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    KeepGrowing - Wheat fields keep growing when you're away from them
    Current Version: v0.1

    When you plant crops this plugin saves time when you left them alone (chunk with them was unloaded). And after your return it tries to interpolate wheat fields state taking into account time which passed, watered and light level. It also stores all that data when server is turned off so you can for example shut it down for night and in the morning all crops will be fully grown. It also doesn't use a lot of memory as contrasted with trying to keep all those chunks loaded.

    Important: Plugin won't work on fields created before it was installed. So only new crop blocks will grow when you're away!

    • You don't have to be near wheat fields for them to grow
    • Crops will grow when server is turned off
    • Not heavy on memory usage
    • Easy for use - no configuration needed

    • Just put jar file into your plugin folder and you're done :)


    • Release source code
    • Add support for trees, cacti and sugarcane
    • Add configuration options
    • Maybe something more...


    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
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    Nice, gonna try that, i'll get back to you
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    Looks cool, I'll tell you if it works.
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    Nice feature, but doesn't this mean that it's keeping chunks in memory? Or some other thing that increases server load?
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    It doesn't keep chunks loaded in memory. It only saves information (in HashMaps) when chunk with crops block in it was left (onChunkUnload() event). And when someone returns to it (onChunkLoad() event) it take that time difference and sets wheat state accordingly. After about hour of absence fields will be fully grown when you come back.

    I tried my best to describe how plugin works in first post, but I'm aware that it might be unclear.
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    Oh that's quite nice way of doing it.
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    Sounds very interesting, i might try this out.
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    Adam McFarland

    Very cool plugin.
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    Can you make it so it does the same thing with sugarcane/reeds. Cactus and sapling. That would be awesome.
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    Yes nice idea !
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    nice!. but can u make one plugin. when u walk on the crops they wont get into dirt
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    I had trees in plans. I'll look into sugarcane and cacti. But I have to do some test to get information how to interpolate their growth correctly.

    It's not really feature related to this plugin, but I think about it as option in config file.

    I also added TODO and source code to first post.
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    RSG Mercenary

    This plugin sounds fantastic! Really looking forward to trees being implemented. Keep it up! [diamond]
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    what about another plugin that makes the seeds auto replant when they get cutted down?. sounds like an good idea form me:)
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    That's a really elegant way of doing it! Nice work :D
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    This is awesome! You should also add support for furnaces :)
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    was about to suggest it myself when...tada

    should be easy to implement as time for smelting is a constant
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    Looks nice, and furnaces would be a good thing if added too :)
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    Wow, this is a really cool plugin. I really like the whole interpolation concept.

    I took a look at your code (thanks for being open source) and I saw this in KGChunk.growSize()
    if (lightLevel >= 9) {
    Say you leave an unlit farm for an hour. It seems to me that if you return during the day, they will be fully grown, just as expected. But if you return during the night, your crops will not have grown at all. Is this true?

    Of course, I didn't write it, I only took a quick look so I dont know all the ins and outs like you do, so I had to ask.
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    You're right, I assumed farm need to have light (torches) next to it, as bad creepers and zombies would come at night and destroy it ;) Also it would be a pain to count days that passed for more accurate interpolation results.

    From other news, I had code for trees working and ready for publish, but in tests I found that trees generated on edge of chunk which isn't loaded yet doesn't look quite right.


    So till I figure out how to do that right, trees are on hold.

    I'm working on furnaces which should be released some time after Bukkit RB for MC v1.6 and maybe reeves and cacti if they're simple enough, but all needs to be tested, you know ;)
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    Fair enough. Thanks for the clarification :) Keep up the awesome work!
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    Does this also work with 803? Because else one of my plugins is conflicting with this one causing nothing to occur.
    Because I made a wheat patch, logged out, went to sleep, slept for about 6 hours and then I woke up, logged back in.
    Nada, nothing changed. I checked the server.log it said it was loaded, no errors.
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    I didn't test it for 803, but it should for fine with it. Try without other plugins and tell if it works. I may look into this whole events priority thing which may be causing conflicts...
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    I shal test for conflicts for ya. Give me a couple of minutes.

    1h 49 minutes later, no change to the crops I planted, some were trampled by monsters.
    I think its safe to say it did not work for me.

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    And do you have torches next to your field?
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    Full lit up base now. 1 torch every 2 blocks so I don't think its light level related.
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    Please update to latest CB :) Love this plugin :D
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    818 support?
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    Please update this plugin, it is a great addition.
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    Until cootue updates this, I've released a fix called TKeepGrowing in the plugin releases forum that I've had running on my server. It runs with build 860.

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