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    OtherBlocks - Customize what broken blocks and dead mobs drop!
    Version: 0.7.4
    Download: Jar File | Source Code
    Like this plugin? [​IMG]

    Main author: @cyklo
    Contributors: @Celtic Minstrel

    See the Wiki page for full details on how to set up OtherBlocks

    If you are getting errors with the word "snakeyaml" in it, your config file isn't properly formatted.
    Test it on this website.

    OtherBlocks is a plugin that lets you apply rules to what blocks drop when destroyed, depending on what tool you used. It is inspired by decino's goldenNether plugin.

    You can set rules in the configuration file to match any item with any block and give it a different drop item. For example, you could allow gathering of Glowstone Dust on the overworld by breaking Redstone ore with a golden pickaxe. Or you could allow ingots to be mined directly from their ores if you use Flint and Steel. Or you could invoke Isaiah Mustafa and decree "THE LEAVES ARE NOW DIAMONDS!"

    To install, simply decompress the contents to your plugins directory. Then, copy otherblocks/config.sample.yml to otherblocks/config.yml and edit away!

    Don't forget - to see how to edit the config file, check out out the Wiki!

    Changelog (open)

    Version 0.7
    • Added new drop types DEFAULT and NOTHING (0.7.4)
    • Fixed: creature drops don't work in specific worlds (0.7.4)
    • Added new mob types: CREATURE_GIANT, CREATURE_MONSTER, CREATURE_WOLF (0.7.3)
    • Will no longer throw problems with new types of mob when out of date (0.7.3)
    • Can specify creatures as the tool of death for mobs (0.7.2)
    • Can specify damage events as the tool of death for mobs (0.7.2)
    • Can specify data (colour) values for when you kill a sheep (0.7.2)
    • Fixed: doesn't work on CB 561+ (0.7.2)
    • Can specify data values for SPECIAL_LEAFDECAY events (0.7.2)
    • Large internal changes (0.7.2)
    • Fixed: number of spawned mobs did not obey config file (0.7.1)
    • Fixed: NullPointerException on mob item drop (0.7.1)
    • "color:" works for more than just wool and dyes, now works for wood, half-height blocks, crops etc. (0.7)
    • Synonyms, allowing you to specify groups such as "ANY_REDSTONE_ORE" and "ANY_PICKAXE" (0.7)
    • Can now specify data value of blocks you are dropping from, e.g. "CROPS@RIPE" (0.7)
    • Can now drop a number of items in a range (0.7) (by Celtic Minstrel)
    • Can now drop "CONTENTS" of containers, e.g. dispensers, furnaces (0.7) (by Celtic Minstrel)
    Version 0.6
    • Added SPECIAL_LEAFDECAY tag. See the wiki. (0.6.2)
    • Back-end changes to build process (0.6.1)
    • Multiworld support! Now you can customize drops on a per-world basis (0.6)
    Version 0.5

    • Now you can change what a mob drops when it is killed by a player! (0.5)
    Version 0.4

    • Fixed the map-break AIR bug (0.4.6)
    • Now specify multiple tools at the same time with syntax [TOOL_A, TOOL_B] (0.4.5)
    • Fixed incorrect colours of dropped dyes (0.4.4)
    • Added "ANY" as synonym for "ALL" (0.4.4)
    • Adjustable priority (0.4.3)
    • Can hide boot messages with "verbosity: low" (0.4.2)
    • Quantity and Damage bugfixes, works with Beta 1.3 (0.4.1)
    • Oh god, now you can spawn creepers (and other mobs) (0.4)
    • Fractional percentage chances such as 0.01% are valid (0.4)
    Version 0.3

    • Conforms to new plugin standards and breaks backwards compatibility (0.3)
    Version 0.2

    • Can now drop multiple items per block (0.2.5)
    • Fixed bug introduced in 0.2.3 (0.2.4)
    • Can now specify color of dropped item for wools and dyes (0.2.3)
    • Once again (and hopefully for the last time) fixed durabilities (0.2.2)
    • Changed to lowest priority, hopefully for better compatibility (0.2.2)
    • Fixed durability bug (0.2.1)
    • Change to config.yml format (0.2)
    • Can now specify multiple drops per block, based on different tools (0.2)
    Version 0.1

    • Added "ALL" selector for tools (0.1.3)
    • Workaround for bug in Bukkit whereby durability and max stack size are mixed up (0.1.3)
    • Added drop probability (0.1.2)
    • Customizable damage on block destruction (0.1.1)
    • First release (0.1)
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    Works good for me yet with 714. Was wondering though, is there a way to specify a type of leaf? Such as birch, and redwood? Apologies if it was asked before, but I don't recall seeing it.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    @xorvious - I believe LEAVES@BIRCH should do the trick.
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    Anyone know what the name for spider web is, or don't we have that block yet?
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    It's not assigned to a block ID, so it can't exist without modding both the client and the server.

    Edit: Oh, it seems there was a block ID added to it later. The ID for the web is 30.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    The name for spiderweb would be WEB.
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    So if I just specify LEAVES it will only effect "regular" leaves?
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    Celtic Minstrel

    If you just specify LEAVES it will affect any type of leaves. For regular leaves, you need something like LEAVES@NORMAL (I'm not sure what the actual value is; check the wiki).

    @cyklo - Can we please customize minecart, boat, and painting drops? :D
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    Does is already work for 733?
    I'd like to use it for giving gold-tools a sense. xD
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    I've tried a couple of things, but I haven't been able to change what grass blocks drop when you use a hoe on them. Nothing but seeds. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    You mean when right-clicking? I don't believe OtherBlocks has a hook for that.

    @cyklo – maybe SPECIAL_TILL should be added? :D

    ...if he continues to not respond, I may consider updating this plugin.
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    If it comes to that, know that such an update would be much appreciated. After all, OtherBlocks is central to the workings of very many servers.
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    I just figured out how to get mobs to spawn on mob death, so goddamn cool. Please don't let this become inactive. This is my new favorite plugin
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    mojang added the possibility to let crops drop their 'full loot table' when destroyed with water... but is there a way to edit them? I can edit the Crops-Drops if they get destroyed with hits, but not with water. :(
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Water damage is not currently available. Sorry.
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    I hope it works with cb 733
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Try it and see. I expect it probably does.
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    With cb 733
    I put in a fresh copy and let it generate a config folder
    config folder generated a config.yml that said "otherblocks:null"
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    Appears to work with build #733.
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    I have a problem, when I load the plugin it says
    and the plugin does not appear to work.
    My config file is here: http://pastie.org/1841798 (with the spaces) most of these values were added to see if they worked.
    I am running craftbukkit #733 and I have run the config file through the yaml praiser.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    The only thing I can think of is that maybe the config file is in the wrong place...
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    it was in plugins/otherblocks but I moved it to /plugins/OtherBlocks after it stopped working
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    Does this not work with vehicles? I'd love to make it so that boats actually drop a boat when destroyed by the player. But anyway, the rest of the functionality of this mod is absolutely steller.
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    If thats the only feature you are looking for this should do nicely for you, freshly updated as well ;)
    Interesting to know if that is possible with this mod though.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Ah, case-sensitive filesystem.

    I'm pretty sure cyklo had plans to add support for this; after all, it's thanks to him that it's even possible to do in Bukkit.
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    I moved it back to otherblocks and now I get this witch is the reason I changed it into the first one
    19:53:39 [INFO] While loading OtherBlocks (plugins/otherblocks.jar) found old-data folder: plugins/otherblocks next to the new one: plugins/OtherBlocks
    But it still doesnt work.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Oh, not a case-sensitive filesystem then, unless you actually have two otherblocks folders with different case.
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    there is only one folder and it doesn't work no matter the capitalization.
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    Does Any one have a config that is filled out with every thing? like all the drops and stuff is put in?
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    BlueRazor: the drops are custom. if not specified they will do the default. having a fully filled out config file is pointless.
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    Hey Minstrel. Judging from his description and what I see, I think I have the same problem as Niles, so i'm going to explain exactly what's going on on my end in as much detail as possible.

    First off, i'm on the latest recommended build. I unpack the .tar.gz file and put the .jar into the plugins folder, just like any other plugin. I run the server, stop it, and look at my new config file. Completely blank except for "otherblocks:null." I noticed in your sample config file, this was blank, as in just "otherblanks:" So I start filling it up. (and put quite a bit of time into it too. changed what over 40 blocks drop and many of them I included several different tools and drops - for example, gravel, using wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond spades, respectively, has a 3, 8, 20, and 100 percent chance to drop flint, then on diamond, it drops a fire block - so I can make chainmail. lol) When I finally finish, I start the server, and it didn't like my colons everywhere, even though it was exactly like your sample, e.g.:
    - tool: GOLD_SPADE
    drop: GLASS
    So I took out all the colons, so it was just
    - tool GOLD_SPADE
    drop GLASS
    And it didn't give me null points anymore, but thats when I ended up with Niles' problem, and here's exactly what it says:

    04:30:32 [INFO] While loading OtherBlocks (plugins/otherblocks.jar) found old-data folder: plugins/otherblocks next to the new one: plugins/OtherBlocks
    04:30:32 [INFO] Invalid config file found and converted to proper name/format.
    Now, the lowercase one, "plugins/otherblocks" is the actual .jar file. The uppercase one, "plugins/OtherBlocks" is the folder that was generated when the config file was made. There are no other "otherblocks"s anywhere near minecraft or bukkit's folders. Also, I'm not certain if the second line in that code has anything to do with otherblocks, but I assume it does.

    I've no idea where to go from here. Hope to hear from you soon, and i'll be logging back on in somewhere around 7-9 hours from now. Hopefully.

    One more thing, not a problem, but just a question: Is it possible to have the same tool have different chances for different numbers of items? For example, break stone with a diamond pickaxe and it has a chance to drop 1-2 of whatever, but has an 80% chance to drop 1 and only a 20% chance to drop 2? The only thing I can think of is if you say:
    drop: WHATEVER
    quantity: 1 (I know this isn't necessary - just here for illustration)
    chance: 100
    drop: WHATEVER
    quantity: 1
    chance: 20
    So it will always drop at least 1, but has a 20% chance of dropping "one"... twice.

    Thanks for any help, and good job on this plugin!

    Also, Blue Razor, if you want, i'll send you my config file. It's highly tuned specifically to my tastes, but if you'd rather deal with that than spend an hour or two making your own fully decked out file, I don't mind sharing at all.

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