saves?
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    It will generaly with typical config use more ram because its designed to cache to ram to save overload on your hard drive which increases performance since the hard drive is often the bottleneck on most systems ... however you can set it up not to use the ram cache feature and just make it dissable the autosave which wont use up any more ram but you would need to make sure you had some sort of automated world saving plugin to be safe.
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    Please update the plugin so that the mob limiter doesn't turn on peaceful mode when the mob limit is reached.
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    Please update Mob limiter (server keeps in peaceful mode when enabled with 1.7.2)

    BTW: I've tried ALL plugins for limiting mobs on my 300+ server. The only plugin that don't kills the server performance is PerformanceTweaks. (Even WorldGuard limiter drops performance).

    Please keep this plugin alive :D
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    awesome, thanks!
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    guys type /ptml ea and then /ptml em to enable monster and get it off peaceful mode . Worked for me :D
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    I am still just using version 0.1, because all I really wanted was fewer writes to disk. Was this feature improved in the later versions? From the changelog, it looks like all the future versions after 0.1 just deal with mob limiter and chunk persistence. Thanks!
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    I really hope this plugin doesn't die... Its a must have plugin for any server!
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  29. Ooo this looks awesome!
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    Do this work on 953?
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    you keep mentioning your 300-400+ server depending on which thread you read would you mind putting minestatus in your sig or linking to the server im quite interested in how you have managed it. its using just one instance or 1 server per world?

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