[INACTIVE][MECH] OneBlock v0.2 - A simple Redstone Block-Setter/Replacer [860]

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  1. OneBlock - A simple Redstone Block-Setter/Replacer
    Version: v0.2

    • Set hight of the Block
    • Block when Redstone OFF
    • Block when Redstone ON
    • Uses Permissions or OP
    Download: OneBlock

    Creating a OneBlock-Sign:

    Place a Sign with these four lines:
    • 1. Line: [OneBlock]
    • 2. Line: position of the bottom Block (plus+, minus- and zero 0)(+Range)
      • Can someone give me a better discription for this please xD
      • <position>[;<set all blocks up this to position>]
    • 3. Line: Material-ID of the Block when Redstone is ON
      • <BlockID>[:<Demage>]
    • 4. Line: Material-ID of the Block when Redstone is OFF
      • <BlockID>[:<Demage>]
    Example Sign (open)


    to create a OneBlock-Sign you need:
    • oneblock.create
    Creating a OneBlock-Sign Viedeo:

    If there are questions or errors please post them so I can fix them:p


    Changelog (open)

    Version 0.2
    aadded block set range​
    added block demage​
    this time hopefully fixed permissions xD​
    rewrote most Code​
    Version 0.1.3
    fixed inverted permissions >.<​
    Version 0.1.2
    Added Op-only permissions but this time really :p
    Version 0.1.1
    Added Op-only permissions​
    Version 0.1
    Initial release​

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    Tfs Halo

    Very nice plugin :O
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    i like :) will have a test of it in the morning
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    It doesnt work for me for some reason, nothing happens :,(
  5. are there any errors and do you have the permissions to make that sign??
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    I would love if it would be possible to extend the second line for more blocks, like instead of just using 2 for 2 blocks above to be able to use 2-4 to change the blocks 2-4 above the OneBlock. Would be very handy for secret doors etc.
  7. The name of the plugin is OneBlock :p
    When you want to have more then one block make more OneBlock-signs with redstone.
    But i keep it in mind... maybe I will do it later;)
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    well, would be much easier using ONEBlock than many Oneblocks :p
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    Sounds interesting, but I can see people using this to ruin economies...spawn diamond blocks by the thousands, for example.
  10. Should I add Permissions for every blocktype??
    Or a Block Blacklist??
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    Does this require permissions because idk how to put in the permissions. I don't even know how to even mess with permissions at all. :(
  12. Yes you need permissions. You should learn how to work with permissions if you want to host your own server. I add the permissions beacause not everyone should be allowed to create his own diamond dispencer.
    You should look here for a good post about it.
    If you had your permissions file have to add
    these line in the permissions section of your permissions config:
                - 'oneblock.create'
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    Thanks Keyle! :)

    Wait, so what do I put EXACTLY? Sorry for bothering you. :(

    What I ment is that I tried entering it but I don't know where - 'oneblock.create' goes. Again, sorry for bothering you.

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    Learn about Permissions.
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    :S Its Gone, could u reupload it pleas.
    i'd like to use this tools for my window shutters

    *badenglish ftw*
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    Could you please either send me a copy of your config file for Permissions or post where you put in
    - 'oneblock.create' ?
  17. Sry that the plugin was gone.... I renamed the folder where I saved the plugin:oops:

    and for those who don'tknow how to add it to permissions:
    Show Spoiler

            default: false
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: true
                - Default
                - 'oneblock.create'
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    thank you!

    I got an idea! How about making it OP only if you don't want Permissions to have to enter ALL of those other permission nodes if you have tons of mods!

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    hey keyle maybe u should make a rank plugin like those servers that have like u no
  20. There is OP only since 0.1.1 :confused:

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    This is a great plugin, I'm enjoying it a lot :D
    However, I wonder if you could get it to "spawn" non-blocks. ie Minecarts.

    Playing with the Portal Stick plugin, I've had a desire to make a few "test chambers" for my friends. And there is a need for Mine Carts. Rather then making a chest and filling it with them, and potentially having to refill it every time. It would be very useful to have OneBlock (or another plugin) being able to spawn a Minecart Below a block in the ceiling much like in the portal games.
  22. I will make this when I have the time for it.
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    hi keyle

    nice plugin, but can't couple it on my server.
    It interfer with iConomyChestShop (using of 4 lines on a sign)
  24. WTF??
    it can't interfer with iConomyChestShop :confused:
    and why should 4 lines on a sign be a problem??

    I don't think there weill be any problem between these two plugins
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    Pictures says more than text
  26. Ahhhhh I see.
    The problem is not in my Plugin.
    with iConomyChestShop every sign that has only a number in the last 3 lines will have problems.
    I can't change this and I think my synthax is a lot better than in iConomyChestShop.
    I can identify my signs with 99,9%
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    Ok i will report that. Thanks
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    When I load the server it says:

    [OneBlock] Permissions integration could not be enabled!
    [OneBlock] Disabled

    But all my other mods work!
  29. Sry my fault.
    I don't remove this after adding OP support
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    could u add a feature to change multiple blocks?


    just an idea

    permission dont work for me (766build)
    i just have all permissions and it says "you dont have permissions to create this" :S
    ok was my failure

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